Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring!...So That's What It's Suppose To Look Like!!!

     Is that?......Really?!.....Nahhhhhhh!....SUNSHINE!!!! ^_^ Yes!....Yes!...I think it is!........SPRING!!!!...'Bout time!!!! LOL

     I'm surprised that I woke up early enough to actually see it! LOL Hubby and I got back home very early this morning from our 'virtual' trip to Texas to see the FGCU Eagles play the Florida Gators!...*wink! wink!*...We only got a little 'cat nap' before the alarm clock went off at our usual 'get up' time...which is around 5 a.m.!!
      After we threw a shoe across the room and knocked the alarm clock off of it's perch, we went back to bed for another hour or so! ^_^ But now...there's sunshine in the backyard!!! :-)

     I'm happy to see the sunshine! The way my body was aching last night I thought we were gonna get rain!...That must've been just too much traveling! LOL

        Now, the days will be longer and I can get more stuff done!...That's the way it works in theory anyway! LOL

     Right now I don't wanna do anything except wake up completely...and get some tea and food in my belly!...All of those peanuts and popcorn at the game last night only made me hungry for some real food!! LOL
       Hubby just made me a scrambled egg, and some oatmeal with honey and peaches! I'm off to 'get my grub on'!! LOL...Sorry winter birds...

     ...your free meal ticket is over for this year!...We've got to prepare the area for the hummingbirds!! :-) We want 'Wug Backyard' to be a 'Drive-Up' for all of Jehovah God's birdie creatures!! :-] 

        Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)

Spring Is The Rain

Spring is the rain,
when the flowers grow again,
and new life is let remain.
After months of drench and drain,
you now see roses down the lane.

Spring is the rain,
and the budding of the grain,
and birds, out your window pane.
When the weather makes you sane,
and its no longer on your brain,
'cause there's no cold to give you pain.

Spring is the rain-
the time for traveling on the train,
for watching trees, not weather vanes,
and raking leaves-Autumn's disdain.
You lift your head, just like a crane,
and now your thought's no longer vain.
You think of seasons that were plain,
but now its blooming, down on Main,
because spring is the rain.

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