Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Bound To Get Better....Right?!

         Okay....I'm breaking new ground here people! Whoever leads their post with a 'bad' photo?!....I do, that's who! ^_^ I'm trying to make a point. Roll with me for a minute on this one. :-]
      We always, always, always break our heads trying to take the most perfect get them at the right shade them just make sure they're sharp enough...and that the color is vivid enough, etc...etc....etc.!! But today I want to show you my 'bad'!!! LOL
     My fuzzed up...
        ...and out of focus flower pictures.
            My light-less backyard photos...
       My subject-less, daytime...(that looks like nighttime)
       My 'Almost got it!!' photos, where the detail in the leaf was good...but the bee was out of focus!
       So why?!....Why did I feel the need to show you my 'bad' today?!...To make a point that there is always room to improve!...ALWAYS!!
      Something happened yesterday...I'm going to spare you the details...that got me REALLY mad!!!! It was one of those kind of things where I had been enduring an on-going situation for a loooong time and ONE MORE KINK IN THE to speak...took me over the edge!!!
      When this 'situation' happened in the past I would excuse the individuals involved and remind myself that 'nobody's perfect'!....Then it would happen again and I would say: "They probably just forgot!"....It would happen again and I would say: "It's probably me. Let me do something to remind them."
       My excuses for the behavior went even farther.....'They have a lot on their plates.'....'They're trying their best!'....'I need to learn to be more patient.'...But yesterday I finally looked at how 'bad' this is!!! I finally realized...when my hubby got mad and 'went to bat for me'....that this oversight and disrespect is UNACCEPTABLE!! And even further....My 'let-it-slide' attitude appears to be making the situation worse, not better!!! So, I need to become a 'SQUEAKY WHEEL' !!!
     It's time to really look at the 'bad' of it!! The wear and tear to my self-esteem. The discouragement and feeling that maybe nobody really cares anyway. The 'bad' personality traits of people who should really know better...and do better!! The 'dragging of the feet', the lackadaisicalness, the 'dropping of the ball of responsibility'!! The over-looking of how 'I' might be feeling in the way the situation is being handled...And the apparent 'NOT caring!! :-(
                  (via Phoot)
              Now, I know that I'm not the only person in the world that ever had people around them...people that they loved and cared for, by the way... treat them with seeming disrespect, while at the same time they were claiming that that was not their intention!...But I'm here to tell you, DISRESPECTFUL PEOPLE, that no matter what your 'intention' is, when you repeatedly over-look and discount the feelings of someone you claim to feels 'bad'. VERY 'bad'!!
      So, now that I've actually looked at the 'bad' of it...and 'squeaked' about it!'s 'hoping' the situation will start to open up onto a new understanding!
       I mean, there's always room for improvement, right?!....It's bound to get better now, right?!....RIGHT?!!!
       If photo taking,...with experience...and proper lighting...and looking at things from a different angle...and clearing things up and bringing them into better focus...can get better.... can happen with things and people in our life too!.....Right?! :-) .... I sure hope so, because I don't want to do 'another' post about this subject!!! I already wrote two poems about it!! LOL
       {As a side note: Thank you Mr. Wug for always being exactly who I know 'You' to be! XOXOX  You're my 'by my side', 'number one', 'fighter of all things wrong'! :-] I love you!!}
     Okay....A couple of quick reminders: If any of you are interested in the pocketbook Giveaway, don't forget to enter. I haven't gotten a lot of entries so far.
     And I finished the black and white shawl/scarf!!..Woohoo!! (Click on photos for sources)
       I added 3 buttons for a little bit of interest. They let the shawl be worn in a lot of different ways too.
       It's already listed in the shop too, if you're interested...See! Some things are clearly just 'black and white'! ^_^
      Oh Yeah! I sold this brooch yesterday too!
      Now I just have to start a campaign to get this little 'baby' off my hands and out of my shop!! ^_^
      Have a good week everybody!! And if it hasn't started very good, no's bound to get better! :-))

Let's talk about our bad

Let's talk about what we've done bad.
Not talk about what we did right.
Let's talk about what we have messed up.
Not what's been clearly black and white.

All the photos that we've taken,
that we want no one to see.
All the cakes that fell apart.
Things that deserved apology.

It's easy rolling out our 'good'.
We do that every single day.
But Oooo! The 'bad' things we destroy
we quickly want to put away!

So, let's be bigger than our 'bad'.
Let's see some beauty in 'mistake'.
Let's give a pause to being 'perfect',
and give ourselves a little break!


  1. I hope the "situation" takes a turn for the good for you. I understand about the out of focus photos. I took over 150 yesterday and had 2 necklaces that just wanted to be out of focus in EVERY shot! Re-do time I see. But it did make the point.

  2. CinLynn, I'm sure the 'situation' will get better. If not....Oooo! I don't want to think about it NOT getting better! LOL And WOW! 150 photos!! YIKES! Hubby and I took 32 photos of my shawl/scarf the other day and I was sick, sick, sick of looking at it after that! 150 would have me humming and playing with my lips!!! ^_^

  3. Praying the "situation" improves. Love your stuff, you know that :-)
    Sending big hugs your way xo

  4. P.S. Me, me, me, hand waving high in the air, I follow you!!!


  5. Katherines Corner, Thank you! I hope it does too! I'm hopeful that it will. :-) And thanks for the nice words too. {By the way, is the book "Maine" in the library?!} I'm thinking of maybe making that my next read.

