Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is Being A 'Bag Lady' A Bad Thing?!

       I am almost embarrassed to tell you how many bags, purses, clutches, totes and pocketbooks I've bought over the years!...*head hanging down*...I've even been referred to as a 'bag lady' by friends. ^_^ Maybe one of these days my embarrassment will lift and I'll show you some of them...YES! I do still have quite a few of them!! LOL
       The truth is though that my friends could just as quickly have called me a 'yarn lady'...'shoe lady'...'jewelry lady'...'scarf lady'...'bead lady'...or 'catfish lady'!! LOL I've had a few loves over the years! ^_^ 
       What can I say...somebody had to use, carry or eat them! Why not me?! ^_^ Anyway!!...even though I don't go anywhere that requires me to carry a ton of stuff in a bag these days, I find that my head still turns as soon as I see a cute bag!
         Case in point, wallah!... 

      I saw this cute blue and white striped bag and my mind immediately started doing the 'question bag list'!...How long is the strap?...Is it washable?...Does it have a lot of pockets?!...Does it have a clip hook inside for my keys?!...Will my kitchen sink fit in there?! LOL

       And when I saw these clutches!...

      ...all the years of beautiful weddings and receptions of my friends came flooding back to my memory. :-] ... Of course, some memories of us girls in the bathroom trying to find a safety pin to hold something up that just fell out...or down...also came flooding back!! LOL And where did we always find the pin?!...You guessed it! In the pocketbook! ^_^

       Oh yes! I love a good bag! :-) ... And nowadays, with me being a boutonniere making fool, I'm always keeping my eyes open for a good place to keep my colored threads! :-)

      In cases like that, the bigger and wider...the better!! :-) The above bag is perfect for that!! :-)

       If I had a perfect bag in my mind though, it would have to be green...have a handle to hold it with, and a strap long enough to toss it over my would be leather...and it would have a flower designed button somewhere on it!!

        Well, look-a-here!! ^_^ ...

        Perfect!!!! :-) ... Now all I need is somewhere to carry a bag, some money to buy a new bag, and a hammer to hit myself in the head if I buy another bag!!!! LOL What? O_O Is being a bag lady such a bad thing?!!!...How many bags do you have?!...And if you're like my girlfriend who doesn't own even ONE bag....don't tell me about it! You're just gonna make me start asking questions!! ^_^
      Have a good day, everybody! :-)

To Be My Pocketbook!

I go everywhere with you.
I am always by your side.
I hold all of your possessions.
I am where your secrets hide.

I hold all of your money,
and the pictures you hold dear.
I hold your make-up and I.D.
I make you feel secure, when near.
I'm your new pocketbook, every year!


  1. I have quite a number of bags wont disclose the number :),the bigger the better.

    1. Ha! Ha!...I totally understand the lack of disclosure!! ^_^


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