Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Have I Got A Deal For You...To See The Sea!!

      Do you know what you're looking at in the header photo?!...It's Old Orchard Beach, the place of Maine's premiere family beach resort! And yes!...that is the Atlantic ocean out there...the sea!! :-) Before I tell you why I'm showing it to you...{and No!'s not the destination for my 'virtual' Date Night this week! ^_^}...let me tell you a little bit about the area.
         Located on the inner side of Saco Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, Old Orchard Beach is a popular summer beach destination. There's many tourist-oriented businesses, including roadside clam shacks and fine dining, over-looking the beach and the Atlantic ocean...In fact there's over 40 restaurants and eateries gracing the area.
        There's a seaside Amusement Park (Palace Playland... It opened April 15, 2011, and is scheduled to close October 10, 2011), and a wooden pier on the beach that contains many other businesses, including a variety of souvenir shops.
         ...And there's a seven mile (11 km) long beach!
       Now, why am I telling you about Old Orchard Beach?!...Because Old Orchard Beach, nick-named 'Garden By The Sea', is the place where a friend of mine (a friend in real life) owns a rental property that she's just renovated. Well, rebuilt really!...And in speaking with her I found out that she has an opening still available, as of right now anyway, for August 27th through September 3rd!
      Before I tell you how reasonable her rates are, let me show you the actual rental...This is the view from the deck...
      The above photo and the header photo show you how close you would actually be to the beach!!...Below are views inside the rental...the kitchen/living area...
       ...with cable t.v. (above)...Pull out couch (the rental sleeps 4 to 6 people)...
       ...a spiral staircase...
      ...a full bedroom...Master bath on the floor with bedrooms. Half bath upstairs with kitchen/living area...
      ...Twin bedroom...walls don't have pictures or anything up yet...

       ...and the outside view!
       The summer rates for renting are generally $1450 a week plus tax. But, right now,  August 27th to September 3rd are still available for only $1250 plus tax
      They rent all year round. Summer is by the week. Winter is by the night, week, or month.  Off season rates are $110 a night plus tax or $750 a week plus tax.
         It's quieter off season, which some people really like. But then there's stuff all around to do; Portland is 20 minutes away. The rental is 30 minutes from Kittery and 40 minutes from Freeport...for the outlet shoppers. :-)
          If anyone is interested in renting they can call her at 860-778-5751 or feel free to send a message by email to
         There's a whole lot I haven't told you about what there is to do in this area, and how great of a place Maine is to take a little vacation 'getaway'. Hubby and I, and a few other families went up to Maine, a different area though, for a week. I have video, pictures, and poetry about it!! ^_^ We had such a good, relaxing, fun time!!!
   So, if you're thinking about it...and for that price I think it's a real bargain! {You can take another couple with you and share the cost!!} can call her and tell her 'Debbie' sent you. She doesn't call me 'The Wug'! ^_^ That's just for 'you'!! Ha! Ha! 
      Click HERE to see more pictures and get more details if you need to. 
      Okay, that's my volunteer service announcement for the day! LOL I didn't have to be paid to tell you that. I know her. I have and know friends that have stayed there. I know it's a good deal!! :-)
     And speaking of good about something FREE?!! :-) I'm talking about my Giveaway, of course! ^_^ I didn't tell you yesterday what the new Giveaway for September 1, 2011 would be! Well, here it is...
        It's another one of my 'Wuglyee' Remnant Scarves!
       Hubby was sure you'd like to see it modeled like this....
       ...*shaking my head*...Needless to say, he didn't go to school for fashion design!! LOL But, truth be told, neither did I! ^_^ But I don't think that even 'The Wug' would be caught dead somewhere wearing a scarf looking like that!! LOL And if 'you' would.....don't tell me about it!! ^_^
      They'll be a couple more close-up shots on the Giveaway link, along with details of size, and so forth. You can see that link on the right hand side bar...over there -----> somewhere! ^_^
       I'm off to get me some breakfast, get me some more sleep, and get me a 'plan' for what I'm gonna do today!...(I've been kinda wimpy and lazy...PAIN!...the last few days)...I know finishing my circle scarf will be on the list!...Yep! Almost finished!! :-] What are your plans today?!!
      {The poem today will not be the complete poem. Trust me, you don't want to be here till next week trying to read it!! LOL I wrote it ALL WEEK the week we were in Maine. I'll just give you a taste of some of the stanzas.}

The "Maine" Event (shortened version)

"Uh-Yuh!" It was amazing,
our vacation trip to Maine.
Two cars, one van, one truck
following along just like a train.

The view from here to there
got better and better as we would go.
Not many stops-But stretching a lot,
and, of course, a big cup of "Joe"......

Hubby couldn't  wait to fish!
He wanted to catch, at least, "some";
But when they went out in the canoe
all he caught was a butt that was numb!....

Young friends became closer friends,
giggling and braiding their hair,
paddling and screaming in the canoe-
saying: "Taking pictures wasn't  fair!"....

Hubby and his friend made our breakfast
every morning-without fail;
But it was not as good as their singing
of "Cherokee People"-some dancing, no jail!

There was an attempt at star gazing,
but the equipment somehow went awry.
Thankfully we just had to look up-
The sky was beautiful, with the naked eye.

 When I think of certain things that happened
I can't  help but let loose a smile-
like Jeff fishing for 'boat piers' and 'trees',
casting his rod (as if Moses-at the Nile!)

