Wednesday, December 21, 2011


       Besides good sleeping, good eating...I got a gift of a box of Russell Stovers Chocolates yesterday!! :-)..., good watching of T.V. (I watched repeat episodes of 'Storage Wars' and stayed away from the news!), and a good time spent helping my girlfriend prepare a 5 minute Bible talk/performance that she has to perform this Thursday, my Tuesday was pretty I like it!! ^_^
      Today is NOT gonna be uneventful! We've got rain coming today, and snow and ice coming tomorrow! So I've got to get some crocheting done before my fingers get that gnarly mangled feel and I can't make my crochet hook do what I want it to do! LOL Who knows...maybe the weather will be good to me this time and just bother OTHER people!....Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking!
       You don't know how thankful I am that my eyes will still be working though!! :-) I love looking around and finding out what the creative people of Etsy are doing right now!...Do you wanna see what I'm loving right now?!....What?!...Your eyes are working too, right?! ^_^
       The raccoon figurine in the header photo was the first thing that caught my eye! Soooo cute!! :-) But as I continued to look around, my eyes had a feast..of things for my ears!!...
         Things for my refrigerator door...
        Things for my bedroom...

      Things for my neck...

       Things for my dog...Okay, not for "my" dog. I don't have one! LOL But I know someone who would love it!! :-) ...
      Things for holding my jewelry...

        Things for putting away all of my OTHER jewelry!....Shhhh! Hubby may, or may not, know that I still have more jewelry than he's aware of, and that I need somewhere inconspicuous to put it! LOL...

      Things to put on my feet....I don't really need to explain this one, do I ladies?! :-) ...

      Things to decorate my wall...and just to look at....

      And things for my hubby too! For his 'Man Cave'...
       *hanging my head*....Okay...confession...that sign was for me too! "I love you Dallas Cowboys!!!!!" ^_^ *blowing kisses to the team*...Hubby's team is the Rams. This shop didn't have a sign for them. 
           But there was something else for him!...
       And look at that! It's just big enough to hold all the money he'll need to carry, in order to get all the 'things' I've been spending my time looking at!! LOL
      I guess I better get back to work on my crocheting, so I can 'bring on some bacon' too! I mean...I still have to pay for my living! LOL Although it doesn't cost anything to look! ^_^
      Do something fun with your eyes and have a good day everybody! :-)


We take our eyes for granted
until some 'boo boo' mars our view.
Then we find ourselves short-sighted
with less things that we can do.

The thought of losing sight,
and seeing life just like before,
is scary, and can shake our confidence
right to the core.

To make our eyes feel better
we would do most anything.
Some eye salve or a hot pack,
even ointments that will sting.

To, every day, appreciate
the eyes that help us see
(and keeping those sharp objects
out of their proximity),

That's what we should be doing,
give those 'Peepers' some respect!
Especially since they get it
when we're sticking out our neck.     


  1. It is great to take some time for eye candy. You have shared some really nice creations. I especially love the magnets and those awesome shoes. Thank you for including my wallet by the way :-) --- Now get back to work!

  2. Sewlutions' World, Yep! Every once in a while you have to work the eyes...'visual exercise' I like to call it. LOL Thanks for contributing to the view! :-]

  3. Anonymous12/21/2011

    Aww that dog bowl is so cute! Thank you for including my earrings!

  4. Lara Lewis, I know!! I think it's cute too!...and so is that pretty green of your earrings too :-)

  5. Anonymous12/21/2011

    Great assortment of fun stuff, love your blog! Thanks for including my shoes!

  6. Anonymous (lookinglasshouse), Thank you for the nice words about the blog. And thank you for letting me share your shoes. I love them!! :-)

  7. Deb, Thank you for sharing all the wonderful items that you found on Etsy. Wow another thing we have in common. GO Dallas!!!! We have bright sunshine today woo hoo!! The last week has been so grey but we still have not had any snow. Please enter me. Stay warm and safe. Have a Great Day!!!!!!

  8. SnowflakeDreams1, Hello!..It was my pleasure to share them. It's one of my favorite things to do. And there's never any lack of something to share. People are so creative!...And you're kidding! You're a Dallas fan too?! ^_^ ... Go Cowboys!!...Enjoy your sunshine. You know it's not gonna last! :-)) By the way, you're entered.

  9. I would definitely call these things eye candy! I love the raccoons!! So cute!
    I hope the weather doesn't hit your joints too bad. You have a lot of crocheting to do!
    Take's damp, cold and gloomy here too,

  10. Oh lovely - such great finds!
    Thank you very much for including my butterflies amongst your choices!

  11. Very cute finds!! Esty is really making going to the mall sooo Boring !! Hope your Enjoyed your day Deb!

  12. CinLynn, Yes, Bead, they're definitely what you would call 'eye candy'! ^_^ And the raccoons got me too!...and the shoes!...It was rainy all day. I'm nervous about what kind of weather we're gonna have tomorrow. It's a wait and see game as to whether the weather man is right or not...By the way, I finished the black, yellow and gray scarf...and started some matching wrist warmers! :-)

  13. Elizabeth Prince Ceramics, Hello! It was my pleasure to share your butterflies. I love them!! They made a very pretty addition to the post! :-)

  14. Lilly Things, Ha! Ha! Yes, I would imagine so! You won't find the creative 'do it yourself' creations, with all that love put in them, up at the Mall!...And yes...except for the achiness from the rain, I did enjoy my day. :-) I hope you did too!

  15. So many creative people on Etsy! It is especially kind of you to feature their beautiful work. I'm partial to the adorable raccoon figurines, laser cut magnets and trinket dish. All are wonderful though. My two pups love the dog bowl. Be careful in the snow and ice.

  16. Julie, You're so right!! I have a good time searching etsy and looking at what they come up with...And I LOVE that dog bowl too...and the other items you mentioned too!...Yes, I'll be careful. I'm not going out in it! ^_^ Unfortunately hubby has to though. I hope you have good weather...and a good day! :-)

  17. That certainly was a feast for the eyes :) That dressing table looks wonderful & I'm glad you found something for the man-cave! Our men certainly need one of those to keep them happy (and out of our hair for a little while)
    I hope that your hands don't suffer too much from the cold today.

  18. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! You have me giggling about the 'Man Cave' comment. ^_^ I only wish I could have found a sign with my hubby's team on it!...And I'm afraid the joints are getting a work-out with this weather right now, are my eyes and brain cells, so...even!! LOL

  19. thank you so much for featuring my raccoon among all of these other treasures!

  20. Sofie, It was entirely my pleasure! :-) They're so cute!


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