Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Lesson I Learned...From The Backyard This Time!

        Thanks 'everybody', for the load of encouragement I received from all of you yesterday! Sending BIG love ♥ ♥ ♥ and smoochy kisses to all of your foreheads, and a BIG soft squishy hug 'round the neck!! {Is that enough 'sap' for you this early in the morning?! ^_^}
     When I was reading through your comments last night I found myself tearing up at some points, and then laughing out loud at others!! You sure know how to cheer a girl up!...Okay, Thank you...and moving on!.....
         Just like the backyard yesterday, the 'Wug' life is showing signs of things 'getting back to normal'.  Mr. Wug has been in the backyard making sure that nothing is trying to invade, over-run, or drown out his flower 'babies'...So far, so good...except for a little bit of transition going on.
        The header photo, and this one below...
      ...are of one of his giant yellow sunflowers. :-( He said it looked sad, and that he thinks it's dying...Uhhhh!...the flower is drooping......the center petals are all dried up and blown away....You know,...'good deduction Watson Wug'! ^_^ I think you're right!! {Sorry...I couldn't help the Sherlock Holmes reference. Forgive me Sherlock! LOL}
       But look at what the other sunflowers, the deep purple ones are doing!!...
       Oh Yeah!! They're coming to life!! :-) Pretty soon we're gonna have some new flowers out here to look at! In all their purple gorgeousness!...Hmmm...If I take the time to think about it...which I just did! ^_^ ...I'd say there's a lesson this backyard is trying to teach me!...Life in this system is never 'all' great...But it's also never 'all' bad. In the final analysis, there's always love...and hope!
       Okay, I'm about to get all 'metaphor'-ic on you! ^_^...Hubby loves his flowers. We love our friends and family...Hubby hopes the new flowers grow pretty before the cold weather gets here. I hope....our next Friday 'Date Night' doesn't get interrupted for growing flowers, loving friends and family, or ALMOST anything!!!! {What?!....I have my own agenda!!} LOL There is one BIG thing I'm hoping for that I'd GLADLY give up my Friday 'Date Night' for!!!!!!.......COME!!!!!! ^_^ {My 'in real life' friends will know what I mean with that reference! LOL}
         Speaking of 'Date Night', my hubby...Big Kisses to him! ♥ ... kinda sorta saved it a little. :-) Since we already had some homemade rice and beans prepared for Costa Rica, he decided to get some other 'eats' to make it a sorta Costa Rican one hour 'getaway'....
        He stopped at the Chinese food restaurant around the corner...Shhhhhh! We're in Costa Rica!! ^_^ The Chinese food hostess didn't know that!...and he got some chicken wings and broccoli with garlic sauce, over more rice...
        ...and we pretended we were looking at sunsets over the water...for an hour. :-)
       For other central American food inspiration, he brought this!...
        It's 'Mucho Mango' juice! ^_^ ... It's made by Arizona.....WHATEVER!!!! We were in Costa Rica! ^_^
       For dessert...
     Apple pie, with cinnamon...And...
       ...(because he couldn't find any ice cream that was 'Costa Rica' enough in one container! ^_^)...TWO containers of ice cream that we scooped out and mixed together...Mango and Pineapple Coconut!!....YUM!!...You can't get more Costa Rican-y than that, can you?!!
        Okay, so it wasn't a long visit. But I think you probably would agree with me that it was a very good visit!! ^_^
         Between my one hour 'getaway' dinner in Costa Rica, watching the Women's Semi-Final Tennis matches (SO GOOD!!!), and crocheting some more on my 'Sweater Scarf'... was a very good night! :-) Lesson learned backyard!! 'Just hang in there. It'll all get better again.'......I got that lesson from hubby yesterday too! :-) How right you both are!!! :-]

My Super-Hero

He has x-ray vision,
but he's as blind as a bat.
He sees straight to my heart,
but cannot see my fat.

He's as strong as an ox,
but as gentle as can be.
He's sexy in his shorts,
and in a suit-a sight to see!

He's my super-hero,
even though he can't  fly;
He doesn't drive a Bat-Mobile,
or freeze time with his eye.

But the things that he can do
far outweigh the things he can't;
and they give the word "Super-Hero"
a whole new slant! 


  1. Ahhhh, the lessons are there if we choose to see them, aren't they?! I LOVE your poem about your super hubby! So sweet :) I also love the "old" sunflowers...they do not seem sad to me, they are transforming to create new life, food for the birds, and more plants for next year! Oh, and maybe some nice crunchy fresh sunflower seeds for on top of your salad :)

  2. Wonderful sunflowers. It will turn to seed soon, so if you want to eat them watch out for the birds, lol. They will be flocking around them soon. Do you remember the Hitchcock movie "The Birds". I have never liked crows since. Food looks great!

  3. btaylor, Ha! Ha! Oh Yeah! I forgot about the sunflower seeds! ^_^ That 'is' a good transformation thing for humans...and for birds! Thank you so much for the nice words about my silly poem too!...Have a good rest of the weekend!

  4. Susan, I didn't know about them getting ready to turn to seed. Hubby says you're right! He's looking forward to it too, so he can have MORE sunflowers for next year!! :-] ...And yes I do remember that movie...from YEARS ago! Me and Hitchcock haven't been friends since then! LOL

  5. I'm glad things are better today my friend! I do understand the BIG thing that could interrupt your next date night and it would be okay. I would love for THAT to interrupt my life too...anytime!
    Your food looks delish! I hope I didn't gain any of the 12 pounds back I've lost so far looking at it! LOL
    I hope you (Jeff) get to see a lot more of those sunflowers! I love them! And I love to see the photos! I must grow some next year!
    Have a great meeting and a great day!

    P.S.....I'm lovin' that scarf!! Great color combo!

  6. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! I knew YOU would know what I meant! ^_^ ...And congrats on the 12 pounds! I'm sure you looked fine before, but if you're happy...I'm happy for you! :-)...Hubby sends a big Thank you too! And no worries...there 'WILL' be more sunflower pictures as long as they keep doing their thing! :-)) Okay, You have a good meeting too! And you're entered! :-)

  7. Totally feel the same way about Mr. Man. I thank the heavens EVERY DAY for my amazing guy. Glad you had a better night than the one before!

  8. Holyoke Home, If you feel the same way then you have a good one too! :-) We're very fortunate women...And yes, except for the rain, MUCH better!!

  9. Love your Super-Hero poem! What a fabulous tribute to your special spouse. Gorgeous new growth on those flowers. Your images have wonderful detail. It's always hard to watch beautiful blooms die but there seems to always be something else budding to marvel at during the summer months. Yummy food for date night! Beautiful sweater scarf! Sounds like an enjoyable night.

  10. Julie, Aww! Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm sure mine is not the only hubby that it applies to. I'm just the one silly enough to write it down for everybody to see! :-)) ...And won't hubby be pleased that 'YOU' complemented his amateur photos!! :-] Your photos are fabulous!!...And also, thanks for the nice words about the food...and sweater scarf! I'm working on the scarf later today. I can't wait to finish it!...Have a good rest of the day!

  11. Love the Super-Hero poem! Great!!

    I want some Arizona, please! Mucho Mango seems delicious and all that food, too.
    More flowers on the way.... sounds good.

  12. Priscila, Awww! Thank you, about the poem! :-) And I sure wish I could send you some Arizona! Ha! Ha! And some Chinese and Costa Rica too! ^_^

  13. What a great poem! I think your hubby is definitely a superhero!

  14. Awwww! Thank you! I'm glad you liked my silly poem. :-) And obviously...I agree!


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