Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Ask You...What Kind Of LOVE Is This?!!!!

          I have to start this post off with a sincere disclaimer: I love my husband with every fiber of my being, like some kind of mad crazy obsessive woman, but......(had to say that first because this is not gonna be pretty y'all! LOL)
        When last I left you, me and the chicken were both showing some concern about what was going on....
        ...in here!...
        Well, now I can tell you...This was the scene of the crime place where my hubby made our anniversary dinner. It was part of my 'gift'! LOL That's what I get for complaining about his cooking!! ^_^
       He decided that, for once and for all,...(I hope he doesn't go back on that too!! LOL)...he would show me how well he could cook!
         STOP LAUGHING!!!! You haven't even seen it yet!! ^_^
      My 'strong suggestion' was that he use a recipe by my favorite online cook ever...The Pioneer Woman! And he whole-heartedly agreed!!...And after scrolling through delicious recipe after delicious recipe, he...or should I say 'we'...settled on one we thought he'd do great with! 
        It's called "Sour Cream Noodle Bake"...
      Now, for the sake of my hubby's pride...and so as not to cause embarrassment to my most respected Pioneer Woman...I'm going to intersperse some of her photos with the one's my hubby took of his sweet disaster meal.
     It said on the recipe that the prep time to make it was 10 minutes...Uhhhh....in this house?!....With my hubby in the kitchen?!!!....
         It's just a good thing I still had Miss Jane Austen for company!!....Anyway!!...I'll show you, first, what the pioneer woman's photos look like, and then my groom of 29 year's photos!
       You brown the chuck. (Hers)...
      You try not to burn the house down while you brown the chuck! (his)...
          Then you add tomato sauce, salt and pepper, and simmer...(All him!)...
      Then you cook egg noodles (hers)...
        ...until el dente. (him)...
        WOW! That's a rolling boil going on there for sure! But I think 'el dente' might have gotten to almost 'el musho'!! ^_^
       According to him: "They're gonna get all 'mushed' together anyway!"...That's exactly what I thought too honey!! ;-)
      After you put the sour cream, cottage cheese and more black pepper into the pan with the rest of the mixture, you add some green onions (hers)...
            1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Yep! He still had all of his fingers after doing this!! LOL {Oh No! He's not good with a knife y'all!......and I'm actually kinda thankful, because I might have had to worry about protecting my throat after doing this post!!! LOL}
        Then you had to assemble it in the baking dish: half of the noodles, then the meat mixture, then the cheese (hers)...
         Yum!!!.....And after you repeat this layering, having cheese on the top in the end, it looks like this! (his)
         Then you bake it for 20 minutes, and it looks like this! (hers)...
            And all of us couldn't wait to see what his looked like!!!
           O_0 .... Okay, so at first glance it didn't look that appetizing. But all foods that 'taste' perfectly delicious don't always 'look' perfectly delicious, right?!!.....RIGHT?!!! So, a taste test was in order...
        And since it was 'MY' anniversary....and there wasn't any small children in the house to force into taking the first bite to see if they died (LOL)...I had to plate some up, and take a bite... *Big Gulp!*
        And guess what?!!!.......Looks 'are' deceiving!!! It was absolutely delicious!!!!! :-)
          Just for the sake of honesty, I have to say that if he makes it for me again....and after this post that might be a BIG 'IF'!....I'll have him add some hot pepper seeds or cayenne in it. I was missing my 'heat'!....Oh yeah, and I did add something to it, right before I took the second bite....after I realized it was pretty good....and I was still alive! LOL.....
         No disrespect meant to The Pioneer Woman. I just always can use a little 'more' cheese!! ^_^
        So, all in all, he did a great job!! The meal was delicious. He let me read Jane Austen to him for hours. I got a beautiful heart-felt card, some time with him...(in fact, I got a whole week of his undivided attention!.....I had told him it was what I wanted for my anniversary this year! ^_^)...and a funny blog post to boot!!!.....SCORE!!!
        Oh yeah! There was one other 'gift'.....I didn't have to make the kitchen go from this.....
         .....to this!.....
        He did that too!!!!! :-) ... I'm feeling like it's very true that....
       Thank you honey!! I love you too!! ♥ :-)
        I hope you all have a good day too!! And I hope something good to eat is included!....Something that doesn't make you die!! ^_^

Loved Enough

He vacuums my floors,
and washes my tubs;
Cooks me good meals,
and gives nightly back rubs.

He drives me to meetings,
and carries my bags;
And when we go walking,
he zigs when I zag.

I`ve never cleaned an oven
(He does it willingly).
He also shops for grocery,
and at night he reads to me.

I`m the one that does the laundry;
But he helps me with the dusting,
and does all the endless repairs
that keep our old car from rusting.

There`s  also other things he does,
like cuddling with me at night,
and being a gentle, unselfish lover
who can dance like its going out of sight!

There`ll  never be anyone more loyal,
or more competitive at playing a game;
or anyone as hard of a worker.
I`m very thankful to carry his name.

I know it must be selfish
that I can get him to scratch my head,
or fill my water cup for me,
or help me make the bed.

Yes, I know I`m loved enough;
He just wants to make me happy;
And whatever I need he'll do;
I come first, and he`ll do it all snappy.
Loved enough?-Yes I am, and quite sappy!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  2. I don't want to push his luck any, but did he make dessert? It looks fantastic and can I tell you, nothing beats a clean sink on your anniversary (well maybe there are a few things, but it's a short list).
    Glad you kids had fun!


