Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ohhh...Just A Little Skunk Story!

        I ask you...Is there anything 'cute' about a skunk?!...I know you're probably thinking "No!" But I have a 'cute' skunk story to tell you. And it just happened the other night.
        Before I tell you about it though....Come on! You knew I wasn't gonna just tell you about it, didn't you?!!! LOL...let me answer my own question about whether there's anything 'cute' about a skunk....Well, 'I'm' not gonna answer it. Some Etsians are gonna answer it!! :-]
       FreckledHound, you clearly know that sometimes skunks can be 'cute'! :-)
        This vinyl skunk wall decal is so 'cute'!!...It reminded me of a certain skunk cartoon character from my youth....Pepé Le Pew!!...Oh! Amore!! :-) {Funny how the brain just holds on to stuff! LOL}
      BabbidgePatch knows that skunks can be 'cute' too!
     Couldn't you see your little guy in this Little Stinker Skunk Hat?! :-)
         And Oh!! I don't think a skunk can get 'much' cuter than the the one LadiesWhoKill took a photo of!!
        Just think, you can have this 'cute' skunk print up on the wall in your nursery, or your little ones 'big girl' or 'big boy' bedroom!...I'd put it in my bathroom....Just saying! LOL It would be perfect there, right?! ^_^
      Okay, I'll tell you the story now. :-) .....You know how usually when you see a skunk you're all like "YIKES!!" and "EEK!!", doubt with the idea that he's gonna spray you with his 'stink gas' and you'll have an almost impossible time getting it off before you have to go to Grandma's house or to work the next day?!!...

       It's a legitimate fear too, and the details of their defense mechanism prove it! Did you know that skunks have two glands, one on either side of their...Ummm...'hiney parts'...that produces a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals such as methyl and butyl thiols?
         I 'know' you know that it has a highly offensive smell! In other words....'Peeeee....You'!! ^_^ The smell has been described as a combination of the odors of rotten eggs, garlic and burnt rubber! Wikipedia says the odor of the fluid is strong enough to ward off bears! No kidding?!.....Maybe I need to get some more skunks in the backyard!! ^_^ Then again...I don't want hubby getting sprayed by accident while he's out there taking down and putting up the hummingbird feeder at night, while he's trying to avoid the wasps in the daytime!! O_0
       Two facts about skunks could make hubby's getting sprayed a high probability too...One, they can't see very good. Anything more than 10 feet away (3 meters) they can't see that clearly. {That's why they're so vulnerable to getting killed in traffic!}
      And two, they have a really good sense of smell and hearing. So, they are really accurate with that spraying thing! In fact, they're able to accurately spray up to 10 feet (3 meters)! Yep! What they lose in sight, they make up for in spraying ability!!...And that spray can cause more than just irritation, stinky skin, and stinky clothes that you can't wait to get off!!....{and a smell that can be detected by a human nose up to a mile downwind!} It can cause temporary blindness!!!...the little 'cuties'!! ^_^
       And herein lies the rest of the story! My girlfriend and her husband and kids were all sleeping about midnight when they started hearing some banging...over and over again...outside their apartment. When they went to investigate this is what they saw!...Yep! She gave me the video to share with you all!! :-)

      Do you believe that?!!....Poor little cutie!!...

      After I stopped laughing, I started wondering about whether or not his "problem" was ever fixed!! ^_^ Then I looked at some other videos on Youtube and realized.....THIS IS A REGULAR SKUNK OCCURRENCE!!! LOL
       As you might have figured out by now, my girlfriend and her family DID NOT try to fix his "problem"!!! ^_^ Hopefully he 'banged' his way to a solution, or had some little 'cute' girl skunk come along and help him out!....Hey! Pepe' Le Pew would've helped his girl companion out!!! ^_^


We take our eyes for granted
until some 'boo boo' mars our view.
Then we find ourselves short-sighted
with less things that we can do.

The thought of losing sight,
and seeing life just like before,
is scary, and can shake our confidence
right to the core.

To make our eyes feel better
we would do most anything.
Some eye salve or a hot pack,
even ointments that will sting.

