Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hubby Is Trying To Fanagle Me Into Getting Him Tickets!

       I'm gonna tell you 'right off the bat' that if you stopped by my blog today to see pretty photos, hear a silly story, or see what I'm crocheting...you're probably gonna be disappointed. Well...one out of the three things MIGHT happen. You'll just have to guess which one, if you continue reading that is! ^_^
      I'm not sure if I've talked about it much on this blog, but hubby and I used to live in Connecticut. In fact, we lived there for more than 20 years! And before I go any farther with my story, let me just say that Connecticut is the place I've lived and LOVED second most in my life. Georgia, the place where I was born and spent my childhood formative years, and which is "Home" to me in my heart, is first!
     Our experience with Connecticut was filled with good food (every kind of food and restaurant you can imagine...and usually open when you want it to be!), good places to live (we lived in more than one city there), good highways, great friends, and good things to do...again, all kinds of activities!! (Parks, movie theaters, skating, bowling, libraries, coffee shops, SUPER-markets (One, located near us, had a little sit down fast-food cafe' type area AND a dry-cleaner inside! You could grocery shop a little....then take a lunch break, or drop off your clothes for dry-cleaning! ^_^) It was a great place to live. And frankly, I miss it!
     But one of the truly great things about Connecticut was the people and their love of sports! Connecticuters (or Connecticutians) are not  overly competitive sporters, but they know how to have fun at, or playing, games!...Some of the best times I've had were playing volleyball, Dominoes, and cards with my Connecticut 'brothers and sisters'! :-)
      That's why when hubby brought me the flyer, with the schedule, home for the New Haven Open At Yale I knew he was trying to kinda sorta give me some hints that he wanted to go to Connecticut....for some sports!...of which tennis qualifies!! ^_^ 
      And really, we've been talking for a few months now about how it was getting close to 'Pilot Pen' time...
          ...meaning the tennis matches in New Haven. Apparently they changed the name of the tournament this year to...
         Next week the U.S. Open Major tournament will begin. The New Haven Open leads right into it. And I think.....I mean I may be wrong, but I don't think so!...hubby wants to go!!
       They've got all kinds of NEW things going on around the tournament this year too, on and off the court!...It actually runs from August 18-27, 2011. So we're into the second week already!...For instance, raising awareness and funds for breast cancer.
      From Sunday, August 21 through Saturday, August 27, guests can visit the on-site Yale-New Haven mammography Van and get mammograms and information on breast cancer awareness and detection!
       There's also a 'Cybex Pink Ribbon Run' where guests can walk or run in support of breast cancer awareness. For every mile logged a donation will be made to the Susan G. Komen Connecticut and the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven...The Cybex Pink Ribbon Run is designed to showcase the importance of exercise - and specifically how exercise can reduce mortality and the risk of recurrent breast cancer by approximately 50%.
        You can also purchase the tournament's official breast cancer awareness t-shirt and a portion of all sales will be donated...And if you're one of the first 7,500 guests on Yale-New Haven Hospital Day - Saturday, August 27, you'll receive a pink hat courtesy of the hospital!
       Just looking through the flyer I can see we've already missed a lot!... On the 21st, there was a kid's day, with music, games, giveaways and autograph sessions. And also a BBQ Bash!...And Uh Oh!....
      ...the Champagne Tasting that's scheduled for tonight is already SOLD OUT!!...Oh Well! Gotta look at what's coming up for the rest of the week....
       Ooooo! Tomorrow, August 24, Wednesday, there's a Teekanne High Tea featuring Stefanie Graf. That's Andre Agassi's wife!! :-)
     It's from 1:00 - 4:00pm. You can enjoy a light buffet, sample several varieties of TEEKANNE Herbal Wellness Tea, and participate in a meet and greet with former World No. 1 Stefanie Graf (who'll join the High Tea at 2:30pm). And it's gonna take place in the Courtside Club, an air-conditioned suite overlooking Stadium Court. Tickets are $150 and include the afternoon matches!
      If you want tickets to the High Tea for the day session and a Grand Tasting ticket for the evening session, a special combination price of $250 will be offered (phone order only)...Hey! That's cool!
     Okay, what else?!....There's a Vineyard Vines Ladies day Luncheon & Fashion Show on Thursday, August 25, from 11:30am - 1:00pm, debuting preppy styles for back to school. Tables of 6 are &600 and individual tickets are $105 (which includes a box seat tennis ticket, gift bag and door prizes)!...Okay, our 'back to school' days are over, and we have no kids! Moving on......! LOL
      There's a LIVE concert on Friday, August 26...And Saturday at 1:00pm the Women's Doubles Final will begin, followed by the Mixed Doubles Final...Then the Women's Singles Final will be at 5:00pm....Woohoo!!
      I'll have to see if I'm gonna let hubby's fanagling work or not. I need to call or go to their site and find out some more info...parking, food, etc.. I'll let it be his surprise....maybe! ^_^ (Just in case he reads this...which I'm sure he will!...I'm not gonna say for sure one way or the other! LOL)
        Do you think all of these schedules are enough to throw him off?! ^_^ I don't think so. And guess what somebody is gonna be doing for 'Date Night' this Friday?!!! :-)

