Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Early 'Wug' Gets The Happy!

       I'm trying to be a better blogger today. I'm gonna get my post up early...before I take off for 'far flung fields'! ^_^ And since I haven't been a very good 'blogger hostess' lately, I figured I'd bring you in, say: "Good Morning!", ask you how you're feeling, smile, and give you some pie! ^_^

        Some pie NECKLACE, I mean! LOL 

      Or would you prefer some chocolate cake...

     ...or some powdered donuts?!...

      I wanna be a good hostess! I want you to leave here looking good...not fattened up like somebody's prized cow!! LOL...Sorry...I had a flashback to some 'good eats' I had at somebody else's house!!..a happy 'fattened cow' flashback!! ^_^
      Anyway!...Moving on!!...and speaking of happy! are some finds from Etsy that made me happy!...

       Some happy places to put flowers!...


       A happy place to write down some words!...

       And some happy places to stick your feet! ^_^ ...

       Okay, People, my happy work is almost done here! ^_^ Except for sharing some happy necklaces I made, and that are bound for my Wuglyees shop later today! :-) ...

       Ahhhhhh! Happiness! :-] ... Did you notice that I didn't mention the snow that fell all day yesterday, and last night too?!...THAT was NOT happy inducing!!! LOL

      And lastly, just to say it out loud, I had another questioning meeting yesterday, and I have another one coming this morning!! O_O So many questions about my health issues. But hey!...whatever is necessary to get the proper care, right?!...Bring on the questions!!! :-) Just don't ask me about the weather!!!

     Okay...I'm out!! And it's nowhere near as late as I have been either! In fact, I'm early!....*Happy Dance*!!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!

I will Be Happy!

Today I will be happy!
I've decided, and so "There!"
And it won't depend on clothing,
or the way I wear my hair.

My 'Happy' has to be
from my head down to my toes.
And not coincidental,
but because that's what I've chose.

I am trying to be happy
when there's always such bad news.
But the good news is that happy
is a way to squash the blues!

So today I will be happy!
I've decided. Enough said!!
There'll be plenty of time for sadness,
and for taking to my bed.

Are you thinking that my poem
is too 'Optimistic/Sappy'?
Okay, you could be right.
Don't burst my bubble. I am happy!      


  1. Cute necklaces I love the color combinations. :) The shoes are nice but I really love the food jewelry.... :) Those bulb vases are cute, I will have to go and check out how them get out the insides that looks difficult??? ~~Debb

    1. Thank you!! :-] I appreciate the feedback on my little necklaces!...And I agree about the shoes, bulb vases and food jewelry too!...Let me know what you find out about the bulb vase middle removal!! LOL


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