Friday, March 22, 2013

Over The Horizon...'Virtually'

       Yep! I got side-tracked again today! UGH! And you wouldn't believe me if I told you how early it was that I started this post either! Thing after thing, after thing, after thing kept side-tracking me!...Oh well, I'll try for an early schedule again tomorrow! ^_^ 

     For now, before I make 'virtual' date night plans, I wanna show you this!...

       It's one of the pretty blue items from this treasury...

       You can check out the rest of the items in the treasury...including my hair comb flowers! :-) ...

     ...and this gorgeous pillow!... just clicking the photo of the treasury above. It'll take you over to the actual treasury, where you can click and take a look at each individual item and Etsy shop! :-)
        There are so many pretty blue items to look at too! :-) In fact, I wish I had more time today and I'd go spend some time in their shops myself!...more than I already did, I mean. ^_^ But that kind of time is 'over the horizon' for me today! I'm BUSY!!! And I may have another custom order to get started on a little later too!

       I have a few things to tell you about too...but not today! Today I need an extra 24 hours in the day, and a Hawaiian luau to go to, and a big, big fruity drink...with a straw and an umbrella in it!! ^_^...and a subsequent place to take a long, long, uninterrupted nap!!! LOL
        If I can get the plans together...and steal away some time...that's where we're going on our 'virtual' date tonight! :-) I see hula dancing, pineapples, coconuts and leis in my future! LOL...Maybe I can wear some pretty jewelry to the luau!!! :-] ...

        I think this will look great with bare feet, don't you?! ^_^ Bye!!!...Have a good day, everybody! :-)

The Night We Have A Date

We're  married many years;
Too old to go to bed too late.
We sometimes sit and laugh about it,
on the night we have a date.

Every Friday night is ours;
Time we long anticipate;
When we eat what we've been craving,
on the night we have a date.

We let nothing interfere.
(I recommend this with your mate).
Just focus one night, every week,
as the night you have a date.      

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