Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Is About To Fall Backwards Around Here!

       I cannot believe that 9 a.m. caught and passed me again!! Grrrr! I was determined to start today off right. You know, early in the day, early in the week. But nooooooo! Once again here it is almost 10 a.m. and my blog still isn't up yet!!
       But guess who is up?!...Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. That's who! ^_^ They've been frolicking in the backyard all morning!...Well, they better enjoy it! Things are about to change! O_O We're due to get snow....lots of snow!...starting tonight! It could be as much as six inches!! :-( After finally being able to see the actual lawn in the backyard for a few days too!

      The cardinals are gonna be huddled up...and we are too!! ^_^

      Oh Spring hasn't totally SPRUNG yet! LOL In fact, you could almost say that Spring is doing a nose-dive into the pool of backwardness!! ^_^ But I'm not gonna be 'mad at it'! In fact, I'm hoping it turns out to be a good thing...for 'ME'! :-]
      "What do you mean?" you ask!...Well, my allergies are ridiculous right now!! I'm sneezing, wheezing, and dripping! My sinuses are taking turns being clear...and then stuffed....the left one...and then the right one...ALL DAY LONG!! UGH! The only time I get some relief is when I'm sleeping with the C-Pap machine on! I think the forced pressure of the air is keeping my sinuses clear...Too bad I can't have it on 24/7!! ^_^
     If I did that though, my throat would be even more sore than it is now...with the constant post nasal drip....{Isn't this a fun conversation we're having? ^_^ Oh, Joy!!}...because I'd have to be screaming at everybody, just to be heard! LOL As it is right now, I kiss hubby goodnight, put my mask on, and say: "Can I have a little more cover?!...."What?" he says. I repeat it umpteen thousand times!!
       He finally says: "okay", and turns over to go to sleep...without me getting any more cover! LOL In the morning he says: "I just got tired of asking you 'What?' and decided I'd find out in the morning." ^_^ ... So here's hoping the big snow brings the "BIG" allergy relief!!

      Between now and the end of the snow storm I'll be doing some more crocheting! I'm trying to keep my fingers limber enough to do all of the boutonniere making I need to do. (I placed a big order yesterday and I need to replace some boutonnieres.)...I'm also gonna put a couple more brooch pins in the shop for the ladies! :-] I don't wanna leave my girls out! :-)

      There's some other family stuff going on too. If I can figure out how to discuss it without being an old bitter angry crab...I'll tell you about it tomorrow...maybe. If I can't figure out how to do'll never hear about it! LOL I try so hard to keep it positive, but sometimes......sometimes!!!!!! Grrrrr! Thankfully hubby lightens the mood for me...or distracts I can deal with it most of the time.
      Until tomorrow! ^_^ Have a good day, Y'all! Not one of 'them' days!! :-)

You Ever Have A Day?

You ever have a day when everything you do goes wrong?
When every hour in the day seems very very long?

You ever have a day when everything you say that's right....
gets misconstrued and turned around and people wanna fight?!

You ever have a day that if you think of it again...
just makes your body quiver and you want the thought to end?

You ever wanna fix things, but you couldn't find a way...
even though you'd said that 'Things will be different today!'?

Well, that was me, and I am thankful that was yesterday!


  1. Thank you for posting the mini paintings. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poems.

    1. It was entirely my pleasure to share the paintings! They're beautiful!...And just try to stop me from sharing my poems! Ha! Ha! I do that without any encouragement I'm afraid! ^_^ Anyway!...Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. :-)

  2. Love the Cardinals..we have many here at our place. I'm assuming they live in all our pine trees! I'm so sorry you're getting snow. I think we're suppose to get some too, but not 6in! I'm so ready for Spring. It's coming this week, right? Anyway, I hope you're feeling better and have a better day tomorrow!

    1. Hi Yaya!...Yeah, I love the cardinals too! Although my other birds...woodpeckers and chickadees..aren't that crazy about them! ^_^ ... By the way, yes, Spring is suppose to be coming this week...technically! Whether it actually happens realistically...remains to be seen! ^_^ Whatever the case, I'm gonna enjoy the week. I'm feeling better enough to do that! I hope you are this week too!


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