Sunday, December 11, 2011

So, Apparently 'Shequita' Has A Big Head, AND.......!

      I got a late start this morning with my blog....Sorry...I was spending the morning with my hubby...having breakfast and chit chatting. :-) {If you want, you can see the just of the conversation HERE.}
    Afterward he took a few pictures for me. First of 'Tina', sporting my winter coat...and the newest scarves I crocheted, but haven't listed yet...
      This is the second soft blue scarf. I sold the first one. This one is about an inch wider than the last one...
      It's the same yarn I used for the soft blue headband...The headband is already listed in my Wuglyees shop. Hopefully I'll get the scarf listed later today.
        He also got the photos of this scarf on 'Tina'...
          This one has the pink, white, and watermelon shades...
         Tina doesn't look half bad in a coat! ^_^ Nice call Mr. Photographer Man!

     That wasn't the end though...Yes! I 'have' been crocheting an awful lot!! ^_^ I think I've been using it like therapy since 'Peaches' died. {Speaking of which, me and 'Peaches' sister have been talking more regularly now. :-)}...Hubby also took these...
       This is my new 8-Color scarf...
       I like this one because it'll go with almost every headband in my shop...I still have to make a mint green headband though....SOON!!! ^_^
      And this is the last scarf that I did...
      I almost called it a 'Wuglyee'...because one of the yarns was the last that I had and I don't think I'll be able to get anymore. But it looked so well thought out when I was done with it that I decided to call it 'Special' instead...*Teehee*...
        Doesn't it look 'Special'! ^_^ And stop laughing too!!! LOL
     After hubby finished with 'Tina', 'Shequita' was put on the block! ^_^ He took some pictures of the headbands I finished. Some of them are already in the shop...HERE and HERE...including this one...
      But I still have to list these...
        This is the black, white, and gray striped one...
         And this is the blue suede one...
         This suede one is hubby's favorite....
         But here's my dilemma. After hubby got through doing all of this photographing, especially of the headbands, he said to me: "Maybe you should put some elastic in the headbands or something." O_O
      I said: "Why?"...He said: "Because they fit kinda loose. Well, most of them. Not the suede one. It fits just right."....I asked him why he hadn't said anything about it before, and he said he just figured that maybe I made them loose because 'Shequita' wasn't wearing her hair at the time. ^_^ know my issues with hubby and his 'styling abilities'!! LOL But is it possible that he could be right?!!!! Am I making the headbands too large?!...HELP!!!! 'I thought that 'Shequita's' 21 inch head (53.3 cm) was what you would call 'Average'. And I was basing all of my measurements on that...Is it possible that 'Shequita' just has a big head?!!! 
     Hubby says I should take about an inch off of the length and then it should be perfect. Is he right?!....Okay everybody....get out your measuring tape and rulers and measure your heads!! I need some feedback!!! ^_^ I can't go by my head. Mine is bigger than 'Shequita's'!! LOL That's why they call me 'The Hat Lady'!! ^_^ I have to put a tent on this big head circus show!! LOL
      I'm not kidding guys and girls. Help me out. Is 'Shequita's head big, or is hubby's mouth big?!!! LOL I await your feedback...Otherwise, have a good day everybody!! :-)

The Hat Lady

I have become 'The Hat Lady',
but that was not always the case.
I'd tried for many years
to find a hat that fit my face.

But then, while searching for some shoes,
I saw a hat my size at the store.
"I'm not a hat girl", is what I said,
but I can't deny it anymore.

Now I have hats made of straw, in colors,
with beads and tied string on the trim;
with tassels and felt, like cowboys,
and lace and fur on the brim.

I have become 'The Hat Lady',
a silly description, I know.
And while cowboys will die with their boots on-
I know that a hat is not a bad way to go!


  1. Well hat lady, you know that the one I got was too big. Maybe Shequita DOES have a big head! I'm no expert, but the yarn can be a bit stretchy too, so maybe that's why it's big, I don't know.

    Anyway, I do love that blue one! WOW! Very attractive! And the scarves are great too!

    Hope you get more input today. I'll look forward to seeing what others say.

