Friday, November 4, 2011

You Ever Have A Day.......?

       UGH!...You know it's not gonna be good when your day starts with "UGH!" And, almost from beginning to end, that's how my yesterday was...UGH! It just seemed that not much felt right...Not much sounded right...Not much was said right...And not much looked right! It was just an 'UGH'-y Yucky day!!
       And to make matters worse there's also gonna be no 'Virtual' Friday Date Night' now either!! :-( It's a long angry story...which I'm not in the mood to talk about right now! And that oughta tell you something!! LOL All I can say is that some days you wish you just had a 'do-over' and yesterday was one of those days!!
      I'm determined that today is gonna be a better day though....Determined I tell you!!! LOL And the best place to start in that endeavor is with things that make me happy to look at! :-) Let's start with these...
         ...Love Bowls! :-) Words...softness...and color!! The perfect thing to look at on a day when you're missing your 'Date Night' because of work related issues from yesterday....UGH!....Oh! I said I wasn't gonna talk about it, didn't I?! O_O Sorry...Moving on......!
        Now, there's no story behind why this makes me happy...
          ...It just does!...And I think any new mommy, old mommy, and baby mommy would be happy with it too! It's definitely gonna go on my list of things to buy for anyone I know whose 'expecting'!...So, friends, if you have a new one on the way 'fess up'! Now would be the time!! :-) ...What a great gift idea, huh?!
       And while we're on the subject of babies...and No! I'm not trying to tell you anything!!!! LOL...when I saw these little blue, gray and black plaid baby shoes my baby-less heart skipped a little beat. :-]
        I confess...most of the time I'm good with the decision hubby and I made to not have children, but sometimes, like when I see baby things like this.....! Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to have another voice around here. Another voice that would 'love their mama' and agree with their mama all the time...on all things!! ^_^
         As you can tell...I'm 'ALMOST' over it!!! ^_^
         I saw this in one of my searches on Etsy and I almost wanted to break into a chorus of John Paul Young's song, 'Love is in the air'!! ^_^ And I probably 'will' do that...tomorrow night. Not tonight, on the 'Date Night' that won't be a 'Date Night' at all! Grrrr!....Ummmm...O_0 I'm really not good at this 'NOT' talking about stuff thing, am I?! :-))
        Well, let me talk about this...
       It's a gray tweed Messenger Bag by MariForssell!
       I love the look of it...I love all of the compartments in it...I love the design.....I just love it!! :-)
       Now all I have to do is transfer some of this 'bag love' back over to 'Mr. Man' today....and I'm good! ^_^ The truth the end of every day, no matter how annoyed I get, I still love him...Just give me the rest of today to be the wordy, annoyed 'ME'...okay!! LOL
       Have a good one Everybody!...and if you need to apologize and get over it for me too please! LOL .....Phew!! I'm so glad yesterday is over!!!

 You Ever Have A Day?

You ever have a day when everything you do goes wrong?
When every hour in the day seems very very long?

You ever have a day when everything you say that's right....
gets misconstrued and turned around and people wanna fight?!

You ever have a day that if you think of it again...
just makes your body quiver and you want the thought to end?

You ever wanna fix things, but you couldn't find a way...
even though you'd said that 'Things will be different today!'?

Well, that was me, and I am thankful that was yesterday! 


  1. I think your poem says it all Wug. I have days like that too and when I (and hubby) do, it's usually cuz one of us (or both) are tired. A good nights rest usually ends the feud. Of course we apologize!!
    I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday my friend. I hope today is better.
    I've had a bad week all in all. A dear brother in the other cong. died on Weds. from a brain tumor. Took him real fast. He cried every time any of us went to see him. He was so thankful for being a part of our organization and for having a God that loved him so much. I feel for his family....deeply. He will be missed.
    Okay...enough about my week. We're talking about your day here....Hang in there and maybe it'll work for you to have your date night tomorrow! You never know!
    Take care my friend and have a better day today!


  2. aahhh i hope you feel and have a better day today and tomorrow. The only picture i could see for some reason was the cats at the end but how cute. Take lots of care, dee x

  3. CinLynn, Thank you Bead! :-) That was an impromptu poem...on the fly! It came very easy...And good company for breakfast and a good morning's nap works wonders...just saying. ^_^ ...I was so sorry to hear about our dear brother's passing. I'm sure he'll be missed terribly. :-( I can see how that would put a damper on your week. It makes my silly disagreement and a missed date night seem kind of it was. Thank you...and have a good rest of the day, my friend.

