Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sparks Flew On My Date Night...But Not Like You Might Think!

       Yeah, I know what you're thinking!..."Mr. and Mrs. Wug 'dun' hula-ed their fool selves into a flaming ball!!" LOL...And did you notice that I said what 'YOU' were thinking, but with my southern style way of talking?! ^_^
      Anyway!...No, we didn't hula our way to a spark, and then a flame! ^_^ What happened last night was not 'that' interesting!....just scary....and kinda dangerous! O_O What happened was that I got hot in the middle of the night and decided to quickly toss off the blanket!
       The problem was that, while doing laundry, hubby hadn't used fabric softener in the water...My fault, because I'm now allergic to 'that' too! UGH!..but it caused the covers to have 'static cling' after coming out of the dryer!...So, when I snatched the blanket off in the middle of the night....'SPARKS FLEW!!'...

     ...I mean 'BIG' sparks too! O_O In the dark it looked like a light show was going off in the bedroom!!...And there I was with my C-Pap machine on my face, and a hose feeding oxygen into it right next to me!!!! O_O YIKES!!
      Needless to say, my movements for the rest of the night were done 'very very carefully'!!!! LOL...Now today?...I gotta figure out how to get some kind of non-sparkable fabric softener or something to do my sheets and blankets in!!! One night of sparks not related to anything fun is enough!!! LOL

     Moving on! :-) ... I just wanted to show you the latest boutonniere in my Wuglyees shop before I'm off to get my Saturday started!...

     It's navy blue, deep purple, and charcoal gray! :-)

    It's colors I've had to remake a couple of times. I like that! :-) Now I'm off to get prepared for an incoming custom order, and some letters and phone calls I have to make!...Have a good Saturday, and weekend, Everybody! :-)
     {By the way, I'm gonna answer the rest of those questions tomorrow. One of them is a spiritual question, so I figured this Sunday was a good day for that! :-)}

When I Lay My Pillow Down

What do I want to accomplish
by the end of the day?
Do I want a sense of peace,
or have my nerves all at a fray?!

I want a calm to have set in.
To have my muscles all relax.
To have brain waves slowing down,
and my awareness at a max.

I want to know that I've done good
when I lay my pillow down.
That I've caused someone to smile,
and feel more happy and unwound.

I want the people that I love,
without strings, to love me back;
And relationships I've formed
to be settled and intact.

When I lay my pillow down,
with my business put to bed,
I don't want to have to worry
that I've cheated or misled.

I want a sense of satisfaction,
and that feeling, "Job Well Done!"
No loose ends that need re-tieing.
No last race I have to run.

What I want to have accomplished
at the end of the day,
is brain cells in the pink,
with no foggy, mental gray!

A happy family, happy me,
a happy God, without a frown;
And I want this every night,
as I lay my pillow down. 


  1. Oh my gosh-- that is so scary-- especially since you are on oxygen!!! Your husband has lost his laundry duties- lol!!

    You do always tell the best stories though!! I'm so glad you have a happy ending!

    1. Yes, Vicki! It was scary for sure!! But it wasn't my husband's fault He was trying to help me out. And shhhhh! He would love to be off of laundry duty!! LOL

  2. Oops-- I wanted to tell you that your little crochet flowers are just SO very pretty!!!

    1. Awwwww! :-] Thank you for the nice complement about my little flowers!! I need MORE encouragement to make them you know!! LOL...NOT!! I LOVE making them!!! :-) Have a good weekend, Vicki!

  3. Jack's allergic to fabric softener too...and any laundry soap with dyes and I suffer with static cling! However, we're not using any oxygen! Be careful and enjoy your weekend. I do love the colors on that flower! Take care Sparky! (just had to throw that in!)

    1. I remember you telling me before about Jack's allergies. We both have similar ones. I didn't know you were suffering with the static cling like me though! O_O And, honestly, I didn't really notice it until lately. It must be the extended winter that's doing it! LOL...Thankfully it's only a little oxygen (2%) that's being fed into my C-Pap machine, or else...*gulp!*...I don't even wanna think about it!!...I might have the permanent nickname of 'Sparky'!! Ha! Ha! {That cracked me up, by the way! ^_^}...Have a nice rest of the weekend, Yaya. And thank you, about the flowers too.


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