Saturday, August 13, 2011

While We Were In 'Virtual' Ghana.........

             I'm in a good mood this morning after our trip to 'virtual' Ghana... :-) ...and I'm wanting to learn a new language now. :-) Other than the other languages I already know I mean. (Sign Language, English, and Pig Latin. ^_^) 
       Oh! The music of Ghana!! It was so fun! I'm still bouncing and dancing this morning! I couldn't understand every word, but the research I did on the songs, and the videos, gave me a good idea of what they were about. 
       And our version of Red Red stew?!....
        ....had meat, potatoes, lima beans, carrots, onions, hot pepper flakes and celery. But instead of putting it over rice, which I just wasn't in the mood for last night, we ate it with some really good bread! 
            It was so good y'all!!! :-) Considering 'how' good....I better stick to fruits and vegetables for a little while!! Ha! Ha!
         As to the music, I'm putting a couple of my favorite songs down at the end of the post. Then it will be on to another country next Friday night! :-)
       While we were in 'virtual' Ghana,...having a good time,... MaritimeArts was here showing my Rose Pink Crochet Flower Headband Set a good time!
            She put it in an Etsy Treasury entitled Cotton Candy & Kisses...
        The earrings in the header photo were also in this Treasury. And considering that I'm not usually a fan of pink that much, I was surprised at how many of the things she chose that I liked! :-) Here's a couple of the others...
       So cute, right?!...If you wanna see the rest of what she chose click HERE.  
        Okay...I'm off to get me some breakfast and then get ready to focus my energies on somebody else besides myself today! :-) But, of course, I've got to play a little music first!...And I'll warn you, if you watch them you may be loving Ghana as much as me by the time the songs end! Both of these songs are now in my list of favorites. :-)

          And the next one (below) is a little bit more for the dancer in you! It reminded me of music from my childhood! :-)

              Goodbye Ghana!!! :-] I'm so glad I got to know you!....And for Everybody else? Have a little dance for yourself, and a good Saturday! :-)


Life is a dance, they always say.
It has a rhythm and a rhyme,
It makes you set a pace, while it
flows in the stream of time.

And dancing has expressions
that I think are kinda neat,
like dancing eyes and dance of joy,
happy dance and dancing feet.

Whatever dance you do today,
I hope life pleases you.
It really doesn't matter how.
Just dance! I hope you do!


  1. Anonymous8/13/2011

    Good-Morning...Your stew looks so delish!!! Glad you two had a great time. Congrats on being in the treasury!!! I am a pastel person. Love soft colors, but I like to contrast them against dark colors, like black and brown and dark blue. My hubby is out skating. That is what he does and enjoys immensely. He roller skates. He has been doing it since he was a kid. He is very good to. Then we are going to spend some time together before he has to go to work. Have a fabulous day Deb. HUGS. Peg

  2. Peg, That stew 'was' delish too!! I wish I could have shared it with you! :-) ... How nice that your hubby goes skating! I haven't done that since I was a kid. Neither has my hubby! And now we're at the age where "You better not do that! You might break a hip!!" is our excuse for not doing almost everything! LOL I hope he has fun. And when he gets back, you two can do something together and have fun! Great!...Enjoy!! :-)

  3. Food looks really yummy! I like those earrings to.

  4. Your stew looked really good. There's nothing quite so comforting and having a good healthy stew for dinner :)
    That photo of the strawberries sure made my mouth water. I might just have to see if the supermarket has any strawberries available. Yum!

  5. Alittlesprite, It really, really was!! :-) Thank you!...And you're entered again!

  6. Jo-anne, The stew was as good as it looked too!...Now, I'll be on the look out for strawberries and other fruit this week too! :-)

  7. Sounds like you had a great time. And the stew looks so yummy!!
    Congrats on the treasury! Always a pleasant surprise.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I hope the drama comes out well for your congregation tomorrow. It's a good one for sure!

  8. CinLynn, I did! I did have a good time!...I'm sure you had a good time where you were today too! :-) I'm looking very forward to the 'drama' tomorrow. Saturday's was a real 'tear-jerker' for parents and kids too, huh?!!...Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)


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