  3. Kerri, Thank you!! :-]


    looks deeelicious!

  5. Lisa, :-)) How right you are about the sink!!! Especially after what it was looking like during this process!....And yes, I got dessert, but not the one he was gonna make. He bought all the 'fixins' for homemade cheesecake, but didn't realize the oven would be in use at the same time as his 'Bake'. O_0 So, I got a slice of store-bought apple pie, with some heated up peaches over it. It was delicious....and I'll get my cheesecake for date night on Friday! :-) What? You thought I was gonna let him off the hook just because I'm still alive?!!!! ^_^

  6. We Blog Artists, Thank you!! :-)) And no one was more surprised than me that it 'was' so delicious!!!

  7. Deb, I love your writing style and how you keep us in suspence. Your story was today was great. I'm glad that the dish turned out to be yummy. You have a wonderful husband to do the cooking and the cleaning on a day that is suppose to be celebrated by both of you. Great poem like always. Have a great Day!!!! P.S. you are spoiled......LOL......

  8. Fabulous story with great pics I came over looking for the crochet hats and found this.My man cooks and I always get to clean up "Lucky me" Not. Glad you had a good day though now off to find these hats.:)

  9. SnowflakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! You're not the first person that has told me that!!! ^_^ And I know it's true too!...But, in my defense, I got some things and did some things for him too! It's just not as much fun to talk about!! LOL He was very happy! :-)) And besides, the washing machine is still singing to him!!

  10. Krishenka, Thank you very much for the nice words!...And I've cleaned up plenty in our marriage. Trust me on that one!!! But I like that he shares the load without argument. :-) And hey! You have a cooker too! We're very fortunate women!...And Oh Yeah, the hats are here...


  11. How sweet of hubby to cook for you, shame about the mess!! it does look tasty to me :) so glad you enjoyed your meal. Did I spy your house in the chicken photo, I really like the look of it. Hope you are getting on well with your new washing machine :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  12. Bee Happy, Yes, my hubby is a real sweetheart. He really is!! :-) And he's learning the tune by heart that the washing machine is playing, so....double gift for me!! LOL...And no, the photo with the chicken was taken from a shop on Etsy. I like that house too!! Have a good day!...And You're entered too! :-)

  13. Aw, happy anniversary! I've never made any of the Pioneer Woman's recipes, but I've heard they're really good, especially the lasagne. Will have to test her out!

  14. Happt Anniversary! I laughed all the way through this :)

  15. Vanessa, Thank you so much! :-) And Oh yes! Not only are her recipes good, but on her website she takes you, literally, step by step with her through every recipe!...WITH photos!! It's the best!! Have fun trying them out!

  16. Single Stone Studios, Thank you so much!! :-) Glad I gave you a chuckle too!

  17. Deb that casserole DOES look delicious! I love that kind of thing! I'm glad it turned out well. I love the hers and his photos. They don't mean a thing. Taste is what's important!
    Great job Jeff! Keep your honey happy!

  18. CinLynn, It really was delicious, Bead!! And leftover last night it was even better!!...As to the photos, I think I my have to find out what kind of camera The Pioneer Woman uses. Her photos are magnificent!!...Hubby says 'thank you too! And he's trying'. ^_^ Awwww!...Have a good rest of the day, My Friend!

  19. Happy Anniversary! What a great man you have over there! There's something so sweet and heartfelt about wanting to cook a meal for someone else to enjoy. And cleaning up afterward?! Icing on the cake. I think you better keep him around for awhile. ;)

  20. Your dinner did look really nice. I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes. She has some really good ones.
    You really did get spoiled to have the dishes done too. That rarely happens here. Oh well a girl can dream!
    I love all the photos you shared too some of those animals are such cuties!

  21. Hollie, :-) Thank you very much for all of the nice words....and hubby thanks you too!!...I think I will keep him! ^_^

  22. Jo-anne, Thanks so much!...And I agree about the Pioneer Woman's recipes too!! There's still a few of them that I can't wait to try...I also agree about the animals in the post. They are real cuties!! :-) Thanks again, and have a good rest of the day!

  23. What a hoot! You are the best story teller! Did anyone tell you that before? And the photos of the animals were perfect! You have a gem in your husband!

  24. Susan, Awwww! :-)) Thank you!! But I don't know if it's so much the story telling, as it is the funny things that happen just in the regular course of my life!! I think I just talk more about all of it than most people talk about all of this stuff! ^_^ And I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing!! LOL I would agree with you though, that I indeed do have a gem of a husband. :-)

  25. I'm so glad I came back to read this post as it was most delightful. First, a belated Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. May you forever enjoy the gift of each other. He's most definitely a keeper! My mouth was watering viewing those food photos. "A" for effort an "A" for cooking up a delicious meal. Love the pairing of your narrative, animal images and food photographs (his and hers). Delicious post, poem all around!

    Concerning HB feeder, HB stands for hummingbird :) I saw a bee or two at a few of our feeders recently and the feeders do not have yellow on them at all. I'm sure the bees/hornets/wasps are attracted to the sugar. Hopefully they will find more appealing places to feed soon ... like flowers.

    Have a delightful weekend!

  26. Julie, Awww! Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes, and for all of the nice words! :-] I agree, good cook or not, he's a 'keeper'!!...Thanks for letting me know about the bees too! I think the flowers may be the reason mine are so numerous now. In fact they're running the HBs off all the time! The hosta is growing too close to the feeder!!...Oh well, what can I do?! I guess I better learn to enjoy watching wasps!! LOL Have a good weekend!


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