Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm Gonna Enjoy It All While It Lasts!

      Yay!! Two nights in a row with a good night's sleep! I hope it's a trend! :-) I fear it's probably not though. But whatever! I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts!...And I'm gonna enjoy the weather while it lasts!...And I'm gonna enjoy my sales while they last! ^_^ I'm gonna enjoy it all...while it lasts!! ^_^
       No, I'm not gonna think too deeply about any of it, or try to plan too far ahead with any of it. That'll probably just make me! LOL But since the weather, the sleep, and the sales in my shop, all seem to be playing nice, going together hand-in-hand, right now....I'm just gonna enjoy it!...while it lasts. (Oh Yea, I said that already?! ^_^)
    As far as the sales in my Wuglyees shop, I'm happy to report that things seem to be picking up a tad. I listed the soft blue scarf yesterday...
    ...and less than two hours later it was sold!! :-] Talk about 'turn-over-time'!!...I wonder if it was more the scarf color, or the patterning I used on it?!...I'm gonna start another one with the same color and patterning today.
        First I'm gonna finish a red headband I started though. My mind is reeling with all of the color and button combinations I can do! :-) And hubby is 'egging me on' because he keeps coming home from work and the Post Office talking about all of the people he sees with headbands on!...."And theirs is not as cute as yours either!"...^_^ Don't you just love husbands?!
     In the meantime I've got a couple more things to list today...hopefully before the meeting. One is this matching headband and scarf (another view of the headband is in the header photo)...
         I'm trying to decide whether to sell them as a set, or just as individual pieces. Any thoughts?!
      And I also have to list this one...
         This one is one of my recycled 'Wuglyees'...My favorites! :-) ...Speaking of Wuglyees, I'm also...utilizing all of my pink brain cells after getting all of this sleep! ^_^...trying to decide on a logo for my business. Something I could use for branding.
     I asked my resident graphic artist...^_^...if he would give it some thought for me...What I'd like to have is some kind of logo showing my Wuglyee Bear crocheting or something...Hubby gave me this as a first draft...
      "Ooooo! Wuglyee, you're looking so "Smokey The Bear'-ish!" LOL He's all muscled up and smiley! ^_^ thank you honey! *giggling* He's cute, but not exactly what I wanted. I kinda wanted a softer, more profiled, not so direct, bear logo...So, hubby went back, thought about it, and came back with this drawing...
       He said: "Do you mean something more like this?!"...
      "Yes!"...So, he's working on it...Eventually I'm sure I'm gonna have something as pretty and polished as these drawings...

       O_O ...Don't bust my bubble...I'm trying to enjoy my long as it lasts! :-) Have a good rest of the weekend everybody!

 I only have one brain

There have been times when I felt that I needed
an extra brain to remember some stuff.
An extra noggin to handle the chaos,
when my life and my schedule got tough.

A much bigger cranium for non-essentials;
Somewhere to go when my brain wants to bail.
An extra universe inside my skull space,
where I could place all my 'Mental Junk Mail'.

But, knowing my thinking, there's no use
having two places for my mind to stretch.
Two places to toss around ideas.
Just more balls of ideas I can't catch!

My one brain is an occupied scramble.
A pink-celled, forgetful and frustrated mess!
Do I need another brain somewhere,
holding problems that I must address?

No, I have enough things to focus on.
Things so confusing and numerous to do.
So it's a good thing I only have one brain!
What in the world would I ever do with two!


  1. Congrats on the sales!! Yes, I do think it's the blue AND the pattern! They're both awesome and it doesn't surprise me that it sold so quickly! You're on a role and I hope it continues.

    Have a great meeting. I'm looking forward to ours too.

    Still have a lot of work to do to get everything switched over from my desktop to my laptop. Getting there...


  2. CinLynn, Thank you very much my friend. :-) I'll be doing the blue WITH that pattern again then! Stay with what works, right?! I have a mint green color I'm going to do later too...Enjoy your meeting! And don't work too hard on the laptop input! :-]

  3. Enjoy your bubble and all the good things that are happening for you :)
    I love the pink headband and scarf. They would look lovely as a set but they would also be good individually. I'm not much help am I lol.
    I'm also thinking its the blue & the pattern on your scarf that helped it move to a new home so quickly. It's a delightful colour.

  4. Jo-anne, Thanks Jo! :-) I'm enjoying my bubble right now!...Thanks for so much help with the decision about the set too! ^_^ As for the blue scarf, I'm working on another one right now. It's about half way done! I'm considering making a soft mint green scarf just like it when I finish. :-)


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