Saturday, August 6, 2011

We Are Brazil Nuts Now!!

         First thing I want to do today is thank all of you who left me comments and messages yesterday about your 'doctor horror' stories too! I feel a kinship....and a pity for every single one of us!! ^_^ Ooooo! You guys are funny!!! Hubby was funny too, when he was reading my blog and remembering the incident about the Proctologist. He kept re-laughing every few minutes! LOL
        And when he got to the part about my 'menses' he read it as 'Mensa' and got this puzzled look on his face! That got me to laughing the same way he was!!!! ^_^ I said: "Yes, I was 'late' and I'm a genius!!! ^_^ He didn't get it until I told him what both words meant!! Ha! Ha! Every few minutes we would look at each other and start laughing like some kind of eye-watering crazy people!! LOL
      Next, I just want to quickly recap what  a beautiful day yesterday turned out to be....even though it started with the doctors...and had a little rain along the way. :-))
      Me and Miss Jane Austen finished our meeting. :-) I can no longer say that I've never read a book of hers. Pride and Prejudice is now in my repertoire of books that I've read. :-) It was very very good! I was thoroughly drawn into the writing, even though I was a little nervous that my 'See-The-Movie-First'...a million times...habit was gonna put me at a disadvantage as far as liking the book was concerned!
      But nothing could be farther from the truth! It was delightful from beginning to end...Well, almost to the end! While it was still a great book, I didn't like the way the ending happened. It seemed to leave her style of easy-flowing conversation, and go to a let's-hurry-up-and-wrap-this-book-up kinda style. I mean, everything was said, but it didn't seem as focused at the end as it had been throughout the rest of the book.
      Although that also could have been more about 'me' than about the book! :-)) I had other things on my planning for a trip to Brazil!!!! :-) I had to finish a book, crochet to try to finish a shawl/scarf....which didn't happen, and put together some food and music plans for a little 'Date Night' ambiance!
      So.....Let's talk about Brazil!!! The food!!.....pão de queijo (cheese buns)...
     ...A Vatapá...
     ...and Bolo de rolo!
      Not to mention Brazilian Chocolate candy, Brigadeiro...
      ...which of course I 'HAD' to mention!! ^_^ YUM, huh?!!.....Well, we don't know!! LOL We weren't able to get our hands on any of it!!!! ^_^ But that's alright. Part of the fun of our 'Date Night' is learning about other places. We learned a lot about Brazilian food. We 'WILL' have some...eventually! :-)
     What we actually had was catfish and steak. We satisfied ourselves by finding out that beef and fish were indeed Brazilian fare! :-))....And what else did we enjoy last night?! The gift our friend gave us as an Anniversary gift!...
       Hey! It was about a bird from Brazil!! ^_^ Funny!!!!!...Here's a little trailer so you'll see what I mean!

    We watched it for a while on the computer, but the sound wasn't loud enough. So we didn't finish it...and we have something else really important to do today. So....maybe tomorrow morning we'll finish watching it...for breakfast! LOL
       We also did something else last night!...Listened to and watched videos of Brazilian inspired music!! :-) Here's a little listen!...

         And if you really want to see a Brazilian guitar duet that was so fun to watch, click HERE! I was gonna share it, but it wouldn't allow an embed code to appear. But trust me, it's worth clicking to look at!...So fun! :-)...Okay, I'm off to stare a little more at the backyard. I just heard the robin making all kinds of noise!! When I looked up to see what the ruckus was all about........Awwwww! A huge red and black Cardinal was on the branch looking directly in the window at me, and a large furry brown rabbit was hopping across the lawn!! NO KIDDING!!! 
        I love my backyard!! Rain is coming and I'm still smiling....and heading off right now to have some coffee and sweet leftovers! ^_^ I hope you have a good day! I know I will!!!

 Backyard sounds

Flitting, flying, flapping, creeping.
Swaying, floating, chirping, leaping.
In our backyard sounds are heaping.
Me and hubby always peeping.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful date night! Brazil would be an interesting place to visit for sure. And that food.....Yummmmmmmm....meeeeee!
    I'm home this morning. Rain! I hate rain! Tonight we're going to some friends house to watch the fireworks from their roof. I'm not a huge fan, but we did get an invite so I'll deal with it. Hope you have a great day!

