Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'll Be Dr. Wug To An 'Under-The-Weather' Mr. Wug Today

       It started with a little bit of a drippy nose a couple of days ago. I should've known right at that point that I'd have a sick Mr. Wug on my hands...because he hardly ever gets the sniffles or anything! Now he has a fever, body aches and pains all over. Add to that...the fact that he's also on antibiotics for an infected tooth, and now you know why I'm 'Dr.' Mrs. Wug today!       
      And he came home from the barber shop with such a nice haircut yesterday too! Now that nice haircut is being wasted, being seen by nobody but me...and a soft pillow. ^_^ Oh Well...that's the way it is sometimes!
      I'm sitting here typing away, with "In Performance at the White House" on the T.V. (PBS, the Public Broadcasting Station for our area) with 'The Motown Sound' hits being sung by 'Seal', 'Jamie Foxx', 'Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers', 'Sheryl Crow', 'Jordan Sparks', etc... It's fabulous!! You can watch it in full HERE if you like. :-)
     What I did to entertain myself all day yesterday, while Mr. Sick Man was sleeping, was crochet...and crochet...and crochet some more! I finished this headband...
          I'm not that crazy about this particular yarn. It's a little too spongy for my tastes. But someone gave it to me a while ago and I just had it sitting around here. I just had to use it! And now it's done! :-))
       When I finished the headband I still had some of the yarn leftover, so I decided to make a matching...kinda...scarf to go with it! :-)
        I'm actually a lot further along now than the pictures are showing. It'll probably be all done later today. It might've be done already, but I got the custom order for a particular headband and I left off from working on the scarf in order to do the headband. I was excited about the colors! :-)
         Isn't it pretty?! :-) And the flower has a totally different color...Magenta!...
         I finished it too!...
       These are colors that are totally out of my normal color scheme, but I like 'em!
       I hope my customer likes them!
     After it was all done I was about to go back to crocheting on the scarf when I realized I still had a little bit of a variegated thread that I wanted to make a necklace flower out I did!...
           I put a little button on it, and I'm gonna add a gun metal chain to it and list it in the shop next week...
       So as you can see, I've been busy while Mr. Wug has been doing some 'Get-Well' sleeping. :-] ....My poor little sick Mr. Wug...
       ...If loving him 'un-sick' is possible, he'll be fine by this afternoon! ^_^
       {I hope this cold ends up leaving as fast as the last one we had...I wrote a poem about that one. It's down below.}
The cold came out of nowhere

The cold came out of nowhere,
like a dark gray cloud of gloom.
It descended on our big plans.
Our sick-bed became a womb.

We could hear our hearts were beating,
as we laid there in one spot.
With this cold, we needed rest,
and rest is exactly what we got!

As we rolled from left to right,
with sniffling, coughing, fever too,
it was nice to have some quiet,
and no plans of things to do.

The cold came out of nowhere,
and it left us just as quick.
It's a good thing too, because
we don't have time for getting sick?!


  1. Love the blue headband, and the variegated flower! too pretty!

  2. Alittlesprite, Thank you very much!!...and you're entered! :-)

  3. Wugs, I hope Mr. Wugs is doing better soon. I think something is going around, I had some aches and sniffles all last week! I was completely knocked out for the week.

    Now I know how this must look - you allow Dallas to put a beating on Buffalo and I disappear for a week. Wugs, I know it wasn't your fault that Dallas played dirty and won that make sure New England doesn't get any ideas on Jan 01!!!).

    Enjoy the games, see you next week and let's hope Mr. Wugs is up and running soon!

  4. Lisa, Uh Oh!! That means his cold may be hanging around a while, huh?! O_O I hope not!...But I'm glad you're doing better!...And Ha! Ha! Ha! About the games!! ^_^ No it wasn't my fault that Dallas put an old school whooping on Buffalo, but if I must...I'll take the credit...I mean blame. LOL I'm gonna take the credit..I mean blame...for New England too!! ^_^ All jokes aside, thank you for the concern and sympathy for Mr. Sick Wug. And you stay healthy too...It won't be any fun teasing a losing...AND sick...Buffalo fan!! LOL

  5. Deb, The dreaded cold of winter has hit your home early. Hopefully it is the only one he gets this season. I love how the turquoise headband turned out. The color of the headband and flower compliment each other. I also like the other headband and the cute flower that you worked on. You have been busy. It just amazes me that you can write a poem about a cold. Please enter me in your givaway. Thank you and Have a great evening!!!!!!!!

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, appears so! But I have to say...if this is the worst that we get this winter that'll be alright!...I saturated hubby with vitamin C, water, juices, and chicken soup yesterday...and me too, as a preventative method...and except for a little sloshing when he walks today, he's much much better! I never got anything but a little bit of a drippy far anyway. I'm gonna continue to hydrate myself good today just to make sure!...By the way, thanks so much for the nice words about my headbands (I'm having fun making them!)and my poem...*Teehee*

  7. Sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he feels beetter soon. I just love your headbands and the matching scarf. The colors are wonderful. Thank you so much for listing my blog on the side of yours!!

  8. Susan, Thank you for your concern. And yay!! He's much better now!! :-)...And thank you for the nice words about my headbands and scarf too! I'm so glad you like them! :-) Have a good day..and week...Susan!


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