Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is 'Irene' Pushing Out "Wacky Gas"?!!!

      It's 12:28p.m....Yes I am UP!!! LOL It's so tough trying to be patient and wait when there's a 'Big Girl' hurricane like Irene breathing down your 'hormonally hot-flashing' neck!!! LOL
      Thanks to a fellow 'hunkered-down' Facebook buddy I now have a new site to stare at while I'm tracking 'Irene'. That's a screen shot of it earlier today in the header photo. You can click HERE to see where the 'Big Girl' is now.
     I was glued to watching this screen while 'Irene' was meandering past North Carolina, because my sister-in-law and her family live right in this area!!...She called us after the worst part was past. They didn't get hit too badly because they live on the innermost section of where she was passing. They got rain and wind, but no more than other bad storms they've had. So they were good.
      She was more worried about us I think. And worried about mom. She's my hubby's sister. Living far away from your relatives during crisis times can be hard. We were worried about mom too. O_O  So we 'talked her into' coming to stay with us until after the storm passes. She's all alone in the house now that my father-in-law is in the facility.
       I think she was wondering what all the 'hoop-la' was about! {That's what happens when you have a T.V., but you don't turn it on for days on end!!!! *smh*} But when she got here and sat down and  looked at the weather channel with me her eyes got big! She had no idea!!...Right now she's safely tucked in the bed in the other room, sleeping like a baby. For that is hubby!! LOL
      Why am I up doing a blog post, you ask?!...Because after dinner I took a little "nap", and now I'm WIDE AWAKE!!!!! LOL Thankfully it's too dark outside for me to know what's really going on out there. But who needs light outside anyway when they have the weather channel with updates going on every second?!!!! ^_^
      I'm almost glad that hubby and his mom are asleep though! The two of them are clearly 'cut from the same cloth' to speak.  They're 'as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs'!! {Okay...Southern Girl reference! LOL}...How do I know?!
     About 10:30p.m. hubby proceeded to announce that he was going to take a shower...Huh?! O_0 Well, apparently he's concerned that the power is gonna go off before he's clean enough to sit in the dark!! LOL But what's funny is that he went into the bathroom to take a shower...but then came back out with different clothes on, announcing that he had to take the garbage out!...O_0
     Apparently after getting into the tub and getting ready to turn the water on to take his shower...before he turned on the water, mind you!...he remembered that the garbage needed to go out because it might start to smell. So, since he didn't want his mother to be stinked to death, he just had to take it out...NOW!!!
      When the garbage was safely out of the house, he went back into the bathroom to take his shower...Then, as I was on the phone talking to my girlfriend...who is hunkered down with a house full of nervous kids...I noticed my mother-in-law going into the bathroom where my husband was taking a shower!!! O_O Yikes!!!
      Before I could say anything, she came back out, smiled at me, and proceeded to go into the other bathroom....WOW!! Did she forget what the sound of shower water was?!....Apparently YES! She doesn't have a shower in her house! She has a tub with the old time feet....she loves it too!...I figured hubby was 'none the wiser'. He didn't know he was even in potential 'naked danger'! ^_^
      Well, I was wrong!! ^_^ When he came out of the bathroom...all clean y'all!..., he looked at me and gave me the 'what is going on around here?' face! Then.....mimicking it like Marcel Marceau...he reenacted his mother's coming into the shower and how he wanted to say something, but he didn't know if she knew it was him, so he was trying not to look in her direction, and then she left!! LOL Ohhhhh! Too funny!!!!!! ^_^
      I reminded him that he had been funny himself earlier tonight too...with the garbage thing, AND with the medication thing!...I almost forgot to tell you about that...He took his 8:00 a.m. pill that's only suppose to be taken once a day, at 10:00 p.m.!! This was the second time today he took it!!!! He took it by accident when he was suppose to be taking his regular 10:00 pill! *smh*
     We had to call the Pharmacist to make sure he was gonna be okay, because it was a BLOOD PRESSURE PILL!!!! UGH!!!! The Pharmacist said for him just to take it easy.....SURE-EEEE! No problem!! ^_^ Since he's been 'taking it easy already, showering and taking out garbage, he should be just fine!! *smh*...What's going on around here?!....Is  'Irene' pushing 'Wacky Gas' out ahead of her or something?!!! LOL
     Oh well...I guess we need to find something to keep our mind off of the 'Big Girl'!...For me it's tennis and The Weather Channel...until everything goes dark that is!...For hubby, he was outside earlier taking pictures of his flowers...just in case 'Irene' comes through with her big foot and steps all over them! ^_^
     His purple sunflowers even finally opened!...
       I hope 'Irene' doesn't mow them all down just as they decided to show off a little!
     Oh well...time will tell!....Okay, I'm gonna go to the bathroom...{Nobody better not be looking either!!! LOL}...and then turn off the T.V....maybe, and try to get a 'wink' or two of sleep. Hopefully you'll hear from me again on Monday! Night!! And Poetic Dreams!

