Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello.....HELLO!...Nobody's Calling!

     If you saw yesterday's post you know that I wasn't feeling very well. Today...I'm feeling better, although still having some post nasal drippiness. What?...Too much information?! ^_^ This just in: I figured out that the reason I'm coughing and dripping is ALLERGIES! And not just dust allergies...which is why I did the whole cleaning thing yesterday!
    I figured it out through process of elimination...meaning every time hubby went out of the house and came back in...and then came anywhere near me...I started 'hacking and barking' like a crazy woman!!...He had to take two 'head-to-toe' showers yesterday just so we could interact! O_O Poor baby. Here we go again for another season!...and this time it's VERY early!

       Anyway!'re probably wondering: "What does that have to do with the phone?!" ^_^ ... NOTHING!! LOL The phone thing is another whole story! :-)

       Once upon a time in a town far, far away...far, far away from most of you, that is! ^_^...lived a 'hacking and barking' Wug who was just trying to get some rest from a 'maybe' cold...Her living area had been cleaned. Chicken soup had been sipped. And her back had been rubbed by her adoring servant/husband. LOL
       Every once in a while she would bring to mind that..." one has called me today!"...She noticed this because she ALWAYS got phone calls...every day...from SOMEBODY! Usually, a few somebodies! But the phone had not rang once all day!

      Then her adoring servant/husband went to the post office to ship some packages for her...She sold five men's boutonnieres to another land far, far away! YAY!! :-) ...and when her adoring servant/husband came back home he asked why she hadn't picked up the phone when he called. He said that the phone had gone straight to 'voice mail' (the recorded message).
      The 'hacking and barking' Wug was surprised at his question...because she never heard the phone ring! O_O So the servant/husband...not very adoringly this time!...picked up the phone to see if there was a problem...and there was! O_O No dial nothing!!

      The phone bill had been paid on time. All the other lights to everything else in the room were on...but alas, the phone was dead! O_O Hmmmm....puzzling!......UNTIL....the now annoying/servant/husband remembered that earlier, when he was helping to move a dresser in the room, he had extra stretched the phone cord across the floor while doing the dresser slide, until it was really pulled and tight...maybe too much-ly!! Grrrr!
     The old rotary dial phone and cord had to be pulled from the deep dark vintage dungeon, and be switched with the present phone and cord, and then, when picked up from the receiver...a dial tone!...And when the number was dialed from the servant/husband's cell phone?.....WALLAH!....  .....RING! RING!...It worked!
       Another puzzlement solved!....I hadn't gotten any calls all day...or so I thought! But after sending said now contrite/servant/husband off to the electronics store to buy a new phone cord....attaching it...and putting away..."until next time Superman!"...the rotary phone, I found out that not only had I gotten phone calls, but three people had left messages of worry on my 'voice mail'!...Sorry y'all. I'm fine!...*cough! cough! drip! drip!* ^_^

      Yes, that was a long story, only to tell you that our phone was out for a while yesterday and I was totally oblivious! LOL...But it was also a fun way to show off my telephone inspired finds on Etsy yesterday! ^_^ They're all things that are for sale...phones, a phone photograph, and a phone inspired bag! Go check 'em out!! (Click the photos of them above.)
      I'm off to get some crocheting done. We also have a meeting tonight and I have to finish studying!...I hope the phone doesn't ring for a while...on purpose! LOL...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Thankful Thursday

The week is almost over.
That's one thing I'm thankful for.
Let me think about it,
'cuz there must be plenty more.

I'm thankful on this Thursday,
that I have nowhere to go,
'cuz my husband will be home
and we're expecting bits of snow!

I'm thankful that there's tennis,
or there is suppose to be.
California's time is different
and sleep is whats alluding me.

I'm thankful for new projects,
custom orders yet to do.
And thankful I crochet,
and knit and write a little too.

I'm thankful on this Thursday
to appreciate my gift;
And appreciate other people's,
and receive a little lift!

Yes, I'm thankful on this Thursday.
Also thankful, let me say,
that this poem is not endless,
'cuz I'm thankful every day!

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