Friday, March 29, 2013

We Have Something In Common!

       Yes! and little Vania the felt donkey have something in common this morning. But it's not what you think! ^_^ Well, I don't know 'what' you think!...not really. :-)) But if you were thinking that Vania and I both are products of creativity....then yeah! That part's true! ^_^
       But if you were thinking something else, then....I plead the fifth!! LOL But that's 'not' what I meant when I said me and Vania had something in common! ^_^ ... But here's another clue for you...

      Blissfully dark flower hair pins! :-)

      Okay, Okay! I'll tell ya...because 'trust me', you'll never guess! ^_^ The answer of my Wuglyees shop men's boutonnieres and Vania the felt donkey are both in the same Etsy treasury!! :-] ... maybe that news wasn't as exciting to 'YOU' as it was to me!! LOL...But still!!! :-))

     Hey! It's my 'Virtual' Friday Date Day! :-) I'm in a good mood, ready to travel, and easy to please today!! ^_^ Hubby and I have plans to go and bask in the sun, and get really reved up and excited!!! For what?!....I'll tell you in a second. :-)
      First I wanna show you something else that was in the "Midnight Bliss" treasury!...

      These hangers brought back a blissful memory for me of high school. I went to a vocational technical high school, and the first year there I had to take "Exploratory"...meaning I had six weeks of each of several different vocations. "Art" was one of them. And in "Art" I learned how to do paper machete, decoupage, and macrame! :-)
       I also had "Sewing", "Food Service, Catering and Waitressing", "Nursing", "Cosmotology", and a few other things! I chose nursing, and did that for the next few years. But I learned a wealth of things in that first year of 'exploratory'!! :-) ... Anybody need a massage?...a pedicure?...Something to eat?! ^_^

      Moving on!! ^_^ I've got a trip to get ready for!!! :-) I've got to pack my summer clothes and a crochet hook and some thread...for the down time. :-] I can't waste any time because I've got to replace some of these bad boys!! :-) ...

      I sold quite a few yesterday!...YAY!!!!

      Anyway!!...Hubby and I are heading Arlington Texas!...for the big game!!!!...The FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University) Eagles versus the Florida Gators!! :-) ...

       We would've been heading to the gulf coast of Florida tonight!... :-) ... and how nice would that have been, to be looking at Florida sunshine and water! Ahhhhhhhh! :-) But, it's okay. We're still gonna be in the south!...Texas!!! ^_^
      We may not have sunshine and water, but we'll have this view (below)...from the 'cheap seats'! :-)...

     It's 'March Madness' basketball, Baby!!!! ^_^ It's gonna be a good game because NOBODY...and I mean N-O-B-O-D-Y!...expected for this little cinderella FGCU team to be in the running AT....ALL!!! LOL
     Oh yeah, that reminds me!...I've got to get some nuts and popcorn to take with us!! O_O I am NOT paying those Cowboy stadium prices for my refreshments!!! LOL ...Yes, I know we're nutty!! That's why we're family!! LOL...Okay, off I go!...Have a good 'date night' yourselves...and a good weekend all around, Everybody!! :-)

Nutty Folks in Your Family

Are there 'Nutty' folks in your family?
(not that there's anything wrong with that!)
Folks with a lean toward the peculiar,
that some would call 'crazy as a bat'?!

Do you find you make excuses
for the behavior you often see?
While you're secretly glad that you
MARRIED into this family!

Are conversations all one-sided,
with your head always cocked sideways;
but you remember when they were sane,
that is, back in the 'good ole days'?!

Are there 'Nutty' folks in your family?...
(not that there's anything wrong with that!)
collectors, hoarders, oddball misfits,
and the best friend to every cat?!

When seasons come around,
do you get gifts you can't explain?
Does their hearing seem affected
when their focus starts to wain?

Do they twist your words (like "Hi!")
and think you're putting out the welcome mat?
Look out! Now 'Nutty' is coming for dinner!
(not that there's anything wrong with that!)


  1. I'm honored! Thank you for the feature!!! :D

    1. Awwww! It was my pleasure, Lucie! :-]

  2. I love that little gold/yellow flower! You probably already knew I would! LOL
    Congrats on the treasury! Congrats on all the sales too! Send some my way, would you? LOL

    Have a great date night! My hubby is going to a friends house to watch basketball. I'm not sure what I'm going to do...maybe make jewelry!

    1. Why, thank you, Cindy! :-) Yeah...I knew you'd like the yellow. :-)) Now I know you're an earth tones kind of girl...including the brown! ^_^ ... By the way, does your husband's friend have a wife?!...Go and teach her how to make jewelry!...or let her teach you basketball! ^_^ That's how I got hooked! ^_^

  3. Love this theme! Thank you so much for featuring my mason jar hangers!
    Sveta from cottagechicdecor

    1. It was entirely my pleasure, Sveta! :-) Have a good day!


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