  2. CinLynn, Yes...I know yours was big. But I might have made that one a little bigger anyway. I don't know. I know I did them in different sizes initially, before I decided on the one standard size...'Shequita's big head' size. LOL And I do remember that I made a couple a little larger than her head, thinking that maybe there were some other big head people in the world besides me! ^_^ But what size is your head?! That could be helpful to know too!...And yes, I agree. The suede is pretty. It's not the easiest yarn to work with though. And it's more expensive...I'm sure I'll figure it all out...eventually! ^_^

  3. Hi there! It's MaritimeArts. I have been MIA for so Halloween then Etsy problems.

    Love the scarves. I especially love the pink and watermelon one. Gorgeous color combo.

    And from one "big head" to another (Shequita),as long as it's keeping my ears warm my head can be big :)

  4. Dear unknown - I'm another big head too! I have such problems finding hats big enough and don't get me started on clothes that won't pull on over my head!!

  5. MaritimeArts, Helloooooo! I wondered what happened to you!...I'm glad you're okay. Soryy about the etsy problems...whatever they were...Thanks for the nice words about the scarves. Now I just have to find the time to list them in my shop!...Hopefully I'll be able to do it this week...And make that 'two big heads'! Don't forget about me!! LOL

  6. gill, Ha! Ha! Welcome to the 'Big Head Club'!! LOL Who knew there were so many of us!!...And as to clothes to accommodate the noggin, let me just say...elastic waists...and go from the bottom up!! LOL

  7. When my second son was little he was looking out the window and saw the neighbor girl walking up and down in front of the house...she was in love with his older brother..his comment was "There's that Emily...she gots a big head" we are always saying the term "gots a big head"...I know I gots one! I love the blue suede. Now that's a really cool color. Love all the scarves but I think I like the "special" one best. It sure looks soft!

  8. Deb, I measured my head and I have a 21 inch head so appearently I have a big head. I love all the scarves and the headbands. They all look so good. Your poem is funny. I've always wanted to be a hat person but still haven't found that one that fits my face well. Maybe some day I will find one. Have a Great Evening!!!!

  9. Yaya, Ha! Ha! Ha! You had me and hubby laughing out loud!!! That's the expression I use for myself: "Oh Yeah! I gots a big head y'all!" LOL I hubby will attest to...have some issues with square head people too! That may be because of our weather man though. WOW! That boy know he got a square head!!! LOL...Thanks for the headband and scarf love too! I'm glad you like my 'Special' one! ;-)

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, 21 inches!...You and 'Shequita' are a matched set!! LOL And just so you know...I really do think that's average...not big. Mine...Ha! Ha! Ha!...(hubby just measured it....but I'm not sure I'm trusting his laughing measurement!! LOL) 23 1/2 inches!!!!!!! O_O No wonder I have to hunt for hats!!...I think it's mostly hair though. Please....let it be hair...or a lot of brains! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  11. Just for your head is 21 and my hubby big ole bowlin ball is 23 1/4 LOL I still love that blue!

  12. Those scarves look great! And that blue suede headband does look fantastic :) Tell hubby it's my favourite too.

  13. Kelly, Ha! Ha! Ha! Heyyyy! ^_^ Me and 'Ole Bowlin Ball Head' have the exact same head size!!! LOL Or at least that's what hubby said when he measured mine. I couldn't look. I knew it was big already!!! ^_^ ...And yes, you know exactly what that blue looks like up close and personal! :-)

  14. Jo-anne, Thank you for the nice words!..And I'll tell hubby that you and him are in agreement! :-]

  15. Hi, im loving the blue scraf and the blue head band i love them all but the blue's really stand out for me. My head measures 21 inches from around my forhead to back my head isn't very big its probably a good idea to make different sizes. My hubby is right but don't tell him ;-)) I have bloggeg about my dog i made its made from sewing. Have a good week, dee x

  16. delia, Thanks for the feedback, Dee! And from what everyone is saying...Shequita's head really is average! :-) It's my head that's big!...LOL...which I knew already by the way! ^_^ ...I'll have to check out your sewing skills too! Have a good rest of the day!


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