Thursday, November 3, 2011

Box It Up...And Put It In A Frame!

     I decided to give you all a break today from me talking about the weather in Massachusetts! I'm just about sick of myself at this point! LOL...Instead I wanna tell you about a love of mine. Actually two loves of mine! Boxes...and frames. :-)
     You know how sometimes you can put your finger on exactly why you love a thing?...Well that's not the case with this! ^_^ Threw you for a minute, didn't I?! :-) You thought you were about to hear some romantic story about some expensively ornate gift I got in a box or a frame...Truth is, I don't know why I love them! 
      All I know is that the words: "What's in the box?" make me giddy with delight!...And if the box opens and there's a gift of a frame......! Woohoo! But it doesn''t have to be a frame in the box. It can be empty and still...!
     And I'm particularly drawn to wooden boxes like the one above. I could wander around this Etsy shop for hours just staring at the pretty boxes! :-)
        I have a few boxes around my house. {My husband would be laughing hysterically right now at the word "few". ^_^} Mostly I keep my jewelry in them, but I have papers, rocks, coins, buttons, and all kinds of things in others. A couple are just empty too...sitting there doing their job of looking pretty. :-)
     Whenever we were 'tag-saling' or something, and we would come across interesting looking boxes or frames, it would take all the restraint I could muster not to buy them! {Or the restraint of a husband that was holding the money at the time...just saying. ^_^}
     Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind is a vision of me taking my last breath, my arm falling over the side of the bed,...{because, of course, I probably died from too much napping!! LOL}...and falling out of my hand is the key to a box that's sitting on my night-stand. Then everyone in the room...{because I wouldn't die alone. I'd need someone to say my last words..cough! cough!, wouldn't I?! LOL}... looks over at the night-stand and, through their tears, says: "What's in the box?" ^_^ I'm a little bit dramatic! But you knew that already, right?! LOL My point is...I think that's what boxes are to me. Somewhere to hide your dearest secret or your greatest treasure. :-) Mine is probably gonna have a Bible, my wedding ring, and a poem...just saying. ...Every one tells a story! :-)
      Now the frames thing is similar. But I can put my finger on this one a bit better. All of my favorite pictures and poems have come in beautiful frames...And since I write poetry myself, I always think about what will frame my words if someone buys them...Of course nobody is beating down my door to do that right now, but whatever! :-))
      I wrote a short poem for a newborn, and I decided that it needed to be put in a frame and sold in my shop. I looked around on Etsy for inspiration on what kind of frame it should be. These are ones I liked...
      I think my poems would look good in a format like this...or in a wooden frame like this one (below)...

        And yes! This frame does come from the same Etsy shop as the box in my header photo!! And now you know why I was wandering around in there for so long! :-] I didn't even scratch the surface of telling you about her boxes. Here's another little peek...
       Okay...back to my frames! :-)
        I love the ornate flowers around this one. So pretty!!...I can't make anything that pretty though! I'm a crocheter!
     My baby poem needs to be in a frame though. So I decided to crochet one for it. Well....a frame 'cover'...
      I'm still working on it, but I'm thinking of crocheting a flower for the corner of it, putting the poem in the middle, and maybe putting a pink ribbon somewhere on it...{or a blue ribbon, along with blue and white thread, in one I'm thinking of making for a boy}...
      What do you think?!...I'm excited about it, but we'll see how it looks when I'm finished...I wish I had thought about the whole frame issue a little more deeply when I wrote my 'Fishing Life' poem! I may have put it in a frame like this one...
        You guessed it! This Big Fish Wooden Frame is from martapasierbek's shop too!! :-) Oh! My words would have felt so 'at home' in there. :-]
      Okay....I'm off to 'box up' gill's Giveaway brooch! It's got a loooooong trip to make! The new Giveaway is going to be a scarf. It's gonna be posted later today on the Giveaway link. So please check back later (if it's not there now) and see if it's something you want to enter to get. :-)
      I've gotta stick my nose in the books today. We have an interesting review of information we've learned lately coming in tonight's meeting. I wanna be prepared, and see how well...or brain is holding onto things I put in there! :-] ...And tomorrow I have some things I'm loving right now that I'd like to share with you...and a hint as to where our 'Virtual' Date is gonna take us this Friday!...So, have a good day everybody!! See you tomorrow!


Poetry, the gift of words,
that help you say whats in your heart;
that puts your thoughts of life together,
but pulls emotions all apart.

Poetry, your quiet friend,
that gives your voice a place to land;
that gives the things you'd never say
a way to jump out from your hand.

Poetry, done to a beat,
a beat of words, said right in time,
without confusion of the music,
but just the rhythm and the rhyme.

Poetry, phrase harmony;
the way a noun and adverb meet;
the way they line up side-by-side,
and all Not needed they delete.

Poetry, the passing thoughts,
and all the others I hold dear,
of all the people and the places
that I've written down right here.

Poetry, the gift of words,
and putting them together too;
Without my pen and paper
what in the world would my mind do?


  1. I LOVE that shop Wug!! Thanks for sharing her beautiful things here! I especially love the fish frame for some reason. Your fish poem would have looked wonderful in it too!
    Your crocheted frame is a cute idea. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
    I like your poetry poem too.
    As for the review, I did mine last night. Not too difficult this week. I hope you get it all done.
    Have a great day. I need to go have breakfast. I slept a bit too long this morning.

  2. CinLynn, It's a great shop!! I'd have a house full of her boxes and frames if I had a box full of money! ^_^ Thanks for the thumbs up on the crocheted frame too. I'm still working on it!...Not today though. I've got other, more important things, to focus on today! :-) Even though it's not as difficult this time...Enjoy your breakfast...and your day! :-)

  3. I just love boxes too, have a 'few' around the house with bits and bobs and sewing things in :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  4. Bee happy, How nice!! I'm not the 'lone box lover'!! ^_^ They're great for useful...and useless...purposes, aren't they?! :-) And you're entered in the new Giveaway. (It's up now too) Have a good day!

  5. I'm a bit of a box fiend too! I love old ones and once bought a job lot of 22 wooden boxes from a local auction with a view to restoring them!! I've done 8 so far!!
    Great new giveaway!

  6. gill, Again, I find that I'm not alone in the randomness of things I like! :-) Welcome aboard!! But it seems as though you have an even greater love than mine! And I would sure like to see those other boxes you bought!! LOL...Thanks for the nice words about the new Giveaway too! I'm not sure if everyone will agree, but I love I'm hoping others will too! Have a good rest of the day!! :-)

  7. I have a 'thing' for boxes too. Not just the pretty ones but ones for storage. Thanks for sharing these pretty ones though. I must keep pan eye out for some new boxes ;)

  8. Jo-anne, Ah ha! Another box lover! ^_^ I must admit though, storage type boxes don't thrill me as much as pretty wooden boxes or gift boxes. I'm a 'picky' box aficionado! LOL


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