Good To Be Alive

 Trouble breathing, bills galore,
family problems and all that jive.
I don't care how bad it gets.
It's good to be alive!

Jobs and money, your fair share,
of which you are deprived.
But even so, no matter how it goes,
It's good to be alive!

Migraine headaches, family loss,
careers you can't revive.
Oh yes, debilitating,
and yet, still you are alive!

Injustice, fearing the worst
because of planes that don't arrive.
And while some didn't make it,
for most it's good to be alive.

While trouble in this world
will long continue, grow, and thrive,
For those who see it's end
It will be good to be alive!!


  1. I hope you continue to stay safe!! Even in this crisis you made me laugh with your post!! Keep us updated... Love, Silke

  2. Glad your sister is safe! It wasn't too bad in Raleigh, but I was surprised by the wind. Stay safe!

  3. Silke, Thanks!...So far we're doing great! It's been just like a rain storm. Not much steady wind. Just gusts every once and a while. I hear that we're having flooding issues around the area, but we're still hunkered down. We'll have to assess it later tonight or tomorrow...I'm glad I was able to give you a laugh too! :-) It's been...interesting!

  4. Shannon, I'm so glad it wasn't bad where you were. My sister-in-law lives near Raleigh and she didn't have much trouble either. My other sister-in-law lives in the Boston area, right on the beach, and she had strong winds and downpours of rain. But other than people making a nuisance out of themselves coming out to sit on the beach-side breakfront...they're doing fine! All of us are just gonna ride out the rest of the storm and hope that the rest of it goes as well as the first part has gone!...Bye Bye 'Big Girl'!! LOL

  5. Glad Jeff's sister is safe.
    What a riot! I do think there was some wacky gas going on there. I could use a little myself! LOL
    I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams

  6. CinLynn, Yes! She hardly had any problems at all! They didn't hardly get anything as it turns out. We were glad to hear it too!!...Now, as long as that other 'tropical depression' minds it's business we'll be just fine for a while....hopefully! :-))

  7. Funny story!

    Hey I received a lovely surprise in the mail today... Your brown bag I won! I LOVE IT! its so nice and soft, will be nice to sling over my shoulder.. oh yeah and the lining is! Thank you so much. Can't wait to use it.
    many hugs xxx

  8. I had to smile about your MIL going in the bathroom. I can just imagine your hubby telling you what happened.
    I hope you've managed to stay safe.

  9. Alittlesprite, YAY!! You got it!!I'm so glad!!...And don't look at that lining too close, will ya!! ^_^ It's good material, but it's hand sewn so badly!! LOL Enjoy it!! :-)

  10. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! Imagine how funny it was to have me trying not to laugh out loud so she could hear me!! ^_^ His eyebrows during the mimicking of the story almost got me!!...She's gone home now, and we've laughed about it more than once already! ^_^


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