To, every day, appreciate
the eyes that help us see
(and keeping those sharp objects
out of their proximity),

That's what we should be doing,
give those 'Peepers' some respect!
Especially since they get it
when we're sticking out our neck.


  1. Awww that's so sad! I like skunks - but that's probably because I have never actually come across one in real life. And I certainly didn't realise how small they are! Poor little trapped skunks :-( And if they keep away the bears then they must be pretty handy pets, right?

  2. Hello,

    The baby skunk is cute!
    Glad to know you're fine after Irene.

  3. Awww, he is cute! We had skunks living under our shed a couple of years ago. The babies would poke their little heads out and look around. Even hubby thought they were cute until MaMa decided to die under there!! Stunk for almost a year!!!
    have a great day!

  4. Creating Trouble, I know, huh?! I felt so bad for him. What her kids wanted them to do was go out there and take the cup off of his head, but...Uhhh...that could be a problem!! If only you could get across to the skunk somehow that all you wanted to do was help!...Anyway, thanks for your comment. And have a good rest of the day!

  5. Priscila, I was glad to hear you fared okay during 'Irene' too!...And I agree...the baby skunk is a little cutie! :-)

  6. yip definately very cute when little and I have never smelt the stink they give you but have a good imagination. Glad also to hear that you got through Irene.

  7. ps forgot to say your peom was excellent too

  8. CinLynn, Oh Noooooo! Your skunk story is even sadder than this one!!! There's nothing worse than the smell of decaying dead skunk! Yikes!! O_O And what happened to the little babies?!!...I'll find out when I talk to you later on FB. Have a good day my friend!

  9. Krishenka, WOW! Consider yourself fortunate that you've never smelled them! And trust me when I tell you, if you smell them won't forget it, or mistake the smell!...We had an albino skunk that used to roam the area at one time, as soon as it got dark. He would scamper along when he saw us. And even we he was just being his skunky self, and not spraying anybody...he 'stank!!' LOL...Thanks for the nice words about Irene too. I'm glad she's gone. Now we just need to keep our eyes on 'Katia'!!! UGH!

  10. Krishenka, Ohhhh....^_^ Thank you very much!!

  11. Anonymous8/31/2011

    Haha, that is crazy! I never really thought of skunks as cute but you may have changed my mind. And that photo of the baby skunk is really precious! I heard if you take a bath in tomato sauce it somehow neutralizes the smell- but that is a lot of tomato sauce!

  12. HazelandMare, Aha! Another skunk convert! Ha! Ha! Yes, the tomato sauce thing is true, but as you say, that's a LOT of tomato sauce!! Nobody wants to have to go through all of that!...Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  13. Skunks are not my friend..we have had a few at our place and I won't tell you the fate of 2 of them..but I can't say they aren't pics anyway! I do think the hat is cute however!

  14. I thought of Pepe Le Pew as soon as I read the title of your post. I used to think he was pretty cute! Speaking of cute that photo of that baby skunk it's adorable!
    That poor skunk in the video. I hope it managed to 'escape' the cup. I don't blame your friend for not helping it especially after you described the smell they produce. Yuck!

  15. yaya, Ha! Ha! No explanation necessary about the skunks. I know 'exactly' how you feel. They can make a little nuisance of themselves if they want to!!...But 'cute' they long as you're upwind of them, and you don't have a dog that hates them and likes to chase them!...UGH! I've had experience!! ^_^

  16. Jo-anne, I wonder if Pepe Le Pew ever got a cup stuck on his head?! *Teehee* I don't think so. He was too busy bouncing around looking for that painted striped cat!! LOL Me and hubby were joking about the poor skunk wandering around in the woods with that cup on his head, confusing all of the other woodland creatures. They probably talked about him...and not in a good way either!! LOL Have a good day Jo!

  17. adorable selections - skunks are so cute :D And Thank You for featuring my skunk hat!
    Best, Cathy of Babbidge Patch

  18. Babbidge Patch, Thank you very much. And it was my pleasure to share your hat. It's so cute!! :-]


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