  4. delia, Thank you so much for the encouragement. :-) I am feeling better and looking forward to a better weekend upcoming now...I don't know why you're not able to see the photos! :-( Something on your computer may be getting ready to update! That's what it does on mine. So annoying!!...Have a good rest of the day, Dee!

  5. Oh I loved the poem.Yes I have felt that way.Glad it isnt real often LOL.

    Thanks for your visit today.I loved your response to the blog.Blessings!

  6. Becky, Awww! I'm glad you could relate to my 'spur-of-the-moment' poem. Sometimes just saying what's on your mind is the easiest!...And it was my pleasure commenting on your post. It was a very thoughtful post...Have a good weekend!

  7. You had me at UGH! giggle, thank goodness each new day is a do over. You featured some lovely things my friend. Biggest Hugs!

  8. Katherines Corner, Ha! Ha! I'm glad I could make you giggle. LOL And you're so right about every day being a 'do-over'. ^_^ Have a good weekend too Katherine!

  9. Deb, yes I have had those type of days too. Lately they seem to be mooshing all together. I have had a week. Sorry that I have not commented on your posts almost all week. I've had sick dogs, and the oldest dog has now become incontinent Kathy...Urrrgh. I've been trying to get our house ready for winter (plastic on the windows, heavier curtains put up, car winterized, etc.). Some of your poems really hit home this week and opened my eyes. Thank you writing them.Wow you were hit with such a big snow storm. Hope your doing fine. Loved the boxes and the picture frames. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Time to go and get the new printer/scanner installed. Sorry about your date night but try and Have a Great Evening anyway!!!!!!!

  10. I'm sorry the event you refuse to mention didn't happen this week. I'm like Annie.."the sun will come out tomorrow" hang in there! I'm trying to feel bad about your day but I'm still laughing at the comment you made about having another voice around the house to agree with you and tell you that they love you every day...I have 4 kiddos (now all grown and gone)and that never has happened! Well, Ok, they do say they love me on a regular basis but that doesn't mean they agreed with me! The baby items you posted are so cute! Oh wait, that just reminded me about that comment again and I'm laughing all over....have a great weekend!

  11. SnowflakeDreams1, Oh Yes! You have had some of those days! WOW! An incontinent doggie! I know how much fun that is! O_0 It's very tough when they get to that stage of their life. I'm feeling for you...and him. :-( ... As to the winterizing thing, Yep! I'm with you on that too! But you're doing a whole lot more than what we have to do here. Ours is mostly taking air conditioners out of windows and winterizing the car. I'm in denial about winter coming...even though October's storm tried to knock me into reality!! LOL About the poems...Vel, I'm so happy that you can find something in them that you can relate to. I think all of us hope that when we talk someone will listen, and you always let me know that I'm being heard...literally speaking. I really appreciate it. :-] Have a good weekend, Velma!

  12. yaya, :-)) Thanks for the encouragement, "Annie"! ^_^ And you were right. The sun did come out tomorrow...I mean today!...even though I 'STILL' didn't have another voice around here to agree with me that it actually was out!! LOL Thankfully I get many 'love yous' to make up for it too. :-) And I can just see you sitting there giggling at my 'baby' comments!!!...Have a good weekend, Yaya! :-]

  13. I do hope you have a better day today. Sorry yesterday did not go well for you. I have days like that too. I just want a do over. xxxxxx

  14. Susan, Thank you. :-) I did have a better day yesterday! The 'do-over' thing needs some tweaking though. ^_^

  15. Oh Wugs! You made me laugh about having another voice to always agree with you, although it's more like another voice to always disagree with you!!! I too have 'one of these days' on some of these days! The best part is the next day is a chance to start all over again!

  16. Lisa, Ha! Ha! I didn't think about the fact that other voices in the house could 'disagree with their mama'!! O_0 No! I don't need other disagreeing voices! So maybe the choice we made really was a good one after all! LOL...I agree with you though about the best part of the next day being that it's good for a 'do-over'! ^_^ What would we do without days like that, huh?!


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