Sometime later he did catch a fish,
a 'little' perch, his "catch of the day!"
I fear in later years to come
it'll  be the 'Big' fish that somehow got away....

We were spiritually satisfied, as well,
with a Book Study on our 6th night.
We listened to each other comment
with keen ears, by soft lamp light.

Friday was half-sad, half-happy,
with us packing and stretching the time,
reminiscing about what a good time we had
and personal mountains yet to climb.

Especially because this vacation
has reminded us what we can share
unitedly-in the New System-
We just have to work hard to get there!      


  1. Good morning! I'm sorry you're feeling so much pain. :( I hope it improves soon for you.
    This looks like a nice place to go for a vacation and I appreciate the photos.
    The scarf giveaway is a good one! I don't wear scarves or else I'd say enter me! Maybe I should say it anyway! goes....ENTER ME! LOL
    I love the color!
    Love the poem! Sounds like a great trip to Maine!
    Have a great day my friend!

  2. Hello my friend! I just realized that I wasn't following your blog! Silly me, I don't know how I didn't click the follow, ever! Anyway, I'm following now, and will happily read your excellent posts. Your friends rental is amazing. She did a great job refurbishing it. Old Orchard Beach is a wonderful spot, but my favorite time to visit it is in January, believe it or not!
    Hey, I've also got a giveaway going over on my blog, check it out and be entered!!
    and "Enter Me" in your giveaway. Love the scarf!

  3. CinLynn, Good Morning!! I'm still trying to get myself organized this morning. I have too many things to do, and not enough brain cells to rub together to accomplish it!! LOL BUT I WILL!!! ^_^ And how right you are about Maine! Such a great place to vacation!!...I still have to put the rest of the info up on the scarf, but I'm glad you like it. Thanks for such a 'Johnny-on-the-spot' comment this morning!! :-) Have a good day, Bead!

  4. btaylor, Hello!! I hadn't seen your comment. I just saw that I had a new follower on the blog and I 'high-tailed it' over to check out your blog! ^_^ I was over there 'folowing', 'looking at rain video', and 'entering your giveaway for that cute bag'....and then I came back over here and saw your comment!! LOL...Thanks for the nice comment about the rental property too! I AGREE!! :-) But January?!...Really?! I'll have to take your word for that one!....Okay, Have a good rest of the day!...And you're entered in my giveaway too now! ^_^

  5. That sounds like a great getaway! That is the same weekend as our annual Family reunion. I hope that someone is able to go for vacation.

  6. Shelley, Yes, I agree! I wish we could take it! :-) You're gonna definitely have your hands full that week! Family Reunions are fun...but tiring. Ours are anyway!! Enjoy!

  7. Looks like a fabulous location and fitted to a high standard, one day I want to go back to the states I was 14 when I last went.(Tampa in Florida) Wishing your pain away and will catch you again soon. I have my son and family arriving in about an hour for a week + the other two little ones can you imagine the noise levels?

  8. Aaah, you are speaking to my heart! My dad lived in Maine for several years and summer's with him are some of my best memories...he was in Scarborough so we definitely made our way to Old Orchard often. I LOVE it there! If I didn't already have a trip planned for that weekend and wasn't across the country, I'd SO be interested. Will definitely keep this place in mind as I plan on bringing my husband to Maine one day!

  9. Krishenka, It really is a great location...and from what I hear, Tampa has changed a whole lot in recent years...Enjoy your son and family this week! Be prepared for rising decibels though! LOL

  10. ag., It's nice to talk to someone else who knows Old Orchard Beach! :-) And your dad's being a Maine resident means that you know the 'Maine Vibe' too....relaxed, enjoying life. Not rushing around from point A to point B like a chicken with his head cut off! ^_^ Definitely keep her place in mind for later!! I'd love to see your husband's face when he sees the ocean lapping up on the beach. :-))

  11. What a cute blog! Thanks for the sweet comment.

  12. Christina, Thank you very much!...Thanks for the visit! :-)

  13. I have to say that is a really nice looking rental! And MAine, I love it there! Maybe someday I can go again.
    Nice giveaway too! It's a lovely scarf!

  14. trusk4u, Thanks! I think it's a nice place too!...Thanks for the nice words about the scarf too! I just finished my other one just now too. I'm on a roll now! LOL

  15. Yes! January!! Weirdly enough, I was there once in January not too long ago, and on one of the days it was 71 degrees! I walked barefoot on the beach in Ogunquit in January (didn't put my toes in the water too much as it was about 20 below in the water!)
    And you are entered in MY giveaway! LOL. I wouldn't mind if you told your people about it, seems I'm having some trouble getting people to see it....OR maybe no one wants a chance at a free bag :) That's what happens when there are long pauses in've got to be consistent! Well, now that I've quit my day job I've got more time. Yay!!

  16. btaylor, 71 degrees in Maine?!!! I don't think that will happen often!! LOL 20 below in the water was the clue too!! ^_^ Yes, I'll talk up your Giveaway. You talk up mine...Imagine, having to talk people into taking our stuff!! ^_^

  17. Great post, I love the seaside so really enjoyed these pictures, the rental house looks lovely. Having a break from painting :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  18. Bee happy, I love the seaside too, although I'm not really a beach person. I think it would be a good place to go to eat some good food and rest! :-]...Can't wait to see your paint job when it's done!

    You're entered too, by the way!

  19. That looks like a wonderful holiday home. Too bad I live so far away. A holiday there would be delightful :D

  20. Jo-anne, I know, huh?! If you lived closer you could be playing in the ocean right now! ^_^


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