Do You Play?!

I had some 'Play Time' in my youth,
back when my hips could take the heat.
I couldn't wait to find someone
that I could race, chase down, or beat!

How many times did I 'Hopscotch',
play some marbles, skip a rock?
And a game of 'Tag' could go
until you couldn't see the clock!

All my games were very active.
So much energy, people. WOW?!
But things have changed. It's different,
because I'm so much older now!

I still have Play Time at my age,
but the games are slow and rare.
I like board games, playing cards,
things you do right from your chair.

The games I watch can't be too long.
I'll fall asleep! I'm kind of nod-dy.
And I have to use my mind.
No running round now with this body.

Even so, I have to play!
It's my excuse to have a laugh.
I just have to keep it slow.
Don't want a charlie-horse in my calf!


  1. How awesome would it be to have afternoon tea with Steffi Graf?!
    ...but just watching tennis would be good too!

  2. Ahhh, treat yourselves....lol...sounds like he really wants to go...
    Look forward to hearing all about it next week!
    Have a great week sweet lady....thanks for always passing by and saying hello...I do love the sound of your breakfast yesterday....YUM!


  3. Always enjoy a great sports blog! Imagine Champagne tasting! "I'm not sure I like that one, can I try that one again" lol! After 2 samples though I wouldn't be able to stop giggling!
    This looks like a fun date night!

  4. Anonymous8/23/2011

    How exiting. I was just telling my hubby that I would love to go to a tennis match. He thinks it would be foolish to sit there in the sun and watch when you can watch in the comfort of your home. I don't think so. Like you said, there is lots going on. Those are not bad prices at all. There is one that they hold in Austin, TX every year, so we would have to wait and see. Have a fab day Deb. HUGS. Peg

  5. That sounds like a great and fun trip! I love tennis! I think that you guys would have tons of fun!

  6. Sounds like a fun time Wug! You really SHOULD treat him and yourself to this! I know you'd both love it!
    Have a great time my friend!

    Slept till 10 a.m. this morning...so a bit late on the post. I was really thinking about doing a blog post today, but now I have to run. I have errands to run and a order to get together. It's going to Thailand!!! Woo Hoo!

    Have a great day!

  7. planettreasures, I know, huh?!! :-) But I'm with you, watching it is totally good for me too!! In fact, I'm tapping my toe impatiently waiting for the Yale-New Haven matches and then the U.S. Open to come on T.V.!!!

  8. We Blog Artists, Yeah, I got the same "drift" from him too! ^_^ He 'really' wants to go!! And he may or may not be going!....Shhhhh! It might be another week of NO Costa Rica! ^_^

  9. Lisa, ^_^ About the Champagne night....I think that's why it was sold out!! Too many people needed a little giggle!...And imagine Sharapova's loud grunting after a few glasses of champagne! LOL...Though, the tennis would indeed make a good 'Date Night'! ^_^

  10. Peg, You know, I have to admit, I agree with your husband...generally speaking...about the sitting in the hot sun thing! But if you get in a box you're in air conditioning!!! And the U.S. Open is famous for it's 'Night Matches'!! It would be great!! :-) I hope you do get to catch a LIVE match....even though, watching from home, with play by play commentators, works for me too!! ^_^

  11. Shelley, Thanks for giving hubby more ammo for 'fanagling'! ^_^ And I didn't know you liked tennis too! U.S. Open coming!!!!!

  12. CinLynn Boutique, Ohhhhhh! If hubby reads your post he's gonna say: "See! Bead thinks I should go too!!" ^_^ THANKS!!...And wow! You really got you a good sleep last night, didn't you?! Good thing! Thailand is waiting for you...so hurry!! Congrats!! :-]

  13. New Haven is right there. You should go and have fun!
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Priscila, ^_^ Thanks! You have a wonderful day too!


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