Tuesday, August 16, 2011

RAIN Again!...."Come On Eyes, Let's Get To Work!"

      I have a LOVE/HATE thing with rain. Most of the time it's a 'love' because I love the way it pitter patters onto the leaves of the trees in my backyard, and how sweetly the birds play around in the little puddles that it makes. I also love the look of the sky right before a storm and the sound of rain when it's pounding away at the windows. I know...crazy. :-)  But I LOVE it!
       But then there are the times I 'hate' it! Like when it's cold 'and' raining, and you can't seem to get dry after you come in from it. Or when the dampness of it has every bone in your arthritic body screaming for relief! Or when it floods streets and basements, and goes on raining continuously day after day, after day, after day!!! UGH! 
      At these 'hated' times though, I still find something to 'love' about rain!...I love that it gives me time to read, write letters, or go sight-seeing online! :-] And that's what happened yesterday. The arthritic pain thing and a lot of napping, and sight-seeing! :-) And since I mostly was just moving my browser hand...*giggle*...not much crocheting got done either!...Wanna see what caught my eyes?!
      This Sleepy Belgian Hare Purse by NYhop...
      All of these cute little mini pillows by mymimi... Happy Ruler...
      ...and Vintage Vinyl Player.
        She is so creative!! :-] I would have loved having any of these in my room, propped up on my bed, when I was a kid.
      Of course, I wouldn't have minded having this Silk Aviator Map Cushion by Atelier688 on there either! :-] 
     And this Map Puzzle by PipeDreams2010 would've looked so cool up on my wall!! I would've had so much fun with the magnets, moving states around to places they weren't suppose to be! ^_^
      *shaking my head vigorously*....What happened to me yesterday anyway?! Did I get too much water in my ears and revert back to my childhood?!! ^_^ .... MOVING ON!!
       Something else that caught my eye was this Moonlight Garden Tote by JenJenStitchery...
      ...and this Red Knit Dress by happydayvintage.
      Whose eye wouldn't have been caught by that?!! :-) I love the checkerboard stripe!
     Now, honestly, I don't wear bracelets and bangles that often, but this one really caught my eye! It's a wooden bangle with stamped text by palomasnest...
      ...My mind immediately started thinking about all of the things I could have stamped on them...like poetry perhaps! :-) How cool would that be?!!
       And how cool are these zipper pouches by HazelandMare?!...This one has a little camera on it...
      ...and this one has a rain cloud!!
      Appropriate for today, don't you think?! ^_^
      And this Bird Silhouette Soap by karenssoaps caught my eye...just because!
          And how about some music?! Well, somewhere to play some music?!...No! It's a Portable Record Player LAMP!! Ohhhh yellowsquarelove, you are so clever! :-)
     What?! I don't get to play any music today?! :-( ... You know me better than that! :-) I'm gonna play me some music!!...But first, a little stroll in the rain...(Thinking about where I wanna travel to this weekend. ^_^)
      "Central Park, you're giving me ideas!!" :-)      

       Okay...it's time to give my eyes a rest. :-) My body is still in the same condition...for now. But this rain has to stop some time!...Doesn't it?! O_0 I'll be waiting!!!!!


I'm not very good at waiting.
I've had to do too much of it.
Too many hours in the car.
Too many minutes just to sit.

I want to do it now!
What's all this waiting all about?
Too much time spent in the middle
turns my surety to doubt.

I guess it could be worth the waiting,
all this check-list, errand, chore.
Then again, that all depends
on what it is I'm waiting for.

By the way, I'll share the latest Giveaway gift tomorrow...Have a good day! :-) 


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling the pain from the rain. Hopefully it'll clear up today. We had a beautiful day yesterday! Sending it your way....
    I spent way too much time with a mouse in my hand yesterday too! AND I spent way too much money! LOL
    I'd better change my focus today...service!
    Have a great day my friend!

  2. CinLynn, YAY! You're sending good weather our way! ^_^ I actually heard that it's gonna be beautiful tomorrow and then rain, rain, rain, until at least Saturday!.....Have I said this morning yet....UGH!!!!...And EEK! Let go of the mouse!!! ^_^ Have a good day in service my friend!

