Saturday, August 27, 2011

If Tears Were Made Of Acid......... :-(

       I have a couple of things to talk to you about this morning. Neither one easy....Or good. :-( First, it's hurricane Irene...of course! We're indoors, hunkered down, watching weather report after weather report. 
          ...And it's not looking good! O_O Right now our area is worried about torrential rains and flooding from Irene more than anything it seems.
     The Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, on Friday declared a state of emergency and put all kinds of things into play to protect people. WWLP22News quoted him as saying, during a press conference: "We expect this to be a powerful and potentially dangerous storm." 
         Thankfully 'Angry Irene' (that's what they're calling the 'Big Girl' this morning) is expected to be downgraded to at least a Category 1 hurricane by the time it reaches 'the Bay State' (that's Massachusetts' nick-name). 
           But because of her size, and the speed she's traveling, she's still gonna be pretty dangerous. 
          In fact, Officials are still warning residents to stay home this weekend and “prepare for the worst,” forecasting downed power lines and trees, flooding and strong storm surges along the coast.
         Hubby and I are holding our breath already because his sister and family live in North Carolina, and they're getting pounded right now. We told his sister to call us after it passes...which could be a while we can know she's okay. O_O His niece and her family were gonna go and stay with his sister and her husband last fact, she was waiting for her to get there when we talked to they could ride out the storm together.
       And after moving the hummingbird feeder out of the tree...YIKES! (I'll share that video I mentioned yesterday with you at another time)...and moving the barbecue and the patio furniture into the house this morning, then hubby has to go over and pick up his mother. She's gonna come and stay with us until the storm passes. We had to STRONGLY INSIST!!...She was thinking it wasn't probably gonna be that bad....WHAT?!!!! UGH!...but she also hasn't been watching weather reports!...No problem. I've been watching enough for both of us!!! ^_^
        I've already got things on my mind to worry about today. I didn't want my mother-in0law to be another one!!
         And herein lies the hardest thing to tell you today...There was a murder in my family this pass week. My sister, a foster mom, lost one of her daughters to a random shooting. I'm not going to get into the details because the person, or persons who did this were not caught...yet...and it's still under investigation.
      Suffice it to say...there has been a lot of tears shed this week, and a lot of worry and emotions that hurricane Irene's coming could not even phase!! :-(
      She was 16 years old, and was 'looking forward to getting out of High School early so she could look forward to going to College', my father said...Whether that ever happened or not, she did not deserve to die the way she did.
      The paper referred to her as a 'juvenile female'. I knew what they meant. That she was not an adult. But my father was very upset at the wording. He initially thought they were trying to say she was a 'bad' girl...After I assured him that it was just 'Official Speak' he felt better. But the whole thing got me to thinking about what any mother, father, sibling, or family member would say about their child if... :-( ...their life was randomly cut short.
      Would you talk about the fact that they smelled like bubble gum most of the time because they always had a wad in their mouth?! Would you talk about how when they giggled at breakfast one time, and milk shot right out of their nose? Would you talk about how they loved certain songs so much that every time you thought of them you could hear the song playing as if they walked around with background music?
      Well, those kinds of things are the things my family will hopefully be thinking about...after the shock of her death sinks in, and we're able to get past the total unfairness of it all. :-( ....In the meantime, it's a good thing that tears are not made of acid....and that love doesn't literally die when a child's heart stops beating.

Murder Took A Child

Our family lost a child today.
A loving heart, just now sixteen.
As to her and wise.
As to experience of life...still green.

I'm thankful tears are not like acid.
because the burn to us who've cried
would corrode a million planets.
And still we'd miss our girl who died.

I know that death was not God's plan.
And that our grief was not his choice.
I know he wouldn't approve of murder,
nor steal from life a young one's voice.

I know he sees and knows who did it.
And left with 'HIM' will be revenge.
It's not the time for "Ifs" and fury.
The thought of that just makes me cringe.

We'll speak of her, and what she wanted,
which included!
An early exit from her High School;
continued love from family.

They'll be a space now at the table.
Events where she won't take a part.
But still a space for every giggle,
in everyone's memory, and their heart. 


  1. My condolences to you and your family. My heart goes out to you. So very sad ...

    Wishing you warmth and safety throughout the coming storm.

  2. Julie, Thank you so so much.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about this young girl's life being cut short so violently! I feel for you and for your family! It's hard enough when someone passes away, but when it comes as such a shock, it makes it even harder! I'm glad your sister has you and her family to give her support!!

