Monday, November 28, 2011

Wug Household Headband Wars!!

        I'm almost ready to concede, as of right now, that maybe neither of us...meaning him!...was wrong, and that it might have been just a case of disappointment, and the two of us misunderstanding one another. I'll tell you what happened and you can tell me what you think!
     For two weekends I've been saying to hubby: "Can you take some shots of my new headbands on Shequita in the backyard? Mine don't look so good. You take great shots, and Cyber Monday is coming!! I wanna have them listed by then if I can."...And he said: "Sure, honey!"
      Then the arrangements, and the 'ToDo' list, kept mounting up for him.  His job schedule got more hectic because of the holiday, and with 'Peaches' funeral coming...time just kept getting away from him!
      So, I kept 'gently' reminding him about my photos...And he was like 'Oh Yeah! I'll try to do that today!'...But the darkness of every day came up late, and went down early, with Shequita and her hanging eyelash (see the header photo) just sitting here staring at me...trying to blink without it falling off! LOL
    And I decided to take some shots of them on my own...
       A whole week came and went!....♫ doo dee doo dee doo dee ♫...WHATEVER!! ^_^ I just kept plugging away at it!...
          More 'gentle' reminders were  flung spoken softly to him...but he didn't have time to do it! "I'll get to it! Give me time! You're being so impatient!!"...O_0 *Talking to myself* "He's got a lot going on. His nerves are a little on end. Try to understand."....But it wasn't easy!!!! Grrrr!....I just kept taking these sad, non-usable photos, trying to get at least ONE right! LOL...
       When I couldn't even get a good shot of my yellow metallic threaded beauty I knew that enough was enough!! I was going to go from 'gently' to more dramatic measures! I mean...our Watchtowers were done for the meeting, it was already almost 12:00, our meeting would be at 3:00, and it would be dark by the time the meeting was over! Not to mention that there was only those few hours separating me and today.....Cyber Monday!!!....Oh Yeah! Yesterday was my last chance! I had to get some decent photos!...and it was a beautiful weather day in the backyard too!
      So I threw down the gauntlet! I reminded my hubby that it's been a long two weeks and that I know it's not the most important thing in the world, but that it's very important to me! And that if he loves me he'll want to see me calm and peaceful....not raving like some kind of broken record about photos...and photos...and photos...and PHOTOS!!!! Grrrr!...He agreed, but he sure wasn't happy about it!!
     He dropped whatever it was he was doing, and went into the backyard with Shequita and the bag with the headbands in them. For about an hour I didn't hear anything! Then he popped his head in and said: "Did you call me?!"...I said: "No!...But I did forget to give you this last headband I finished this morning!"
     He got a funny look on his face like he wanted to say something 'not so nice'...but he didn't say it! After 30 something years though...I know that look! O_O He was really not happy with me! And I felt kinda bad too...sorta. :-))
     Then he came back in and said something like: "Did you finish anymore headbands that I need to photograph?!...Are you sure?!"....O_0 Mr. Funny Man!!...I didn't answer him. I just politely took my camera out of his hand and gave him a look!! Just like the look he gave me earlier! LOL. He said: "What?" Then he smiled and walked away...Hmmmm....Why is he smiling?! O_0
      Well, now I know why he was smiling!! Look for yourself!...
      The headband with the tie string in the back...looks like Shequita is about to get a 'bowl' haircut!...
     But whatever! I'm not gonna complain too much about it. It's more useable than my photos!!...But wait! Look how he has Shequita wearing the hat I made!!...
      This is a floppy hat! It's suppose to flop down past the neck!....O_0 I see a trend here...
       I're thinking 'What's the big deal? They don't look that bad!'...And you would be right! THESE were the best of the bunch!! And thanks to my "ALERT! System's Overload!!" button in my head going off...there's now no evidence to prove my case that these were among the best of them!! O_O I got really mad and erased each and every one of them!
     I can tell you what they looked like though!...Shequita's eyelash, dangling strangely worse than it had before, was in every close up! And every close up was of Shequita wearing every single headband with my crocheted flower on the very top of her head!!!!!!!!!!! She looked like one of the African women of the Serengeti, coming back from the river, carrying a bowl of water on the top of her head!!! O_0 ...Oooooo! I was so mad!!!!!!
    I asked him why he did that, and said 'Where have you ever seen any woman wearing a headband with the flower on the top of her head?!!!' ...(Some of the shots had the flower lowered to directly in the middle of the forehead!!! Grrr!)
     He seemed surprised that I would say such 'not nice' things about his photos...especially after he stopped what he was doing to take them!...O_0 Uh Huh!!!...He says he was just trying to give me different looks, was all. He said: "You didn't tell me you wanted a particular kind of shot! I'm a man! How do I know how women are wearing their headbands!! I was just trying to do what you quick as I could!!"...I wasn't buying it!! It looked like a veiled attempt at argument-aggression to me! LOL
     As the night wore on though...I started to get the sense that maybe I over-reacted...He actually went out to 'Macy's' at the Mall...I thought he had gone to the store! look at the mannequins in the headband department to see what it was he did wrong...*hanging my head* :-( ...Apparently he was sincerely trying to style the photos up for me!! YIKES!!...Poor fashion devoid hubby. LOL
     I apologized profusely...'gently'. :-] And this morning all is well in the Wug household again!..He assured me that he'll make time and take some new shots, and he'll let me put the headbands on Shequita this time. He'll just take the pictures! ^_^ He said: "Was there any in there that you can use?! O_O"..."Yes there were, baby."...
        Of course...I didn't tell him that, depending on if anybody chooses one of them for the Giveaway, these might not ever make it to my shop anyway!...Sometimes, after the white flag has been to's better to leave well enough alone!! ^_^
      And even though Shequita's eyelash has a starring role in the header photo shot above...I still have a couple of shots of that headband I still might be able to use too!...
       As I said in the beginning of this post, it was probably just a case of disappointment and the two of us not understanding one another. What do you think?!...At any rate, war averted!.....Peace talks at Eleven! LOL


Have you ever been disappointed
by expectation not fulfilled?
Thinking someone would do something'
and finding no one really will?

