Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Sunday Already!

       WOW! Where did the weekend go?!...Especially yesterday?! It felt like I was up really early and focused on arrangements, and this and that, and an old east was gone! 
       I guess it could've been worse. It could've been a somber, dragging day. My memories and tears could have rolled themselves up in a ball and imploded!!....I'm glad that didn't happen. Instead, this morning....I have a sorta smile on my face, and I'm glad a new day has begun again.
        I have to apologize to you all though, that I didn't read any blogs, or respond to your comments or emails yesterday! Sorry, but I was so tired last night that it's a wonder I was still able to form sentences...never mind read and think!...But rest assured I'll get to that right after I get this post up! Even the thought of me not replying to your comments makes me ill! My southern upbringing I think. :-]
     In just missing one day...ONE DAY!...I feel like it's gonna take forever for me to catch up with myself! Just listen to what I have to do today now....
    --I've got to answer your comments and emails...I HAVE TO!! LOL
    --I've got to read and catch up on your blogs.
     --I've got to wrap and send two headbands that I sold last night....Woohoo!!! That was a nice surprise! My first ones sold online!...
     --I've got to wash my sweaty hair...a project I don't look forward too, with my tired self...and my piles of Rapunzel-like locks...*Teehee*!....Maybe I'll wait until later! :-)
    --I've got to pay my quarterly taxes....Aargh! I hate going on that site!
    --I've got to find out whether I'm allowed to sell a silver mink stole....My friend and I were looking to put it on Ebay and saw that someone else that was selling theirs made a point of saying that theirs was not 'wild', that it wasn't on the endangered species list! O_O What?!...How do you find out if your silver mink stole is wild or not?!......UGH! And is that a pre-requisite for selling it?...More reading!
    --I've got to write a thank you card for the delicious meal that some friends, two brothers,  made and shared with hubby and I this week. :-) It was the most delicious meal we've eaten in a while, eggplant parmesan, garlic bread, and strawberry shortcake! :-) And they made up a whole professional-looking French-style menu and everything!..."Thank you 'Brothers Bistro'! :-] The meal was delicious! And your thoughtfulness and encouragement for our tough week was even more precious to us! ♥ {Shhhhh! I'm sending them both some scarves I made! :-)}
     --I've got to finish another pink headband for the Giveaway...I finished another gray one already. And some other ones too! Including a yellow one...
          You can't see it very well, but I ran a metallic gold thread through this one too...
          ...and I made the flower on it just out of the metallic thread. :-) It's a fashion headband. Hopefully, if I get it photographed...something else that's on the 'To Do' list today!...I'll be able to show it to you tomorrow.....{By the way, only 4 more days before the Giveaway drawing!! Don't forget to enter. Details are linked to the picture of the headband on the right hand sidebar...or you can just click on the word Giveaway in this sentence. :-))}
     --And lastly, I've got to make some phone calls to some friends I got re-connected with yesterday...Funerals are an odd thing. Someone has died, but you get to see friends that you haven't seen in forever! You see little ones that have grown up into 'big ones'...hear the stories of all of the health challenges people have been dealing with, unbeknownst to you!...*I found out that one of my old friends has actually gone blind!! :-( * hear about how the economy is affecting people...(Some have changed jobs, some are contemplating moving to another state.)...And you see and feel the love for you in all of the tears, smiles, held hands, and hugs of people who have known you for years, and who miss you terribly!...As you also miss them. Note to self: KEEP IN TOUCH BETTER!!!!
     Hubby's got his own list of things to do today too, which include doing some shredding, filing, and organizing. I don't think we're gonna see each other much...except for a wave and a smile today. Good thing we were able to have that quick trip to 'virtual' San Francisco on Friday! :-)
     The whole weekend has flown! I really can't believe it's Sunday already!! Monday is gonna be back around so quick!!

For all the Mondays

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the Fall leaves gently falling down;
For all the wet soil, caked and brown,
and all the worms it must have drowned;

For all the honking, and chatty sound
from all the folks scurrying round the town;
For aching feet and hearts that pound;
and lists and nerves to be unwound;

For bags and keys that hit the ground,
when well-tired bodies fall in a mound;
For deals and prices that do astound,
and all well worth it, pound for pound;

For all the Mondays that come around,
and all the weekends gone with a frown;
For adjectives needed, not just a noun,
Much thanks to Mondays that come around.      


  1. I'm glad things went well for you yesterday. It's hard to say goodbye (for now) to those you love. But as you said, it IS good to catch up with people you haven't seen in awhile.
    Now on to a new day....Sunday! Yes the weekend has flown by for sure!!
    That yellow headband is so pretty Wug! Good job! And congrats on the sales!! Maybe headbands are your niche for now!!
    Have a great day and a great meeting!

  2. CinLynn, Thanks, Bead! I like that I can count on you always to know and totally understand me, my sister. :-] And thanks for the nice words about the yellow headband too!...Have a good rest of this fast-moving Sunday, my friend! ♥

  3. Hi! Love those headbands.I didnt know you had rapunzel like hair haha.I loved that.

    Thanks for the visit and laughing with me.Its great when you know someone is honest.Some people dont know how to laugh so your comment was well apreciated my friend.Love the poem,where did Thanksgiving go????


  4. Becky, Aww! Thanks! I'm so happy for the feedback!...And yes, Rapunzel-like, long and thick and a pain in the neck to wash! But, of course, I don't want to cut it! *Teehee* And you keep up your drawing! Have fun with it. Life is short! LOL

  5. I'm glad that things went well for you at the funeral. It was good that you got to catch up with old friends. It's just a shame that it was under such sad circumstances.

    That metallic thread looks pretty. It's a shame that the photos didn't show it properly. I have the same problems when taking photos they don't always show how pretty things really are. Oh well :)

  6. Jo-anne, Yes, things went okay. Now I just have to be sure to keep in contact. It's so sad how fast time can fly when you don't see your friends every day, and there's long distances between you...And you're so right about the photos not showing things as they are. I haven't given up on trying to get a good shot of it though! :-)) Although, knowing me, it could take a while!! ^_^


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