Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rain, Rest, and Recycled Yarn

     The header photo was taken in London, but it could just as well have been Holyoke Massachusetts yesterday. For the last few days, and today too actually, it's doing that 'spitty rain' type of thing around here...It wants to rain, but it's not sure if it wants to rain a lot...or just give us a little shower now and then.
    And with arrangements now set for 'Peaches' funeral (and knowing that the time is gonna come way too soon), and my dad taking it a day at a time...back on the pain meds again...(that's what the phone call in the middle of the night was about)...UGH!,...I'm kinda feeling like the rain. I'm in a 'spitty' mood too. I don't know if I wanna sleep the day away, crochet a little, read a book, study, eat a little something, or just watch some mindless T.V. O_0
        I'm trying not to think about it too seriously. Just keeping it as a casual...whatever..kind of thought. Just like the Treasury...actually more like a half-Treasury...curated by ONLYme2u...
        It's entitled Beige + Jean Blue...Even though it's's packed full of big cute-ness!  Items like these Blue Jean Dangle Earrings by GoodieStore...

           ...this gorgeous Asian Style Dogwood Cuff Bracelet by theshagbag...

       ...and of course my very own Sky Blue Jean and White Czech Glass Fly Button Flower Brooch Pin from my Wuglyees shop...
      I made that brooch out of some recycled yarn and thread I had. I don't know how cute it is, but I know 'I' like it! :-) I like that it's something useful made from something that was gonna be of no use just hanging around in my yarn bag!
      Sometimes I have nice yarns and threads, but not enough to make anything out of. So it just sits there....until I take some of it, like I did with this gray Caron Simply Soft yarn...
        ....and this black micro-fiber.... 
       ...and I pair it up with some 'Ugly'...but not to me! ^_^...leftover Bernat Softee variegated cranberry yarn...
      ...and get to work on a new recycled headband! :-) ...
         I know you probably can't see it now... ^_^ ...but wait until you see it finished and with a black crocheted flower on the side!...*Humor me, People!!! LOL*
       Anyway!....I hope to finish it today. I'm also gonna make the pink and the gray headbands for the Giveaway today too. (I'll put the photos of them up as soon as they're finished)...By the way, I finally did list one of the headbands yesterday! I'm gonna try to list one every day...I'm gonna try!!...Keeping it casual...remember! ^_^
        Mr. Wug and I,...before the phone call,...did a sappy music post on our 'In The House.....' blog too...HERE. If you're in the mood for some cute and sappy songs, come on over! :-)) ...We're all caught up now. One post a week since we started it. It's been a nice 'couples' distraction...besides 'Date Night' I mean. ^_^
       Okay...have a good, casual, recycled, day everybody! :-)

Best Laid...Unplanned

Every last detail
had been very well thought out.
Well-laid plans were in their place.
Wait!...What's this all about?!

A fly has stumbled in the ointment,
'well-thought-out' just got a glitch.
Life has thrown another curve ball,
and all your plans you have to ditch.

'Change-of-plans' were uninvited.
The 'shoe has fallen' without a sound.
Oh Well! You can't be aware of everything,
nor every curve can you see around.


  1. Rain there and rain here where I'm. A headband giveaway? Exciting.
    Hope you're having a lovely week.

  2. Priscila, Yep! Rain...rain...rain!...And yes, a headband Giveaway too. Did you want to enter it?!

  3. Deb, rain is better than snow right? It was suppose to snow here last night. I'm so glad it didn't. Doing a happy dance. Can you tell I hate snow?....LOL.....Congrats on making it on yet another treasury. Can't wait to see your new headband bet it's beautiful. As usual I like your poem. Hoping and praying you have a Great Day!!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Yes! Rain is better than snow!! I'm glad you didn't get any. I hope you get to enjoy many more days before you're inundated with 'the white stuff'! LOL And thank you, as always, for the encouragement and the nice words about the poem. :-)

  5. We have rain here in the UK too! and fog and it's cold as well!!

  6. gill, Isn't it just wonderful?!!....NOT! :-))

  7. Sorry you have rain. We're heading for some "lake effect" snow and rain a bit later today and tomorrow. It's pretty cold here today so I can see it happening.
    I'll have to take a peek at your other blog in a bit.
    I like your new headband!!

    Enter me!

  8. CinLynn, Oh No! SNOWWWWW!!! Whenever you get it, we usually get please stop yourself from getting it!! Jump up and down or something!! LOL...Thanks for the nice words about the headband. Feel better, Bead!

  9. Gosh, 2011 has been a terrible weather year for you folks out east. We have had bright sunshine for a few days ... very nice for a change. I will send a little sunshine your way. Love the colors in your recycled headband! It's nice that these beautiful yarns do not go to waste.

    I hope you are having a relaxing, peaceful day.

    As always, a pleasure to visit your outstanding blog and read about your life, view your beautiful handmade pieces and peruse your wonderful poems.

  10. Julie, You are so right about the weather! But thankfully in between all of the bad there were a few really beautiful days too. I have pictures. Good thing too! :-)) Please do send a little sunshine our way!...I'm so glad you like the headband too. I love a person who can appreciate 'ugly' a good way! LOL And you're always so sweet about my blog. Thank you so much. I feel the same way about your beautiful blog too. The best photos around!!...Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  11. It must have been rainy season everywhere. We had a whole lot of rain yesterday too.
    I quite like the colours you put together for your headband. It looks nice.

  12. Jo-anne, I'm sure it wasn't raining everywher...*Teehee*...but it sure felt like it, didn't it?! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words about my color selection too. It kind of chose itself though...that's what was leftover. ^_^


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