Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tweet Tweet...Twitter Twitter

     Now that my other Saturday chores are done, I can spend a few minutes telling you what I did recently!...I cleaned up my Twitter account! :-) I''m pretty happy about it too! Now I don't have to get that pit in my stomach when I pop over there to see what's going on...because the only thing that's going on is what I WANT to be going on! ^_^
     When I say 'clean up' my Twitter account I'm talking about deleting all of the people I had been following that I didn't even know why I was still following them!...And I'm embarrassed to say...there were thousands!!...*hanging my head*

       I was a 'tweeting' and 'following' fool!! ^_^ But as a bit of an explanation, when I first started Twitter I was just trying to put my Etsy shop items out there...anywhere!...and as fast as I could!! I needed traffic!! LOL
       Then I found that if I 'tweeted' an item from my shop, other Etsy shop owners would 'retweet' them to all of their followers...Then, as a 'Thank You', I'd 'retweet' an item from their shop! A kind of...*southern reference coming. Get ready!! ^_^*...'you pat my dog, I scratch your cat' kinda thing! ^_^
       Then I realized one day that Etsy shop owners were kind of a force to be 'reckoned' with in this 'tweeting Twitter' thing! That if we banned together and 'tweeted' and 'retweeted' each other's items, we could get our items seen by a LOT of people!! :-]

      That's when my trouble started, because I then started to follow almost every Etsy shop known to man!!...or at least every shop in the social networking forum! :-)) ... I tweeted soaps, hats, paintings, photographs, handmade this and homemade that, crocheted, knitted, tatted, looped, linked, and lollypopped!!! LOL

      Then last year I WOKE UP!!! LOL That's when I realized that I was 'tweeting' to only other Etsy people...Etsy people who weren't interested in buying stuff. They were interested in selling THEIR stuff...just like I was interested in selling mine!! LOL
      So I started tweeting less and less and less. I still 'tweeted' items from my shop every once in a while, but I wasn't 'retweeting' other people's items as much, because I didn't have time to check out their shop items as I had in the past...And besides, there were SOOOOO MANY!!! I didn't know where to start...or who to start with!! O_O
       Cut to...Heather, of NiftyKnits blog. She did a post entitled "Twitter Spring Cleaning" where she talked about how she cleaned up her Twitter account! O_O My 'hmmmmmmm' meter went off....and so did I!! :-) ... I started the very next day to delete any and all people that I didn't want on my page...thousands of people!!
        I only left the people I have true interaction with. Ones whose shops I keep an eye on, and who I interact with on a regular basis....Well, plus a few famous people that I keep an eye on for one reason or the other. :-)
      The last couple of days it has been a joy to go over to Twitter and actually see what's going on, and WHO is going on!! LOL I'm back to keeping up with the news, 'tweeting' and 'retweeting' stuff, and even talking!! ^_^ You know how much I like to do that!!
       I'm gonna be much more discerning now about who I that my number is down into the low hundreds, instead of thousands!...That doesn't mean that I get upset that people follow!...It just means that if I follow you back it's because I WANT to. Not because I felt obligated to, or had some ulterior motive to! ^_^ ...

        Next stop?......Facebook!!!! ^_^

       Have a good day, everybody!! :-)

I Like To Talk

I like to talk;
I like to gab;
I like a girlfriend
free confab!

I like to chat;
I like to speak;
I find that words
are what I seek.

I like the chatter
of a crowd;
Not in a whisper,
but out loud.

But, please no talking
while you chew.
{Speaking does 
have manners too!}

I like the noise
that utterance does.
The constant
conversation buzz.

Maybe I need a
word-free diet;
No! I could not
withstand the quiet!

So, I will talk;
Oh yes! I'll dabble
in a constant
lingo babble. 


  1. Thank you for featuring my notepad :o) very nice surprise. Great poem too.

    1. It was my pleasure, Naomi! :-) I'm glad you liked it...and the poem too. Thanks!


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