Have you ever got so mad
that you didn't know what to do?
Where you knew you couldn't 'blow up'
because that really isn't 'You'?!

Have you ever wished that people
would behave a different way?
But you found that how they did things
was more thoughtless every day?

Have you ever been discouraged?
Have you struggled to hold on?
Have you maximized your patience,
and your 'wait-and-see' is gone?!

Yes, I've danced with disappointment.
Given frustration a nod.
But I've dealt with all of it
because I've always had my God.

He, for sure, is disappointed
at the things that men will do.
But if he can suffer through it,
then I know that I can too! 

{UPDATE!...I got a few better shots and listed 7 of the headbands in the shop,, today! WOOHOO!!!!! ^_^ I'm feeling so accomplished...and mentally exhausted!} 


  1. Okay, here's my honest opinion. Take it as it is.....I LOVE the photos YOU did! It really shows the headbands up! Those yellow ones (I'm very partial to yellow) are so pretty!!! Some of the ones that hubby did are pretty good too. Use them both!!
    I hope you sell a LOT of them today my friend! Better get busy and get them listed!!

  2. CinLynn, What?!!...You 'LIKE' my shots?! O_0 Okayyyyyy! That's a shocking statement to me. Maybe it's just my computer screen, but I think they're kinda hideous!! LOL I am gonna list them all today though...because I don't really have a choice if I want them to be seen at all!...And I'm kinda partial to the gold one too! Especially the flower. That was not the easiest flower to make!! Metallic thread is a twirling nightmare!!..Have a good day, Bead!! Sell pretty! ^_^

  3. I keep forgetting this: enter me

    Lol Wugs, I always say: "Communication is a 2 way street but I drive down the middle of the road so you better listen!" lol! I'm sure it was just a communication thing.

    (Hey, Mr. Wugs will never talk to me again, but how does he find the time to go to Macy's but not take your pictures! - War is back on! Or maybe you shouldn't share that with him...).

    Have a great Cyber Monday! Best wishes to tons of sales...

  4. I think your photo shots were better :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. lol...I do think we expect our Men to understand what we would like...but I understand how your frustration over those past couple of weeks had just gotten too much and then this was the last straw...
    Hang in there D, we're all in the same boat...just try not to rock it next time! THEY are very different to US.
    Happy Monday.

  6. Well I love the last shot!! Just sayin' !!!

  7. oh those look so pretty! love!

  8. Lisa, Before I say anything're entered! :-) Middle of the road girl, I think you're right! LOL It was just a miscommunication...And you had me laughing out loud when I read that comment about Mr. Wug and Macy's! ^_^ I think I may be responsible for that detour trip though. He really couldn't understand why I was so upset, and he was sure he was gonna be able to find some mannequins in Macy's sporting a headband with a flower on the top of their heads so he could say: "See!"...But...Uhhh....NOT!!! LOL...Thanks for the fun, Lisa! Have a good Cyber Monday yourself too!

  9. Bee happy, Awwwww! I thank you for the support, but I sure don't think so!! Not enough light and too edited I think. (Picassa) But the light was a little better today, so I got a few better shots. I've been listed headbands all day in my shop! :-)) Phew!!

  10. We Blog Artists, Yep! You're right...unfortunately. ^_^ And my Mr. Man is usually pretty good about knowing what I like! But I guess expecting him to know headband fashion and mannequin positioning was stretching it a bit! ^_^ ...I'll try to stay seated and not rock the boat so much next time! Ha! Ha!

  11. gill, Thanks for the input...Hubby will be happy to hear that. That's one of his! :-)

  12. kamana, Awwww! Thank you! ♥

  13. I liked your shots better...sorry to wonderful husband! I think the colors really don't give yourself enough credit! Hope you sell them all! (although I would love to win one!)

  14. yaya, Awwww! Clearly you guys are seeing something I don't see! It's not 'false modesty'. I think they look dark, fuzzy, over-edited!! I love the clear backyard shots in natural light...But I guess I should say....thank you?! LOL O_0 And who COULD win one!! ^_^

  15. I like your shots too. We all have bad days when taking photos. Some never turn out the way we hoped.
    You should use both yours & hubby's photos.

  16. LOL ;-) Im sorry but i did chuckle to myself first of all it seemed to me he was playing games and by not taking good shots you wouldn't ask him again ;-) But i have to say your shots were much better and clearer anyway. They look gorgeous and your shots show up the wool and the pattern etc beautiful. dee x

  17. Jo-anne, Thanks for the encouragement, Jo. I tried to do just that! In fact, I got a few better shots of my own yesterday...perfect lighting. :-] Have a good rest of the day!

  18. delia, Yeah...^_^...that's what I thought too, Dee!! I was sure he was trying to prevent future requests! LOL But apparently not. He's just not a very good stylist! I should have known though. I did have clues in the past!! ^_^ ...Anyway, thank you for the complements on my 'jacked-up' photos!! LOL

  19. Personally I like the shots you took. I also don't think I would have much patience after two weeks.
    It's nice he went out to look at other models. Still I think you are right. Then again I was only married for 6 yrs. lol Couldn't stand it.

  20. Susan, Ha! Ha! I'm really floored at how everyone seems to think my photos look better!! ^_^ But I thank you for the support anyway!...And you're right. It was very sweet of him to go to the store to see what headbands look like on mannequins! :-) He's a very good hubby. Fashion challenged, but otherwise a gem! :-]


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