Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Won't Bore You With My Feeling Better Story!

     Hello World! :-)) Yes, I'm still alive....and sorta breathing! ^_^ I won't bore you with stories of my 'Ricola' natural herb cough drops...or my green tea with lime juice instead of lemon, and no honey...or my coughs throughout the night, right into my C-Pap mask, and back into my own face!...YUCK!...or my aching sinuses.
       And I won't regale you with recollections of the gallons of water that I've drank, and the subsequent trips to the bathroom...(By the way, I now believe that when you drink a certain amount of water, your teeth actually do begin to float! LOL)...or the growing dislike for chicken noodle soup!
     No! I won't bore you with it! ^_^ ... What?...Too late, you say?! ^_^ Oh well, maybe I'll be more careful not to share everything with you NEXT time I get sick. ^_^ NEXT time I get sick maybe I'll just pop by and share something pretty with you, like this...

      ...Or maybe I'll cough and sniffle to myself, and share something yummy with you, like this...

      Okay. I'll try to keep that in mind. LOL In the meantime, let me just say that contrary to the way it sounds, I'm actually feeling better today. I guess all of that napping I did all day!...really paid off!
      I actually feel like doing something today!....but not 'TOO' much! ^_^ So I'm off to do that!! ^_^ Have a good day, Y'all! See you tomorrow!...By the way, I'm still collecting questions for the post where I answer any questions about hubby and I that you have. So far I only have four questions. Not enough for a post. If I get at least four more, I'll do the post. you have any questions?! ^_^

Feeling Better

There's no card for "Feeling Better"!
But I think that there should be,
when my friends have sent good wishes;
and been loving up on me.

When they've sent good food to eat,
flowers, cards, emails, and calls.
When they've made it bearable
watching T.V. and 4 walls.

I'd like a card to send them back,
with a smiley face there too,
saying: "Feeling so much better;
and it's all because of you!"


  1. Im so sorry you have been feeling poorly but im glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today. Take it easy, dee x

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Dee. I appreciate your stopping by to pat me on the to speak. ^_^ And I am happy to report that I'm feeling tons better this morning! :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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