Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A SNOW DAY!!!...Again!...Question Answered!

     They were right...again! The weather people I mean. They said we'd get some accumulation from this late March snow storm...and we did!
      I have to admit that with their usual less than completely accurate assessment of things...Oooo! such big words like 'assessment' so early in the morning! ^_^...I wasn't at all sure we'd get ANY snow! But so far we have about three inches, and as we speak it's sleeting rain and ice down on top of it! O_O
      So, since it's already gloomy enough, I decided not to share the family issue with you that I spoke of yesterday. Instead I'm gonna answer question number two that I got from a blog follower...YOU know who you are?! LOL

     Here's the question:   Hi Deb here is a question for you and your husband. Did you ever dream of what your future would be and did it turn out like you envisioned?
    Yes, I did dream of what my future would be. Doesn't every little girl?! :-) I dreamed that one day I would meet my 'Mr. Right' and he would sweep me off my feet, and carry me and my stored up red and white silk bed linens, red and white China dishes, and 'John Travolta' poster, off to his mansion in Hawaii! LOL
      It was a dream, People!!! ^_^ But it was a dream I was developing in a real way ever since I was old enough to reach the kitchen stove! LOL...I know, I know! Young ladies these days have different goals set before them. They wanna be career women. Career women who may or may not have a family, fry up the bacon in the pan, have 2.5 kids, and travel the world as a famous person...all at the same time!! ^_^
      My dream was not that lofty...although I did at one time consider being a famous singer or playwright. But all AFTER I became the best wife and mother the world has ever known!! LOL Ha! Funny how things go. Here I am married for over 30 years, and not a child in sight!! (And considering how I see things happening with some moms these days...I'm not mad about it!) Hubby and I decided to go a different, non-child, route.

    We opted for crocheting and bird-watching on snowy mornings instead! ^_^

      Hubby says that his dream was to own his own business, or to become a Jet pilot. Uhhhhh....that was an un-materialized dream too!...especially considering that he barely wants to dress himself most days now, and that after 9/11 (when the planes flew into the world trade buildings) he doesn't even wanna go to the airport. Never mind flying anywhere!! LOL In fact, not long ago, if he was outside and heard planes flying overheard he would start sweating!! LOL
     So, yes we dreamed of what our future would be, and it did not turn out as we envisioned...sorta kinda...I say, 'sorta kinda' because I did become the best 'wife' the world has ever known....in 'Jeff World' that is. ^_^ And he does own major stock in his own business...that's now 'our' business...Wuglyees! :-)) Without his piloting our business would be doing a nose-dive! ^_^
       Besides all of that...Uhhhh...dreaminesss...we have been happily married, with our heads in the clouds for quite a while! :-) And neither of us would have it any other way...except for a full time maid....a full time cook...a full time laundry person....a bookkeeper...a chauffeur...and...let me see. What did I leave out?! O_O...Oh Yeah, a mansion in Hawaii!! LOL...At the end of the day, it's not much to ask for, right?! :-] ... Yep! I can dream with the best of 'em!! LOL
       Have a good day, Everybody! See you tomorrow! :-)

When I Lay My Pillow Down

What do I want to accomplish
by the end of the day?
Do I want a sense of peace,
or have my nerves all at a fray?!

I want a calm to have set in.
To have my muscles all relax.
To have brain waves slowing down,
and my awareness at a max.

I want to know that I've done good
when I lay my pillow down.
That I've caused someone to smile,
and feel more happy and unwound.

I want the people that I love,
without strings, to love me back;
And relationships I've formed
to be settled and intact.

When I lay my pillow down,
with my business put to bed,
I don't want to have to worry
that I've cheated or misled.

I want a sense of satisfaction,
and that feeling, "Job Well Done!"
No loose ends that need re-tieing.
No last race I have to run.

What I want to have accomplished
at the end of the day,
is brain cells in the pink,
with no foggy, mental gray!

A happy family, happy me,
a happy God, without a frown;
And I want this every night,
as I lay my pillow down.      


  1. Hope your snow doesn't last long and Spring finds a way to your yard! It hasn't found ours yet, but I know it's coming...some day! Looks like your life turned out just fine..dreams are allowed to change when it's what we really want. Have a good week and keep on dreaming!

    1. Hi Yaya, I'm afraid this snow looks like it's never going away!! LOL It was suppose to stop this morning at 9 a.m...so the weather man said! It's after 10 p.m. right now...and it's snowing again!!! Ugh!...Good thing my life turned out good, huh?! ^_^ Have a good rest of the night...keep it snowless! :-))

  2. Deb I think we are all dreamers and hope that our dreams come true. When we are young we dream big but as we get older we realize that some of the dreams we had of how we wanted our life to turn out mught not been happy dreams. We find that we are happy with the now. Hope you and your husband are staying safe and warm. Hugs, Velma

    1. Hi Velma, Well as you know, we believe that all of our 'real' dreams will come true in the very near future. Dreams of being able to live forever and have perfect health will soon not just be a dream. It will be a reality! :-] If not for that reality in both of our lives, we'd be the most unhappy people you've ever known!! We don't look at those things as dreams though. Those things are what we realistically have hope and faith for! That's because the biggest surprise of our lives was our getting to know Jehovah God and being able to trust in a third party more than each other! It makes even the bad days and months and years worth living! :-)


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