Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Should I Wade Into The 'Ebay' Waters?!

        If you saw my post yesterday about the photo headband wars between hubby and I, you might appreciate my next installment on that subject...in a minute. But first I have to get some help with something!
     My girlfriend has a mink stole she wants to sell...on Ebay, if I can muster it!...I'm lost over there!! O_0 Have any of you 'sold' on Ebay?!...I never have. I've bought!...and I look around at stuff over there all the time! But when I tried to go and list her beautiful stole...Aargh!!...Confusion!!! Please help me, any of you who have 'sold' something there. What is it that I should know?!
     Here's what I'm trying to list for her...
         It's a beautiful soft silver mink stole...pre-owned obviously. It measures 80 inches (204 cm) across the bottom, when it's stretched out...and 20 inches (51 cm) at the widest point. 
       Just in case I can't figure out Ebay's site...which I'm really trying to do with every fiber of my gray-haired and gray-celled brain!...I'm gonna put all of the particulars in this post! :-)
      It's a beautiful stole, worth...according to some of the similar ones on Ebay...up to $500 or $600. She's only asking for $300 though!
         It has a little sewing issue with a loose lining in a couple of places along the bottom edge...
          Nothing unfix-able. It's not damaged. Just loose!...With her schedule I think it's just something she'd rather not have to deal with if she doesn't have to right now! {But I'm sure she'd sew it up for someone if they really wanted her too...and they were willing to pay the extra for her aggravation...She's a fabulous seamstress!}
        With it being so soft and beautiful, it certainly would be well worth it!! 
      It has some great points of interest too!...like four little snaps (I'll show you what those are for in a minute),...and the inside attached straps, so that it doesn't just slip off of your shoulders when you're wearing it. (see photo below) {At least that's what we figured they were for! ^_^}...

       And it has the cutest three-cluster flowers stitched all over the inside lining!...
    It's kind of a unique feature as far as we could tell, the three-cluster flowers I mean. We didn't see any on Ebay like it!...
         It also has this detailed ruffling along the inside edge of the stole

      ...Other details are the monogrammed lettering...{I suppose this could be removed...or replaced with the owners initials if they wanted.} I'm only mentioning it for complete disclosure.
      The tag in the collar says 'Astmann Furs Springfield Mass'...
        This is what it looks like when it's hanging down straight...

      ...but if you snap the four snaps you can wear it like this!...
        It makes a cozy warm pouch on both sides to keep your hands warm when it's chilly!!...
      Isn't that great! :-) People are so clever!...If any of you wanna take it off my hands and save me some Ebay trouble just leave me a comment below as to how I can contact you.
     Now...back to the post subject I did yesterday! ^_^ The more I read your comments, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my hubby's lack of fashion styling ability with my headbands shouldn't have been a big surprise to me!...And that's what he's been laughing and saying to me ever since this whole subject came up! LOL
    The truth is...he's taken photos of my scarves in the past that I never showed to you! In fact, most of them I just erased!! ^_^ When I looked through my photos this morning I realized that I hadn't erased all of them.
     This is a photo of my Sweater Scarf that's now in my Wuglyees shop...
      These are the photos he 'styled' and I never used!...
        I debated...agonized...about this next one (below), but I did put this shot in the 5 in the shop...
          I agonized about it because...if you bought the scarf you wouldn't be able to wear it like this! LOL...*shaking my head*
    Somebody bought this next one (below)...probably because they never saw it styled like this! LOL...
      And do you remember my Black and White Button Wrap Shawl?!
        ...Well, you never saw it like this!...
         So, there you go! Proof that my hubby was just being 'him'!...and I was in the wrong...I said it. I was wrong!...Sorry honey. :-) ...Yes, I do know how to apologize. I just don't get much practice because I don't have to do it often! ^_^
      Okay, that's all I got today...except to say don't forget to enter the headband Giveaway. And please tell me what your color preference is too!...Also, please be here tomorrow if you're interested in hearing the tale of hubby's trip to the dentist yesterday! :-)) I think it's worth a visit!...Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)


"I'm sorry" doesn't roll like butter
from my wordy tongue.
Maybe it's because it tried a few times
and got hung!

Maybe it's because
 I like my sentences to be long.
Or maybe it's because
I need more practice being wrong!


  1. Good luck with ebay, like you I have bought but not sold, love the stole so vintage!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Bee Happy, Thank you...but I was sure I was about to get some help!! LOL Thanks for the nice words about the stole too. I agree. It's beautiful!...Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  3. I've never done ebay. Bought, but never sold. My son has and says it's really easy. I couldn't figure it out either. Hope you can sell it!


  4. CinLynn, Oh boy....you neither, huh?! I'm not doing too good here! ^_^ Your son must be a computer whiz!!...You're entered. I KNOW how to do that! LOL

  5. I sold there long ago but I'm sure it's changed by now, as all things do.

    I rather like the 'hubby styled' photos of the last shawl, lol!

  6. Artisan Originals, Ah!...Thanks for the input. It looks like I'm on my own here!! LOL...And hubby will be so pleased that somebody liked his 'stylings'! Maybe I'm just too picky...That could be! ^_^

  7. Hey Wugs, I tried ebay for a few things, I'm sure it works for some, but it didn't work for me. I found it to be expensive and talk about getting lost in a crowd - wow!

    But I believe everyone needs to try something themselves to see if it's right for them. So my advice would be to give it a try and see if it works. (and if it does, I'll be waiting to hear your secrets! lol)

    Have a great evening!

  8. Lisa, Thanks for the input anyway...but it's not sounding too encouraging! LOL Your input makes me wanna run in the opposite direction!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  9. Sorry I'm just getting to your posts now but I've been a teeny bit busy. Did you manage to get that stole listed on ebay? I've never sold anything on there myself I just buy stuff.
    I love the way that scarves & wraps look in the photos. You've certainly come up with some styles that I never would have thought of :)

  10. Jo-anne, No apologies necessary! I'm happy WHENEVER you stop by. :-) And no, I didn't get the stole listed on ebay yet. I'm hoping maybe to do it today while my friend is here. We can do it together. Maybe her brain will be working better than mine! LOL...Thanks about the scarves too. Although some of the styles have much to be desired!! ^_^


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