  2. CinLynn, It was a good night Bead!...We haven't giggled that hard in a long time!! My stomach muscles are still hurting this morning! LOL...By the way, rain here too! We're suppose to be getting some kind of rain every day until at least Wednesday...Tropical storm 'Emily' may reform in the next 48 hours too...and who knows where it'll be heading, but our coastline is somehow always in the track! Usually the hurricanes dissipate by the time they get up our way, but somehow they still manage to dump a lot of rain on us. We'll just have to wait and see. It could be a loooooong time seeing rain! :-( Have a good time visiting the friends tonight! And have a good rest of the day! :-)

  3. I just commented on yesterdays post (I had to collapse at some point yesterday and didn't get to my usually hang outs!).

    I find with books the ending is always hit or miss! I think a lot of writers don't know how to tie everything up and either settle for telling you everything in a paragraph or not telling you anything. I try not to let the ending ruin it for me but sometimes they really upset me!

    enjoy your day - what's next on the reading list?


  4. Anonymous8/06/2011

    Good Morning, We are still dry as a bone here. No rain for over a month now and the last rain really didn't do much since it hadn't rained in 4 months. The ponds are drying up, the lakes are losing an inch everyday it is so hot. It has been 100 and above for two weeks now and is going to be like that next week with no rain in site. I like the heat, so no complaining from me. It will eventually rain. Your date night sounds like so much fun. Food looks real yummy! Glad you had a great time. I am going to veg out a the pool today. Randy had to work. :( It's a short day though, only eight hours. He usually works between 10 to 12 hours daily. Have a fabulous day! HUGS Peg

  5. Lisa, Hello!! I know what you mean about the 'collapsing' thing! Sometimes my body says: "You better lay down before I throw you down!!"....and I LISTEN!! LOL...And I'm finding it very true what you said about the way writers end their books too!!! I wasn't expecting that from Jane Austen though. She's so great with words!...Oh well. On to the next book! It was going to be another Jane Austen, but the ending has made me hesitant. I think I may try this one next...

    The book jacket explanation looks really interesting!...I haven't read a good novel that captured my mind completely...other than the Bible (which I read and enjoy all the time)....since Colleen McCullough's book, 'The Thorn Birds...(which I read over 30 years ago)!

    It was so good I could smell the terrain, hear the music, and feel the sweat hitting me in the face when they were sheering sheep!! LOL...I'll find something though!...Have a good day Lisa!! :-)

  6. Peg, WOW!!! It seems so strange how one area can be inundated with rain and other areas be dry as a bone!!...I hope you get some substantial rain soon. I wish I could send you some!! ^_^ Enjoy your sunshine!

  7. the cheese buns and pastries sound great - and I had no idea 4 hands could play one guitar.

  8. Deb,sounds like you and your husband had an enjoyable evening in Brazil. Thank you for sharing what you learned because then I lear something new too. As to your yesterdays post I did read it. I have had a couple of bad experiences too. I had so much that I had to do yesterday that I feel so bad that all I had time for was to read the post and not leave a comment.Some day I'll tell you about all the quackery that I've dealt with Have a great day!!!!!!!

  9. Heather, They sure do, don't they!!...And wasn't that video great?! Me and hubby watched it a few awe! :-]

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, We had such a good time! But we have fun no matter where we are. If you love each other, watching paint dry on your 'Date Nights' can be fun!! ^_^ It's the being together that makes it fun! :-] As to the doctors, Oh Boy! I can't wait to hear your experiences!! I hope they were better than mine though! :-)) Have a good day!

  11. that was such a fun movie! we took my nephews and Beli when we were still in Iowa. we all laughed, and after that Beli loves birds, well she calls them all Rio!LOL.

    Brazil sounds like a wonderful country to visit!

  12. You have BUNNIES to?!?!?! I want to live where you live!!!

    Enter ME!

  13. Elisa, ^_^ Tell Beli I might start calling all birds Rio now too!!...We still have to finish it. Maybe tomorrow...I think the area where you are now, in Colorado, is wonderful country too, by the way! Your photos of the area are breath-taking sometimes!

  14. Alittlesprite, Ha! Ha! Yes, we have bunnies. I don't see them that often though. I tried to take a picture of him, but he scurried off before I could click my camera! :-) We have Coyotes and Black Bears too!! You still wanna live here?! ^_^ ... You're entered.


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