Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Bloggers Inspire Me...You Really Do!!

     The good thing about being a blogger is that I get to talk about whatever I want to talk about here. Sometimes it's all 'fluff'. Sometimes it's issues that concern me. Sometimes it's just to get some emotions out...like yesterday's post...But sometimes it's 'YOU'!
     Today it's 'YOU', fellow bloggers. :-] You make it pretty hard to stay in a bad mood for long. All I have to do is read about where you're going, or what you're doing, and instantly I feel better!...Case in point, do you see the little baby feet in my header photo, being held by the hands of someone who loves their job?!
     That hand belongs to Vicki, of the blog 2 Bags Full. Her post yesterday was nothng short of inspiring! I hope she doesn't mind me sharing her words with you from this post. She said: " For 35 years now, I have been blessed to work in a career that allows me to love and provide care for tiny little babies...
       ...I have held more babies~and loved more babies~and rocked more babies~~and lost more babies, than I could ever count. My world is challenging, and rewarding - and at times, heartbreaking..."
         She continued by saying: "...In many cases our babies stay in the NICU (Neonatal Care Unit) for 2 or 3 months. In some situations, they may stay longer - for 6 months - or more..."
        In consideration of this most important aspect in the needs of the little ones they care so lovingly for, she's donating a very generous portion of the proceeds from the sale of the recent handmade nests she's done to the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery where she works, for the purchase of developmental equipment and toys for the babies.
       Inspiring!!...If you want to help her out by buying one of the nests...
          ...and knowing that it's going to a good cause, go to her Etsy shop HERE, and get 'em while they last. No kidding! They're going fast! And once they're gone...they're gone!...And please, take a few minutes, either way, and go over and read the rest of the story of the love and specific care that went into making every single detail of the nests HERE. It's inspiring how much someone can love a baby...and love what they do.  :-]
      I was also inspired by a new blog I'm following now, Simply Chicks. It's all about their adventures in suburban or sustainable backyard farming, as well as activities that celebrate the pleasures of 'simple' living...Ooooo! Someone else that loves their backyard...
      ...and their chickens!
        And what their chickens can do!! :-))
       ...And whose doing something really inspiring in this day and age...trying to live a more simple life,  in a world that's pretty complicated, and where everybody seems to be trying to get 'MORE'!!...Pretty inspiring, don't you think?!...And the daughter is very, very entertaining too!...Just saying! ;-) Check out the blog for yourself HERE.
       Yes, you bloggers inspire me! :-) Look what I've found out about some of you....!
      ...Hollie, you have a really good heart, and a great eye for beauty (...and baby makes three)...and you see the beauty in many things...including the handiwork of a spider in the sun. :-)
       Dear Lillie, you really know how to throw a party!
      I don't celebrate birthdays....not even Jane Austen's!...
      ...but the way you put this party together let me know that if I ever put a party together...for any reason...you're the ones I want to do it!! :-)
        The details of this gathering were nothing short of inspiring!! :-)
      Elisa, of the blog Elisa Writes, you know how to take a photograph!!...Of course, your daughter Beli, and living in Colorado now, seems to give you much subject matter! ^_^

        Who wouldn't be inspired by that?! :-)
       Shelley, of evenandy,  you're creative and talented...and you love color as much as me! :-)
        And you find things I've never seen before...like the 'Happy Pills'! I love that candy is somehow included in a 'Happy Pill'!...as well it should be!! ^_^
       Dale, of the blog Savvy Spice, you're fashion conscious and flexible. I mean...make-up-LESS, and no shower, just to go camping?! Inspiring girl!!! You're a better girl than me with that 'camping' thing!!! ^_^
      Of course, I might've been tempted for the s'mores too!.....MAYBE! :-)
       And lastly...for today...
        He belongs to the owner of the blog Framed Cooks. Her daughter is gonna be leaving the nest soon, and this will be the face gazing at her all the time instead...Wonder if that's why she's such a good cook?! ^_^ He would inspire me!!
        Yes, I get to talk about whatever I want here. :-) I get to talk about things of yours that inspire me........and things of mine that inspire me! :-)
      I'm working on crocheting another shawl/scarf right now. Just using up some leftover yarn...Wanna know what inspired the colors?!....A chocolate nut brownie!!! ;-)
       My hubby gave it to me as a gift from his job. He's a snack cake man! :-)
       What else would you expect when a snack cake man and a crocheter get together......except.....
       ......INSPIRATION!!!! ^_^
       What inspires you?!!


They're blogs of folks I hardly know.
Why do I like looking at them so?

I watch their children laugh and grow,
and every bead and artwork crow.

No, I don't do it for the 'dough'!
On my blog there's no money flow.

I like to scroll and take it slow.
An easy read, and 'Peep and Go'!

Updated blogs, all in a row,
and a new day. What will they show?!

I'm not some kind of stalker though.
I'm just a blogger/looker pro!


  1. Some great blogs, I've checked them out already - thanks!
    Enjoy your day and perhaps I'll find some sports to watch somewhere...lol.


  2. Lisa, They are some great blogs!...And me and tennis will be friends all day today again! :-) I hope you can see it! Have a 'rooting' good day!! :-)

  3. What a wonderful post! Everyday I am inspired too by beautiful bloggers, much like yourself. I will have to take a look at these bloggers that inspire you. They look to be very special people. As always a joy to read your inspiring blog!

  4. I enjoyed this Wug. You are inspired by everything it seems. I can't seem to get inspired these days. Maybe it's due to the fact that I'm time starving! LOL But I sure do enjoy reading yours!!

  5. Julie, Awww! Thank you so much for all of the nice words!...And, by the way, your photographs inspire me too!...Just saying! ^_^

  6. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! No, I'm definitely not inspired by everything! ^_^ I just have very good selection...Trying to keep it positive and up-building to my poor tired brain...And I'm glad you enjoy reading mine. The feeling is quite mutual...whether you believe it or not!! (See! I'm getting to know you! ^_^)

  7. Awwww look at those cute little fingers and toes! So tiny & cute!
    Those happy pills sure do look delicious. So does that brownie. Yum!

  8. Jo-anne, They make you wanna eat 'em up, huh?!....the little fingers and toes, not the happy pills and brownies! LOL I remember holding babies that tiny. I've unfortunately had too many friends with pre-mature babies. :-( I think it's nice what Vicki is doing to help out.


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