Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Pause From Blogging???!!!


      Clearly I'm not talking about taking a pause from blogging TODAY! But unfortunately it looks like a pause might be inevitable soon. :-( And if you are a regular follower of my blog you might have seen it coming.
      The reason is because of my health. More specifically, some tests that need to be done for my health. I 'may' need to be hospitalized for a bit to get them done...I say 'may' because we're still in the process of talking about options. So, nothing is set in stone yet.
      After the tests, depending on circumstances and stuff, there may be other options for health care. Options that may include a length of time at a facility with proper equipment to help me get more mobile. 
      Needless to say...*sigh*...there's not much to smile about in these kinds of decisions. Well...nothing except that I'm making the decisions with my God, my husband, and my friends solidly in my support camp. :-]
       There's all kinds of stuff that has to be worked out, barring the decision turns out to be a "Go!"...which is still up in the air right now. Stuff like: whether hubby will be able to stay with me at the facility (it's kinda far away, but he's my 'real' day-to-day care-giver, and he's kind of afraid to give the job over to somebody else. :-) That's my love-bunny alright! ♥)
      Also, we'll have to decide about finances, hubby's job, whether I'll be able to hear my meetings regularly at the facility, whether I can take all of my supplements while I'm there (Oh No! I'm not giving up my acidophiles and green tea! No! ^_^), whether to give up my Etsy shop until I'm back home, and whether continuing to try to blog every day is feasible. :-(


      Frankly, I can't imagine me not blogging every day! O_O In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a 'chatty kathy'!!...just a BIT!! LOL...


      I've been talking my head off almost every day since back in 2010 when I started this blog!...Well, the truth be told, I've been talking my head off, in one way or another, since I was actually able to form sentences!! ^_^ In fact, even when I was quiet there were poems and songs going over and over in my over-active brain!!
      So, even if I do end up taking a pause from blogging, rest assured I will be talking to somebody somewhere!! Ha! Ha! The pause will only be a public pause. :-) ...


      But don't think you've gotten rid of me yet!! ^_^ As of right now, everything is just in the talking and decision making process. I'm only talking about it because that's all that's on my mind this morning after conversations with doctors over the last few days...I kept thinking that it was probably only gonna be a simple thing...and then reality reared it's ugly head yesterday!! Grrrr!
      Why can't reality take a pause, and leave me alone for a while?! huh?....huh?!! LOL...


      Anyway!...I talked to hubby about the blogging thing, and he said that if need be...during the testing process...he would continue to blog and let you know how I was doing...But you know me...


      Rather than hospitals, doctors, tests, facilities, and pills and stuff...I'd rather be crocheting, and writing poems and reading and writing blog posts!!!! ^_^ 
      Hey!...maybe that's what the final decision will be!..."leave me alone and let me talk my head off, please!!!" ^_^ Either way, I'll keep you posted. In the meantime it will be blogging as usual!! :-)


They're blogs of folks I hardly know.
Why do I like looking at them so?

I watch their children laugh and grow,
and every bead and artwork crow.

No, I don't do it for the 'dough'!
On my blog there's no money flow.

I like to scroll and take it slow.
An easy read, and 'Peep and Go'!

Updated blogs, all in a row,
and a new day. What will they show?!

I'm not some kind of stalker though.
I'm just a blogger/looker pro!


  1. Sounds like tough decisions ahead. I hope all goes well and you can be back blogging and chatting with us! I'll keep you in my prayers Deb.

    1. Yes indeed, Yaya...but that's life for you! :-] And I haven't gone anywhere yet!! ^_^ I'll be here until we decide something, for sure. You just worry about keeping your driveway shoveled!!! LOL Have a good week, Yaya. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. That's really sweet of you, Anne, but no worries. I'm still good! And I'm still blogging! :-) You have a good day!

  3. Deb, I will keep you in my prayers. I have had you on my mind since I noticed that your blogging method had changed somewhat. We all get caught up in our own little world and the problems that come with it. Keep the faith for he will lead us in the right direction. Hard decisions to make but I know you will make the right ones for you. Hugs.

    1. Hi Vel! :-] ... Thank you so much for the kind words and the thoughtfulness. And how right you are that this old world comes at all of us F-A-S-T! And when it does you have to get on the learning curve quick, in order to figure out how to focus yourself. Otherwise it's YOU all the time!! :-)) Thankfully I have friends and Jehovah God to focus some of my time on!! ^_^ Thanks for stopping to give me a little encouragement, Vel! ♥ Hopefully, I'll be able to do the same for you one day soon.


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