  3. You found some fabulous finds here!
    And some of that rain that you are getting - please, please send our way -- the last measurable rain we have had here in Austin was in June - and prior to that was months before - Severe drought levels and wildfires have devastated some areas and destroyed homes! lol - oh goodness - didn't mean to be a downer here - but, yes! we will take your rain! : )

  4. Kristin, Thank you so much, about the finds. And boy! I sure wish I could send you some of our rain!! I think, wherever we live, we kinda take what we have for granted, don't we. *smh* Here's hoping you get some rain soon....Maybe today even!! :-)

  5. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the rain. It is raining again here too. I love the things that you found on this rainy day! I am especially in love with the stamped bangles and the creative record player lamp. I hope that you guys get dry soon (and us too).

    Have a great Tuesday!

  6. I am sorry you are having a bad day! I hope I can send you some sun shine today.
    Have a great day.

  7. Shelley, Yeah, you usually are getting the same weather we are...UGH!, huh?! :-] I hope you get and 'keep' dry! We're getting a break tomorrow and then...more rain! UGH! UGH! Find something good to look at!! LOL

  8. Dulce, Please do!! Send me some sunshine! :-) And if it doesn't get here, I thank you anyway...for trying! But 'you' have a good day for me either way!

  9. Anonymous8/16/2011

    i am waiting for rain right now ... you can send those my way, thanks.

  10. Anonymous8/16/2011

    Yay! Thanks for featuring my little zipper pouches! That is so nice of you! I just love everything you posted here. It is raining here too, but we really needed it so I can't complain :) I'm glad our trees and flowers will get some refreshment! :)

  11. Kamana, *Heehee*...Well, I hope you don't have to wait too long! :-] If you lived here you'd be wet right now!! LOL

  12. HazelandMare, It was my pleasure to share your zipper pouches. So cute!!...And wow! You're getting rain too, huh?!...Okay, for the trees and flowers I can be a 'little bit' happy about the rain today. But I've been jaded by too many days 'mushed' together. So, only a 'little bit'! ^_^

  13. I have a Love/Hate with the rain too. As long as I can get dry afterwards or warm, we're all good. Oh, and a way of fixing my hair. Not a fan of a frizzy post rain fro.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  14. That Girl in Pearls, Ha! Ha! I totally know what you mean about the frizzy fro thing!! ^_^ Been there/Done that! That's why I crochet hats!! LOL

  15. I love the rain! All that I ask is that it actually comes when they predict it will and doesn't come when they predict it won't!

    Is that too much for a girl to ask?

  16. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Uhhhh YES!! My experience has been that that 'is' too much to ask!! LOL

  17. I love that photo you shared at the beginning of this post! Very cool! I am not a big fan of the rain either. Rain and cloudy skies affect my motivation and mood way too much!

  18. It'll be sunny tomorrow. So enjoy.

    Love that image of Central Park... it's been a year since I was there the last time. I think it's time to go back!

  19. Cathy, I love that photo too!! It made me want to sit and stare at it! :-] I guess I really do...deep down...have a love of that wet pretty stuff! LOL...And I understand about the motivation and mood too. Probably has something to do with the darker skies...Oh well, we 'gotta love it!'...Sometimes!

  20. Priscila, That's what I heard...sun tomorrow. I'm still on a 'wait and see' plan. I don't completely trust those happy weather men! LOL...And if you love Central Park you'll love this photos from 'Hither and Thither's' blog from back in the Spring...


    Central Park at it's finest! :-)

  21. Hello! I saw The Help. Excellent movie. I laughed, I cried.... What a horrible time to have lived.

  22. Also, it's about time for the world to hear about what it was like for women of colour in the South. I have read several books about it, but to finally have it on the screen!!!

  23. Susan, YAY!! Thank you so much for letting me know!...And yes it was a terrible time in our history. :-(

  24. Susan, So true...but you know, humans all over the world have been 'not so nice' to each other at different times! It's time for that to change WORLDWIDE!!

  25. I totally agree with you! Thing is, how can we possibly hope to change the world when we cannot even see what's at our own back door.

  26. Susan, Because it's not up to us humans to change it!...But it will change! I'm sure of it! :-)

  27. I rather enjoy being described as 'clever' :)
    Thanks so much for including me in your post!

    - Yellowsquarelove

  28. Nathan, :-) It's a true assessment too! Who would have ever thought to do that?!...No one I know! But what a great idea!!...It was my pleasure to share it! :-)


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