Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweets For The Sweet...And Sickly!

     I don't have much to talk about this morning, because I wasn't awake long enough yesterday for anything to happen! ^_^ I slept practically the whole day away!!...And it was a sweet sleep too!...Mainly it was sweet because all day, in order to soothe my scratchy drippy throat, I had been sucking on peppermints, 'Ricola' cough drops, and anything slow melting and throat soothing that I could get my hands on!
     At one point it changed from candy to more tea...and then hubby went out to the Chinese restaurant to get me some of their hot chicken noodle soup...F.Y.I., the Chinese restaurant has some of the best soup around! :-)
      Interestingly, hubby came back from the restaurant this time with more sweets!! ^_^ Candy!!...Japanese and Chinese candy!!!...

     They never had this before. At least, he had never seen it before! He says the lady gave it to him when he told her the saga about his sick wife. ^_^

     The lady at the restaurant told him it was Chinese and Japanese candy...What I found funny was that some of the writing on the sides was in English. I think it was the name of the company that made it or something. :-)
       It reminded me of some of the Bazooka bubble gum I used to eat as a child. The ones with the cartoons and comic strip wrappers. ^_^ Between you and I though...and JUST between you and I!...I didn't like it. Shhhhhhhh!...It had a kind of 'after-taste'...Hubby likes it though, so I told him to pretend he had a sore throat and help himself! ^_^ 

         Anyway!!...Moving on!...I wanna show you what I worked on before I fell asleep yesterday!...

      This one is a replacement for one I sold...

     And this one was made in response to a question from a certain somebody...Cindy, of CinLynn Boutique's Blogspot! ^_^

     She asked if I ever made my little flowers without buttons...

      Answer:...Yeah! Sure! ^_^ Later on I'm gonna make a couple with brooch pins on the back...for young ladies! :-) ... Thanks for the suggestion, Cindy! ♥

     Now I'm off to enjoy my 'Pancake Sunday' breakfast! This morning I got catfish too!!! YUM!! Hubby is speaking my language this morning! :-)

       Have a nice day, Everybody!! :-)

Marital Language

Does your husband speak your language?
Does he get your moods and quirks?
Or do things he says make you question
if his mind still works?!

Does your wife know all your feelings,
as she should, by what you do?
Or does she keep right on talking,
while your face is turning blue?!

Does your marriage live it's own life,
while you two are stuck like glue?
Or are you doing the best you can,
and glad that they'll put up with you!


  1. Glad you got some rest yesterday. Your body needs it when you're sick. Don't feel guilty (I'm sure you don't, LOL). I've never liked Chinese/Japanese candy either. Yuck!! I don't know what it is, but I think it leaves an aftertaste too.
    I LOVE the little pink flower!! As for the ones with brooch pins...hooray!! I just may be tempted there! :)
    Have a wonderful meeting today, and a wonderful day! I know it will be for me. This week has definitely ended better than it started. It's been a very stressful week here, but all is more stress...just smiles! :)

    1. Hi Cindy, Ye indeedy! I got rest alright!! ^_^ I could re-name rest! Let's call it the 'Wug-O-sleep-in'!! LOL...By the way, thanks for the input about the Japanese candy. I thought it was just me and my taste buds!...Enjoy your meeting too! I'm off to make some brooches! ^_^ Stress FREE!!


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