    And now to Irene, I hope that you all will stay snug and safe in your house as this storm unleashes the wind and rain! I'll be thinking of you!!

    Love, Silke

  4. So, so sorry about your loss. Coping with death is difficult enough without having to deal with the loss of a child.
    Sending condolences and prayers,

  5. My condolences to you and your family.

    I also have family in North Carolina, hoping this storm passes quickly.

  6. Oh, I can't believe it! Big hugs to you and your family. I've lost some who very dear to me, but not so suddenly, violently or early, I can't imagine what you must be going through. Please keep thinking about the good things, the things she loved, and remember her always as happy and smiling. Even though I didn't know her, I'm sure she would want it that way.
    My thoughts are with you. Stay safe and nestled with your sweety while Irene's coming through our neighborhood.

  7. O My goodness i am deeply saddened to hear your news of your loss. What a dreadful thing to happen i am so sorry for you, your sister and your family. I hope they find the person or persons responsable and he is brought to justice. Life is so very unfair at times. I hope you are safe right now with the hurricane my thoughts are with you. Take lots of care, dee x

  8. Silke, Thank you so much for the supportive words. I appreciate you taking the time to give us a little encouragement. We'll be hunkered down tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to blog all about it. We'll see! Have a good weekend though...just in case! :-)

  9. Jansjems, Thank you so much!...How right you are about death. But death is difficult no matter who it is, right?! The death of children just seems so much worse because they haven't lived long enough. It is as the Bible says....'the enemy, death'!

  10. Elisa, Thank you so much for the condolences...We just heard from my hubby's family in North Carolina. YAY! They made it through without much trouble. They got some rain, and some wind bands, but not worst than they usually do with a storm. So they did great! :-) Now...I hope we do as well! O_0 We just started to get some rain...Hopefully I'll be able to talk about it tomorrow! Have a good weekend!

  11. btaylor, Awwww! Thank you so much for such sweet words. I'm taking them all to heart, knowing that, having lost someone yourself, you know the feelings...Me and my hubby will be hunkered down...and now his mom will be with us too! We just couldn't leave her by herself...You all be safe over there too!!

  12. delia, Thank you so so much for all of the words of encouragement. And I'm sure, with time, things will start to get a little easier for the family. Right now 'Angry Irene' is not the only one feeling angry! But all of the family's emotions need time...and some calmer weather...before things can start to find their way back to normal. I'm sure it will get there...Please hug your little men. And have a good weekend. :-]

  13. Deb, I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through some real emotional and difficult times. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May the lord keep his protecting hand over all of you through the storm. Be careful and stay safe.

  14. Deb I am so terribly sorry to hear this sad news. Please know I am thinking of you and your family.
    Please stay safe from Irene as well.
    (BIG HUGS) to youxxxx

  15. Nice post. I know how hard it was to for you to write about your foster niece. I'm sorry my friend.
    And I'm very worried about you and your family through this as well as through the storm. All I can say is pray! Keep relying heavily on our heavenly Father through both of these things. He'll give you the strength to endure.
    Stay safe my friend. Hugs!!!

  16. It breaks my heart to hear about your foster niece. I am so sorry that your family had to go through this.
    Sending good thoughts & love to you & your family.
    Stay safe xoxo

  17. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you so much. As far as the death, I know that with time everyone will be able to handle what's happened. Our family is certanly not the first ones to deal with this situation...unfortunately...As to Irene, I'm sure we'll be okay. We're hunkered down watching the rain right now. The worst won't hit us until about noon or so tomorrow I think. We've prayed and prepared the best we can. Now we just have to wait and see if it's enough! :-]

  18. Alittlesprite, Awww! Thank you so so much, from me and my family...And Irene wants to say hello too, but we're trying to SHUT HER UP!!! LOL

  19. CinLynn, It means so much to have your friendship and spiritual support. Please include us in your prayers. We're holding the hand of Jehovah and calming trying to shake off the hand of Irene!!! :-) Thankfully, while she has a strong grip, Jehovah's hand is bigger and tighter! :-) I'll try to contact you soon as I can. Love ya. No worries. Get some sleep! You KNOW I'm gonna get me a nap!!! LOL

  20. Jo-anne, Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear so many people with such good thoughts. I never take it for granted. I really don't!...I'm receiving your good thoughts and hoping to talk to you tomorrow!


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