  6. Katherines Corner, Oh Yeah, ^_^ You're entered!

  7. Anonymous8/08/2011

    It will get better Deb. I have done the same thing. Not say anything because I think it will get better, but when it doesn't it really annoys me. So, I have to force myself to speak up so the problem can be resolved. Have a great day. Hugs. Peg

  8. Peg, Thanks for the encouragement. And if you knew me in real life you'd know that I'm not one to have a problem with speaking up!! LOL It's just the nature of this particular situation. I have to be reasonable...and aware of who else would be affected...Touchy!...It'll work out though, I'm sure. :-]

  9. Hi Deb, great post, things do get better, just look at your photos :0) I hate people like this, bad manners, bad time keeping and so annoying!! my pet hates. Hoping your week gets so much better cos you deserve it ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    PS. well done on your sale :)

    Enter me!

  10. Bee Happy, Awww! Thanks for the encouragement. :-) And I agree...things do get better...usually. And I'm sure this will too. I just have to take the proper the proper state of mind. :-) And you're entered!

  11. Deb, I hope and pray that the situation gets better for you. I really do but with lots of experience in such sometimes coming out and letting those you love know what perspective you see only makes things worse. Like mom use to say, you can't change a zebras stripes. I'm glad that you have a husband that loves you so much that he would take it upon himself to try and make things right. You are such a lucky woman to have him. What I can say about my experinces is that been there done that and still at the same point of no return for the last 15 years. Good luck my friend! I'm here if you ever need to talk. I hope you have a great day today!!!! :-)

  12. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you Velma. I have great hopes that the situation will get better. It has to, in fact! If not, I'll have to take steps to get a solution that gives me some peace. Either way, it will be addressed!...My experience, unlike yours apparently...WOW!...has been that MOST of the time, when I have spoken up in the past, things always were addressed and a resolution agreed upon. MOST of the time.Not always. But MOST of the time. So I'm hopeful for this time too. I'll keep you posted though. Thank you. :-]

  13. I always take about 20 photos of the same thing just to make sure that I can get one good one. I'm loving my DSLR, but man it is hard to get used to when I've just been using my iPhone camera for the past few years! LOL

  14. Elle, YIKES! 20 shots!! For my close ups on my necklaces I take 5 shots. Enough to fill up the shot windows in my description area on Etsy!! LOL Sometimes more shots are taken by my hubby. The outside shots. But he doesn't take a whole lot of them either. We just try to do it when the light is best. YAY! for Canon (automatic) Powershots!! ^_^

  15. I learned the hard way about - 'you teach people how to treat you'. It doesn't seem fair that you're partly responsible for their actions and you think that you shouldn't have to tell them how they make you feel and that they 'should just know better'.

    It all comes down to putting yourself 1st and we're always taught not to do this. We're all sort of set up for failure with this. You have to learn how to do it.

    I love that your Hubby takes pictures with you! I have a love/hate with pictures. Sometimes everything just flows and other times I'm just shooting blanks!

    have a happy happy day!


  16. Lisa, I absolutely agree with the saying that you teach people how to treat you!! That's why it's taken me this long. I wanted to give them appropriate time to treat me well!! Also, the truth is I'm 'not' responsible for their actions! But I tried my best to exercise the patience I know my God would have me exercise. I didn't want to 'rock the boat' if it was sincerely a problem of inexperience, lack of time, lack of understanding, or whatever!! It took time to be assured that that was not the case. I'm at 'that' point now!! The REAL issue has been resolved...and it's not good!!! I know them though, and I know there isn't a bad motive here. Just bad manners!! :-] Somebody needs a 'virtual' spanking!! LOL All my friends know...I'm the one to give it too!! :-)))

  17. I know exactly what you mean about the room for improvement. I hope that whatever it is that tipped things over the edge for you improves & that whoever it was that was disrespectful learns some manners.
    It seems that yesterday was the day for things that tipped situations over the edge. Just thinking about what happened with Brodie at school & his getting suspended. Something happened and it was the 'straw that broke the camels back'. I'll be at his school on Thursday sorting things out for him.

    Now on to nicer things: Love Love Love the buttons you used! They look perfect for the B&W shawl. The scarf doesn't look too bad either. I like how you did the edging :)

  18. Jo-anne, I hope that the situation with Brodie turns out well too, giving him a positive direction to go after it's all said and done. I'm sure mine will be that way too...hopefully!...Thank you so much for the nice words about the buttons on the shawl! It was a last minute kinda thought. And those buttons were calling that shawl's name! LOL...The scarf?!'s a 'Wuglyee'. That's the most I can say about that. Except that even if nobody else loves it...I do. :-)

  19. It can be so frustrating when those we love are inconsiderate! It has happened to me, thing is I tend to stuff my hurt feelings down. Not a good thing. I would love to enter your contest. I love your work. I take really bad etsy photos! So frustrating.

  20. Susan, You're very right about the inconsiderate thing! And you're also right about stuffing your feelings down not being a good thing! That's definitely not the problem I have! ^_^ I just have 'chosen' not to speak up before now!...Thank you for the nice complement on my work too. You're entered in the Giveaway as of now! :-) By the way, I didn't know you had an Etsy shop I don't think! Send me a link, will ya!


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