Friday, March 8, 2013

Thanks To A Green Husband...There Goes My Date Night!

       Hubby has been so careful!!...sanitizer or gloves every time he went to the post office; washing his hands like a crazy person every time he went out of the house and came back in; no hugging or kissing of friends...and when he forgot and did hug or kiss someone, he would immediately go into 'kill bacteria' mode!...taking vitamin C, and spraying everything with Lysol!!...Sorry friends, but yes he did spray the chair you sat in, and put on rubber gloves to handle the glass you drank out of! LOL
      But even with all of the exaggagerated carefulness!!....*cough! cough!*...this morning he woke up with a lot of...excuse me for the straight-forward language...PHLEGM!!! And then...a fever started!...*sigh*...So far it's not that bad. He's drinking LOTS of water and green tea with honey and lemon...

        ...and sleeping.

       I'm so sympathetic too! Can't you tell?! ^_^ Actually, I'm probably not as sympathetic as I should be. All I want is for him to feel better....and not touch me!!!! LOL He can keep his sickly green to himself!! ^_^ 
       He woke up a few minutes ago and said something to me, and he sounded like his voice was two degrees deeper than normal....Nooooooooooo! O_O Poor baby. :-( ... He says he feels a little better. Knowing him though, he's probably saying that because he doesn't want me to be upset. That's how he is when he's sick...and green...thoughtful and docile. :-( ... Not like me, who would be whining...crabby...dressing in my nicest attire for napping...

     ...listening to bouncy music...begging for more and more back rubs...and eating! ^_^

        The above photos...sorry Y'all! :-) some of the delicious banana bread my girlfriend brought us again this week...YUM...and topped by some homemade applesauce!!...hubby made it!...before he became green, of course! LOL

     Back to what I was talking about!..We're still not sure how hubby caught it...whatever 'it' is!...Was it grabbing a door knob when he was at the post office;...Or going out onto the patio barefoot to take photos....YES HE DID! Grrrrr!;...Or was it when he shook hands with the woman that came over to ask me the health questions?!...which, by the way, wasn't that many questions...because three other people are gonna come and do that!! *blink, blink*...In any case, he got a little complacent about the 'carefulness'... probably because he thought the snow would kill everything!...NOT!
       By the way, it's still snowing!! ...Thankfully it's not accumulating that much in our area. I don't think we have more than 2 or 3 inches.

      Only time will tell if it's gonna turn into an all out cold...flu...event! O_O I sure hope not!!! I'm the sick one around here! Me! Me!!!!! LOL Hubby is not suppose to get sick! And he's not suppose to be carrying 'cooties' and giving me new sicknesses....newer than my 'old' sicknesses I mean. ^_^ I already know how my 'old' sicknesses are gonna behave for the most part. I don't wanna be throwing new 'acting up' in the mix!! LOL

     I mean, given enough time, I can do green too!...Other than my boutonnieres too! ^_^

     All jokes aside, I have to tell you also that we got a phone call late last night. You know, one of those late night phone calls that come from someone who doesn't call often, and who never calls you at night! One of those phone calls you just know is gonna be bad news!...And it was. :-(
     One of my friends passed away. :-( I hadn't even known she was 'that' sick...*sigh*... Is it me, or does it seem like people are dropping like flies lately?! O_O I have a lot of friends with catastrophic illnesses, and I keep hearing stories of other people dealing with serious illnesses too!...*sigh*...If not for my faith that very soon things will get better, it would be tough to deal with all of it...How do people with no belief in God, no understanding of the Bible, or no religious upbringing, deal with it?!...How do they answer the questions of life?...and death?! O_O
       Speaking of questions, hubby and I are gonna do a post where we answer questions. We're gonna gather 20 questions from any of you with questions. Ask us anything!...but keep it clean, please! You can ask the questions in the comments section below, or send them to my email. (click my profile above to find the email link) I'm kinda excited to see whether there is anything about us that you don't already know! ^_^ to doctor a green husband! LOL Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

The cold came out of nowhere

The cold came out of nowhere,
like a dark gray cloud of gloom.
It descended on our big plans.
Our sick-bed became a womb.

We could hear our hearts were beating,
as we laid there in one spot.
With this cold, we needed rest,
and rest is exactly what we got!

As we rolled from left to right,
with sniffling, coughing, fever too,
it was nice to have some quiet,
and no plans of things to do.

The cold came out of nowhere,
and it left us just as quick.
It's a good thing too, because
we don't have time for getting sick?!


  1. Ohhhhh, I'm sorry your hubby is green with illness. There's nothing more pathetic than for a man to get sick. Kids are pathetic, but hubby's are worse, in my opinion.
    Sorry about your loss too my friend. As for all the people with serious illness, I've never seen so much of it. As you said, I also can't imagine how people deal with it without knowledge or faith in God and His word. I'm so thankful he's allowed me to know the truth.
    Hopefully he'll be better quickly, and you be careful not to catch it!
    Hope the "questions" from the 3 people coming by will help to resolve some things there.
    Take care my friend and sister!

    1. Thanks for the hubby sympathy, my friend. :-] I'll tell him when he wakes up. Right now, healing sleep is what he needs...and he's getting plenty!!...I'm trying to stay as far away as humanly possible...almost impossible for a care-giving wife! LOL...By the way, question?! ^_^ Have a good day, Bead!

    2. Okay...I'll ask a question...Why do we grow old and die?
      This one will stump you I'm sure.

    3. What a great question, Cindy! ^_^ ... Piece of cake!!! LOL


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