Friday, November 25, 2011

You Might Not Like This One! O_O

(Leann Arthur)
      Okay..I know that to some of you my next words are gonna sound 'wrong' and 'bad', but I'm gonna say it anyway! ^_^ ...It's around this time of the year...every year!...that I am "SO" thankful that I don't celebrate the holidays!!! LOL 
     No disrespect to those of you who do...and love it...but I can say with the utmost clarity that being able to quietly go on with my life, and my schedule, just the same way as I always do...and not now have to worry about store and grocery lines...
            ...(I can fry hotdogs and be perfectly happy! ^_^)...and not have to fight crowds,...and not have to deal with unappreciative out-of-town relatives,...and not have to spend tons of money that we can't afford to part with,...and not have to cook and clean constantly with people underfoot...and not have to harness and wrangle all of the relative's children while the relatives sleep away the day!...has me in a peaceful, calm mood right now! :-)...And, 'mind you', I can say this even with a funeral coming up on the weekend!!
     I debated about doing this post, especially since I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to be disrespectful or 'holier than thou'! But usual...I said to myself: "Why can't I say how I feel about it?!"...and so I decided to! ^_^
     Don't get me wrong, I think that families getting together on a regular basis, giving each other gifts, and even eating good a great thing! In fact, back when I used to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was the main one in the house that used to REALLY get into it!! I remember baking cornbread stuffing and pies for days before the holidays..and I loved it!
      I was a non-sleeping, Christmas light stringing, festive decorating, apron wearing, food eating and baking fool!!!  ^_^ And I reveled in the anticipation of guests coming in from out of town, making the house all twinkly and clean, and having the smell of cinnamon, oranges and baked bread wafting through the hallways!
     So I understand why people get into it so much!...But, as with all things, knowledge changes things. I now see a lot of things from more than just the emotion of how it all made me feel. Now I know, from my study of the Bible, how my God really feels about the holidays...and it's not what you might think!!...(and yes I know..nobody asked me! ^_^ But if you want to know the particulars about my beliefs as one of Jehovah's obligation...just email me)...and I now also know the statistics on loneliness and suicide around this time of the year too.
      There are lots of 'not so great' things about it, in my opinion (and you are free to disagree without argument from me) people spending beyond their means, and being in debt for the rest of the year; people being unappreciative and hypocritical in the receiving and giving of gifts,...
          ...sometimes buying things 'just because' and not because of love; The teaching of children to be materialistic and selfish, rather than self-sacrificing and of service to others.
      As I said in the beginning of this post, I know that to some of you this sounds 'wrong' and 'bad'. And it may even sound like I'm trying to look down my nose at people...which...I assure you...I'm not!! I'm just much more aware of the whole story about the holidays now than I used to be years ago. And I'm aware that just because one person may look at things a certain way, doesn't mean everybody sees it the same as you do!
      But nope! No 'Black Friday' shopping for me today. No store and grocery lines where I'm fighting people over the best deal, or the newest and latest toy or gizmo. No screaming, over-tired children underfoot while I try to do laundry for my guests. No frazzled nerves while I try to find some kind of quiet spot to read or least a little!...
          ...No non-stop football games on the T.V. and  no turkey and stuffing leftovers to have to plan meals out of for the rest of the week!....Okay, so that's not such a great thing! LOL
     I've never shared this poem with you before. I wrote it many years ago though. I hope you read it in the spirit of which I'm sharing it...And have a good rest of the day everybody! :-)

A Reason, Not The Season

On December 24th,
here in the U.S.A.
people are preparing
to have fun on Christmas day.

But what I learned from the Bible
contradicts the yule-tide hype.
Jesus was Not born on Christmas,
and snow men Don't smoke a pipe.

All the killing of the trees,
and the endless time that's spent
hanging ornaments and wreaths
so your house will have pine scent.

All the carols about Christ-
at "THIS" One time of the year;
But when you bring up Christ in June,
nobody really wants to hear!

There's  so much sentiment that's felt
over lights and mistletoe.
What about the way that God
feels about the world's spiritual low!

During this time of the year
there's  more depression, anger, stress-
Folks committing suicide-
Is this a season that is blessed?!

They give gifts, because they should,
and rarely like the things they get;
because you didn't  spend enough,
or what they got just doesn't fit.

There's  something wrong with a season
that teaches children everything
about just thinking of themselves,
and how much Santa's  gonna bring.

Its not politically correct
to say that Santa is a lie,
or that learning what is true
in God's  word is best to try.

Nobody really wants to hear
that they should not go into debt,
buying things they can't  afford,
when last year's  things aren't  paid for yet!

Please learn about my God, Jehovah,
read the Bible, stretch your mind.
Live your life as true, good people
leave all false, bad things behind.

Instead of just at Christmastime,
spend every day of every year
being kind to other people,
spreading joy and love and cheer.


  1. Amen!!

    Nice post my friend! Have a great Friday!

  2. I'm in the UK so I don't really understand Thanksgiving!

  3. It's refreshing to hear someone actually share their real opinion. Personally,I learned a long time ago to celebrate these holidays in my own way. Both my husband and I do it for ourselves, not to impress anyone. We don't spend beyond our means, wait in long lines for "stuff", eat until we can't move. That is NOT what it's all about. The true meanings of these holidays has become so distorted by all the hype and I find that to be very sad.

  4. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! I knew you'd understand Bead!! ^_^ Have a good day yourself too!

  5. gill, It's got a lot of components. I can see why it would be tough to understand...We can be thankful every day though.

  6. trusk4u, I think most people would prefer to not talk about it at all. I hadn't intended to get that deeply into myself! I wasn't trying to preach...just talk! LOL But of course for me the understanding of the holidays has an even deeper level to understand, being that I'm a Bible student and know the origin of them. But I also can see why some people would prefer not to look that deeply...Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. :-]

  7. Hi, im not going to judge you about your views we are all entitled to our own. And some of the things you have written about i agree with. But to me xmas is about sharing special times with family and friends and sharing what you have. I do love this time of year to me its magical. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  8. delia, Hello! Yes I know that some people view it that way. I think it's too bad that that same spirit of love and family isn't worked at by all families every day. Wouldn't that be even better?!...And as I said in the post, there are other things about the holidays and how God actually looks at them that frankly have more to do with why I don't celebrate them...But I think that family and good food is fabulous! :-) Thanks for sharing, Dee. And have a good weekend! :-)

  9. Wugs, as usual I love your honesty!

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  10. Lisa, Awwww! Thanks Grimm Grete!! ♥ You have a good weekend too!


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