Tuesday, November 1, 2011


     You may not be able to tell, but there's a vehicle underneath that pile of October 'glistening-white-surprise-from-the-storm' mess! And our car is not the only car around here that looks like this! As you travel around town, everywhere you look, it's like a massive snowed in garage, with frozen and snapped tree branches strewn all around them!
       And it's a challenge just doing the regular things you used to do too...Going to get my cup of coffee at the donut shop and putting gas in the car, a chore that would've taken a half an hour...TOPS!'...took hubby almost two and a half hours!! He had to go from place to place looking for a gas station that was open, and then had to wait in a line at the donut shop that wrapped around the parking lot! 
      And as you can see, the view from my window...the view of my beloved self-named hummingbird tree...has significantly changed! :-( It used to look like this...
           ...but now it looks like this...
         There's gonna have to be some tree trimming this week. :-( I'm not gonna wanna look out the window at that!...Hopefully I'll get used to the new view after it's all said and done...We'll see. O_0
       In other news...the power outages have wreaked some havoc with my personal friends and family as well. A number of my friends and two of my sisters and two brother-in-laws and their family lost power. It was serious enough that the two brothers-in-laws and their family had to go and 'hunker down' with my mother-in-law the other night. They may have had to stay last night too, but I don't know. Ma will probably let us know today.
      Ma (my mother-in-law) didn't lose power!...Neither did my dad! :-) But they weren't without incident just the same. My mother-in-law told us...after the fact! UGH!...that she shoveled her own driveway!...She's in her 70s!! She did say that some young boys came by to help her out a little, and they wouldn't take anything for helping her either. :-) I thought that was sweet...but then hubby reminded me that, with Ma living alone, you never know with kids these days. They could just as well have been 'playing nice' so they could come back and steal something! O_O I certainly hope that's not true!...I worry about her so much nowadays. '{'
       And my dad had a huge tree fall in his backyard...right onto his deck!!! He's gonna have to have someone come by and cut it up and help him remove it. Hubby wanted to go and help him, but with tree branches still falling everywhere and all of the broken power lines everywhere, he didn't dare! Dad wouldn't let him anyway! {The day after the storm, a 20 year old guy from my dad's town, who was out removing snow, touched a wooden fence, not knowing that a LIVE power line had fallen on it, and died!!}
       Kids are all out of school in our state and neighboring states too. And lots of people have been prevented from going to work...including my hubby. He's going in today, but probably not for long. It depends on how many stores that he services still have power, and how good the roads are that get to those stores. It hasn't looked good at all!!
      In good news though, today is the drawing for the red crochet button brooch...my Giveaway! :-) 
            ...After shaking the entries up in the bag, and drawing out one name...
       ...Congratulations gill!! :-) If all rules apply, my little brooch will be coming your way soon! :-) {Please let me know what name you're following the blog under (I can't find 'gill') and send your address to my email...which you can find by going to
  under the "About Me" at the top of this page, on the right hand sidebar. :-)} {The new Giveaway for November 15, 2011 will be announced soon.}
     Last, but not least, I wanted to show you the treasury my Salmon colored Circle Scarf from my Wuglyees shop made it into this time!! :-) 
              No! It never gets old!! LOL
       It's a treasury called "Salmon"! How appropriate, right?! :-)) There's so many cute items in there! Click on the photo of the treasury to go and check them out yourself. You won't be disappointed! :-)
       Okay....I'm off! I'm working on a couple of crochet projects that I'll share with you soon. Shhhhh! Another secret project! ^_^ Okay...no big secret. I'm making a particular crocheted frame for a poem I wrote to put up in a child's room. Something I'm thinking of offering in my shop if it comes out okay. You'll see! :-]
        Okay....I think everything's been covered now. Go out and make some connections with people y'all. You never know when you may be snowed in with these people!!! LOL Have a good day! And keep warm!! :-)


There's a need inside of us
To just connect with someone else;

To look at them and somehow know
that who they are, can help you grow;

That if you just could somehow feel
the way down deep, that makes them real,

Then your words no longer hide
the 'who' you are-the you inside;

And then, if you should laugh or cry
or lean your head, and give a sigh;

And if they mimic back to you
the same reactions that you do,

Then there's a real connection made,
and all your inhibitions fade.

