Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Virtual Date Night'...Where The Volcano and the Quadrille Meet!

      If you recognize the view in this beautiful photograph...not taken by non-photograph taking me I might add! LOL...then you know where we went for our 'Virtual Date Night' last night! :-) 

           It's St Lucia!!...
             ...An island country in the eastern Caribbean sea, part of the lesser Antilles, where the culture has been influenced by African, East Indian, French and English heritage. And where one of the secondary languages is Creole, a form of French patois.
       The majority of tourists visit Saint Lucia as part of a cruise, but we're not your average tourist!...*Teehee*...We have our own form of travel! ^_^ But like tourists, we have some favorite sites that we loved the drive-in volcano, Sulfur Springs (at Soufrière)...
           It's the "world's only drive in volcano"! According to scientists, it's supposed to erupt in around 100 years and the impact of it can wipe out 3/4 of St Lucia!....Yikes! We're glad we weren't visiting then!! Ha! Ha!
          The water boils at 212 Fahrenheit, but the super heated steam is hotter, at 340 Fahrenheit!...The black color in the tar there is caused by a chemical reaction between the sulfur and iron. And it has colorful mineral deposits that decorate the volcano.  
         Up until the mid-1990s, tourists used to be able to walk right up to the end of the tar pits, but after an accident where a local tour guide fell through the crust into a pit and received third degree burns over most of his body, viewing is now restricted to a platform a few feet away...That's where we viewed it from too!...YIKES!
        But there was certainly other things to see and do also... 

         The 'world's leading honeymoon destination' has mountain hikes, rain forest adventures, and twin peaks...the  Pitons!!...

           Tropical weather and scenery, numerous beaches and resorts,...

           ...the Botanical Gardens, Pigeon Island National Park,  and the majestic Pitons. What else could you ask of a great place to spend a scenic 'Date Night'?!! :-)
          I know what else you could ask for!....Music and dancing, and food!! :-) ...First, the national dish of St Lucia,  Green Fig and Salt Fish Pie...(you can click on the link to see a video of how it's made. The sound is not that good on it...just saying.)...And don't look for actual figs in the recipe...^_^...It's made with green bananas, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese, bread crumbs and salt fish. It's made sorta like a Shepard's Pie, and it looks delicious!! 
     And then there was music!! :-) ...
             The biggest festival of the year in St Lucia is the Saint Lucian Jazz Festival, held in early May at multiple venues throughout the island. It draws visitors and musicians from around the world.
         And, as to dancing,...with Caribbean music genres such as Calypso, Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Compas, Zouk and Salsa,...Saint Lucia has a strong indigenous folk music tradition...But we learned a new kind of dancing there too...the Quadrille!            

          Oh Yeah!!!!...(And don't miss the baby at the end of this one! ^_^)...

       So, our trip to St Lucia was a blast!! :-) ... Today, it's back to reality...a haircut for Mr. Wug; a visit from his sister; taking flowers, pictures, and hugs to 'Peaches' family;...(and a poem which I'm debating on sharing with's down below)...and a custom ordered headband that will be just what I need to be doing with myself afterwards! distract me again! (a turquoise headband, with a magenta flower!)
     I'll show you the picture of the custom headband tomorrow, along with photos of the one I just finished. I'm working on a scarf to go with that one right now finish up the rest of the leftover yarn.
     I love crocheting...and I'm thankful for it this weekend!...What are you gonna be doing?!

How Do You Start A Conversation?

How do you start a conversation
abut someone you've loved and lost
without evoking tears and sad faced
memories of bridges crossed?

I know!...You start with smiles and laughter,
as 'Peaches' would've had us do.
A simple, loving. "Shut Up Shirley!",
and a game of 'Spades' where time just flew!

You talk of love for God Jehovah.
Sister love that few have known;
The love of parents, nieces, nephews,
cousins, food...A life well owned!

You speak of all the times she listened,
and the hearts that she has touched.
All the good advice she's given,
and how she's loved so very much.

So, how do you start a conversation
about someone that was your friend?
You write a poem while you're crying,
that you know you'll read again.


  1. Not the UK then????
    It looks like a great place to visit!

  2. gill, Nope! Not this time! LOL And yes, it was a great place to visit!

  3. One of our Docs had his honeymoon there and has gone back to visit a few times..with the same woman he married then! It looks so beautiful and the pic of the sunny beaches and water..well, I'm ready to go! I think you should share your poem. It's written with love and affection for a dear friend and I could feel that when I read it. Not much going on this weekend but outside yard work and Church. Plus some rest to get ready for the new work week. Hope you have a grand weekend!

  4. What a gorgeous place to go! Sheesh .. ANOTHER place to add to my ever growing list! :)
    Had an audition today, did dishes and tomorrow I have a new bed coming ... pretty happy about that. Not a huge weekend but a good one! :)

  5. St Lucia looks like a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing another lesser known place. You should be a tourism ambassador because of all the great places you share :D

  6. Lovely spot to visit!! It is so wonderful you and your husband have a special night together.

  7. yaya, How nice...about your Doc! It 'is' a great honeymoon spot! :-)...Thanks for the encouragement about the poem too. I think I may...Don't work too hard in the yard. Get some rest. New weeks come REAL FAST!! :-]

  8. Cobalt Violet, Ha! Ha! Our list is getting longer every day too! ^_^ ...What were you auditioning for?!...Whatever it was, now...with your new can 'sleep-on-it'! LOL Have a good rest of the weekend!

  9. Jo-anne, Oooo! A tourism ambassador! :-)) I never thought of that, but yeah! I could do that!!...And we actually have friends who are from St Lucia, so we felt like we knew the place even before our trip because of them. But we didn't!! It was nice finding out all kinds of nice info about it...I thank all of you for playing along with me every week while I tell you about our 'virtual dates'. :-]

  10. Susan, Awwww! What a nice comment. Thank you! :-)

  11. Thanks for using my photo. We went there on our honeymoon two years ago and fell in love. It's a beautiful place. I would recommend it to anyone.

  12. Smange, It was my pleasure!! :-) And thanks for sharing about your honeymoon too! You got a beautiful shot for sure!


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