Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Curing Of The Anti-Waffle Snob!

     Hubby and I had a conversation this morning about waffles, and I realized...I'm an anti-waffle snob!!!...Then my mind did what my mind does on occasion, it went to a pretend 'Anti-Waffles Anonymous' meeting. LOL..."Hello. My name is Poetesswug...and I'm an anti-waffle snob"...*hanging my head*..."No, Poetesswug is not my 'real name'! I'm too embarrassed to use my real name here!" ^_^
     Okay, enough silliness...for the moment! ^_^ I've got to get to the bottom of why I don't like waffles!...Well, 'don't like' is kinda strong, because after all, except for the little craters, it's just a pancake, right?!...RIGHT?!!! O_O Help me out here!...At least, that was hubby's argument this morning!
      My aversion to waffles...and maybe 'aversion' is too strong too!...started when I was younger. Somebody...who shall remain nameless. Grrrr!...fed me waffles...Cold waffles. And they did it more than once! In fact, to the point where I was sure that waffles could never stay warm while you're eating them!    

       Hubby says that's not true. And he talks about how waffles are the perfect blend of soft and crunchy, and how the syrup stays on them because of the grooves, and how every bite is a party in your mouth! LOL...That's 'HIS' story!! ^_^

      I'm not buying it! ^_^ But I, as the ultimate anti-waffle snob, and creator of the 'Pancake Sunday' in our house, deserve to give his theory at least an 'old girl' try! So, that's what I plan to do...but not today! ^_^
        First of all, we don't own a waffle griddle....excuse me...waffle iron!...*I was corrected by my hubby. ^_^ ...Waffle iron sounds to me like something you should use to make waves in your hair, but WHATEVER!! LOL*...And second of all, we have pancakes already on the agenda for this morning! :-)

     If you look throughout today's post though, you'll see that I'm trying to stamp down the 'snob-dom'! I'm looking at waffles anew in all kinds of positive ways! :-] ... A waffle candle, a waffle 'iron', waffle soap, a waffle necklace...a waffle necklace that was worn by a celebrity in a tv show no less!...

      ...waffle cone charms, and a waffle pillow! :-)) I'm determined to not be an anti-waffle snob much longer! ^_^

       This morning I'm gonna enjoy some blueberry pancakes, and maybe next'll be 'Waffle Sunday'! :-) ... I tell you what though, if those waffles are cold......!!!! O_O I won't think about that for now. I'm an anti-waffle snob, but I'm not a negative thinker! LOL...Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody!! :-)

Waffle Snob?!

I love the way the pancake runs
right off the side and down my plate!
But on a waffle it just sits
like sticky blocks in a crate!

I love the way a pancake looks,
like it's soft to the touch.
But that thing with lumpy grooves?...
I mean a waffle, not so much!

I like the way a pancake
almost melts in your mouth!
But a trip across my tastebud with a waffle?
...heading south!

Buttering a waffle
 is like corn on the cob.
The ears are perked up,
but it's a messy, slow moving job!

One day I'm sure I'll like 'em,
if they can stay warm enough.
But for now, let's just say,
Waffles get my nose rebuff!


  1. Ha ha ha!! This is hilarious!!! Guess what...I don't like pancakes but I love waffles! Go figure!! I don't know why. Waffles have a bit of crunch to them..I like that!! Hubby likes them with peanut butter and syrup on them. Yummy!!
    Great waffle pics today too! You really do need to try them soon! They'll stay warm as long as you eat first! LOL
    Have a wonderful day!
    By the way...we had oatmeal with strawberries, raspberries, bananas and pecans for breakfast! This has fast become my favorite breakfast!!

    1. WOW! You don't like pancakes?! O_O My-brain-does-not-compute!!! LOL But who knows, maybe I'll be saying the same thing next weekend! ^_^ Don't count on it!!...Maybe I'll have to try my waffles with peanut butter too!! :-] ..As to the oatmeal...What?...No peaches?! ^_^ Trust me, that'll take it over the top!! Oatmeal...the broom for the digestive one of my regular morning favorites! And fruit and nuts of almost any kind in it work!!...I'm off to enjoy my meeting now. You enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend! ♥


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