All the walls that you put high
will fall away-into their eye,

Where you can look and see intense
emotion-and their innocence;

And you no longer must explain
the need inside, you now must claim;

The need to be the 'who' you are.
They've taken stock-and raised the bar.

Now-if you touch, or if you don't,
or if you will, or if you won't;

It doesn't matter-not a one,
the things they think, or what they've done;

Because connection has been made-
the needed, real, foundation's laid.

Now-there's a real relationship
that you give action-not just lip!       


  1. Deb, I'm glad to hear you are all doing good considering the situaton in your part of the country. It looks and sounds like it's a real mess.Congrats on making it on another treasury. It got cold here last night and I used my new afghan to keep me warm. It was so nice to be cuddled up under it. Your poem is beautiful and so true. I love it. Please enter me in the next giveaway. Stay warm and Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!

  2. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you so much for your concern, and for the nice words about the poem. :-) And yes, we're holding our own here in 'cold-ville'. It's a lot easier for hubby and I because we have power! But a lot of our friends don't. In fact, the state next door where a lot of my friends live, has been declared in a state of emergency I think! It's amazing the amount of havoc an unexpected snow storm can wreak!! Some towns here in Massachusetts got 30 inches of snow!...in October!! Unheard of!...I'm glad you have one of my 'babies' to keep you warm on chilly nights though. :-) ... You're the first one entered in the new Giveaway now..whatever it'll be! LOL I'll list it tomorrow I think.

  3. Sorry you still have so much snow. Word has it that we're in for it by next weekend or so. I sure hope not! We have or S.A.D. next Sunday (13th) and the weekend after we're heading down to visit my son and daughter in law for a few days. How dare the weather mess that up!!
    I sure hope things improve for you soon. This is not pleasant to go through. Glad your family is all safe though. It could've been bad for your Dad.
    Have a great evening.

  4. CinLynn, Hi Bead!...Oh Yeah! We still have tons of snow around here, and downed trees and power lines. Some of the trees are actually 'on' the power lines!!...*shaking my head* It's just a MESS!!...I sure hope you "don't" get the mess we got! You don't want those great plans messed up! :-)

  5. Your Ma sounds like she is such an independent spirit. I don't think I could ever have imagined my Mum being outside shovelling snow in her 70's!
    I do hope that the snow eases up for you.

  6. Oh My! I didn't realise how bad this storm was... Please be careful, and that goes for Hubby as well.

  7. Oh my....what a mess. I was hoping you would get some warmer weather to melt it off. I hope life gets normal again soon. Congrats to the winner of that pretty pin! Please stay safe and warm and have a good rest of this week.

  8. Jo-anne, You're so right! She is an independent woman for sure!! We call her all the time now and she sounds like she's wondering why we're calling: Like "So what's the problem?" ^_^ But between you and I, I think she's enjoying having the kids and grand-kids in the house with her the last couple of nights. :-)

  9. Alittlesprite, Thanks for the concern Sprite. We're trying to do just that...be careful! It's starting to melt somewhat in most places, so I think we're on the right track now. :-]

  10. yaya, What a mess is right!! But we're due to get some warmer weather over the next couple of days, so hopefully some of it will melt off...Let's hope you don't get this 'Mess!' coming in your direction anytime soon! :-) Have a good week!

  11. Goodness it doesn't seem like 5 mins since the last time you had snow and you had it for weeks and were waiting to see your yard again. Time seems to fly by. Sorry to hear you are all without power i hope its all up and running again real soon. Happy crafting look forward to seeing what your working on next. dee x

  12. delia, I know!!!! I think it actually was 5 minutes ago!! :-)) And we only lost power for a very short time at our house. It's everywhere around us that's having a problem. We feel bad about that too! :-( But after the higher temperatures today, maybe things will get more back to normal...Thanks for stopping by, Dee! Have a good rest of the week!


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