Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SHOO!...'Time' Fly!!

        I've been really good for days! But then...out of nowhere last night...I got in a really somber, irritated mood. I couldn't figure out why my husband's cooking was not adequate. Why the laundry detergent...that my clothes are always washed in...suddenly smelled too 'perfumey'. Why I was getting pings and pains all over my body...and the rain is not due until Wednesday! O_0
      But when I woke up for the 3rd time this morning it finally dawned on me why. 'Peaches' funeral is coming up this coming weekend...*sigh* I guess my body is not handling this as well as my mind is...*sigh* I wish I could just 'Shoo!' the thought of the upcoming day out of my mind...the way you shoo away a fly that's nagging at you!
      I've been crocheting! You'd think that that would be enough to keep my attention and let the time pass by without a notice...and I thought it was!
         Say 'Hello!' to my latest 'baby'! I think I'm going to call it the "Retro Fan Headband". :-)
       It's waving at you! :-)) ...It's certainly got enough color, don't you think?! ^_^ Pink, White, Black, Green, Red...
        These are all pieces of yarn that I had laying around that weren't enough to make a whole headband out of. I wasn't sure what it would look like in the end, but I figured that if it didn't turn out that great I could use it to keep my hair tight to my head at night...a sorta night cap. LOL
       I have a few pieces of yarn still. I may work on another "Retro" headband with those pieces today. But before I got started on another one I had to put a flower on my "Retro Fan Headband"...
      I went with black...
      ...and this cloth covered 'fan' button I just bought recently...
         I ran out of this particular black and had to put a brown crochet back on the flower. It continued my 'retro' theme perfectly! ^_^ I finished the whole thing last night...
        And as is the case so many times with my creations, now I love it!! :-)
       I don't know if anybody else will! LOL But whatever!...It kept me company when I was trying to shoo away time! :-)
      It's funny, isn't it, how at some times in your life time just seems to drag, while at other times it just flies! I didn't ever think I would get to a point where I wanted it to go by without me noticing it at all though!...But this week that's exactly where I am...*sigh*
      I've almost picked up the phone to call 'Peaches' three times now...When I saw one of the parts (article) we had to study for the meeting; When I saw a commercial on television; and when I was just sitting quiet laughing about something...*sigh* I miss being able to share my 'nothing special' with her. :-(
     I'm sure the next few days are gonna go by. And I'm sure I'm gonna keep trying to distract myself and shoo the time away...mentally.  I wouldn't have to shoo it away if only Jim Croce could've figured out how to save 'time in a bottle'! :-))

      Oh well...I might as well get ready for the weekend. It's gonna come whether I want it to or not!...The only good thing is that I know I'll have forever to make up for this little bit of time we're gonna miss together right now. :-] And in the meantime I still have headbands...and time that I'm working hard to shoo and wave away mentally. :-)

I Wish I Could Wave Off The Time

I wish I could wave off the time
the way you wave off a fly about to land.
Just 'poo poo' appointments I'm dreading
with a flick and a wave of the hand.

If only the time went unnoticed,
like 'extras' on some movie set.
In one shot it's as if they were coming,
in the next shot they've not gotten there yet.

I'm dreading the phone calls and chatting,
as if time has somehow just stood still.
I wish I could wave off the ticking,
and hours of quiet to fill.

I know soon the day will be over.
The consciousness is in this rhyme.
Still I'm dreading the fact that it's coming,
and I wish I could wave off the time.


  1. Goodmorning!I love that headband!The name "Retro" is so appropriate for it as well.I just got out the sweet nacklace I bought from you last year.It looks great I love it!Wishing you and yours a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Love the poem.My mind is blank for poetry now LOL.I need some pumpkin pie ha!

  2. I'm sorry you're hurting so bad, having lost your dear friend "Peaches." No wonder you're so stressed out. Funerals are not fun, but so encouraging for family and friends. It'll be over and done with in no time. In the meantime, keep your mind off it by crocheting to your little heart's content.
    Very colorful headband my friend!


  3. Becky, Awww! Thank you! Yeah, I thought with those colors it would have to be called 'retro'. It reminded me of the 70s! :-)) And I'm so glads you're still wearing yours too!..Thanks for the complement on the poetry too. No worries...my mind is poetic enough for both of us! ^_^ Have a good day!

  4. CinLynn, Thank you so much for understanding, Bead. Soon all the particulars will be behind us and we'll be able to think past now into the future.I look forward to that...And no worries. I will be crocheting for sure!! :-)) ...You're entered too.

  5. Deb the loss of someone so near and dear is never easy. I'm not going to say that things get better with time because some of it does and other things don't. All I can say is continue to try and stay busy and some day it won't hurt as bad. Hugs and prayers. I received the scarf today it is beautiful. Thank you.

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, Thanks for the caring words. :-] You're so right about how things are after losing someone you love. It does get easier...with a bit of time, but missing that person lingers. I know. This isn't the first person I've lost in death. :-( I'm doing better than I sound probably. Just working at it every day. Words help me. :-]...And I didn't realize it was gonna take so long for you to get your scarf! WOW! I sent it off the day after you won it!! The Post Office is apparently back-logged now or something! But at least you 'did' get it! I hope you find a warm place for it...next to a warm heart somewhere. :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing that song. I don't think I have heard it before. I think saving time in a bottle would be nice or at least saving some treasured moments in a bottle that you can take a look at every now and then.

  8. Jo-anne, I'm so glad you liked it! It's an 'oldie' from my childhood. And of course I love the words even more than the melody. :-)

  9. Sorry to hear that.
    Hope you are able to relax a little to enjoy the holiday!

  10. Priscila, I'm doing much better already this morning. :-) See what a little crocheting can do?! ^_^

  11. Loss of someone special takes time to get over.
    Thinks will remind you of her, right now it's sad, eventually they will bring a smile to your face. :)) Happy Thanksgiving my dear!

  12. Susan, It does take time. And I'm getting better every day. Just want to get the particulars over with, if you know what I mean.


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