Thursday, December 29, 2011

If You Crochet, Or Work With Yarn, You're Gonna L-O-V-E This!!!

          Big Surprise....I love crocheting!! ^_^ ...Okay, 'not' such a big surprise! So when I tell you that I found something in a shop on Etsy that, after forty plus years of crocheting, 'did' surprise me...something that I can't believe I've never seen before, and that I'm gonna have to get one of as soon as my money gets to the "You Can Spend Some Now" zone...that oughta tell you something!!
      What surprised me weren't the cute little pinback buttons in BarrelOfMonkeys shop (in the header photo)....Although they are the cutest! :-) I wish I had seen these little buttons back when I used to be in a 'Crochet Club'. Those would've been cute to wear on our shirts as our 'calling card'. :-)
      What surprised me was something I found in BringingSunshine's shop...a shop that's full of all kinds of cute and wonderful things! But before I show you my new L-O-V-E, look at a couple of the other things she has in her shop!...
       They are the cutest little baby blankets ever! :-) ... And yes! I have seen crocheted baby blankets before. I've even made a my life time! LOL But I'd never seen anyone crochet a little applique to put on them like these!
        The one with the little bear in the corner would have made my own little 'Baby Wuglyee' jealous! ^_^
          What a cute idea!! :-)

        And what a cute idea these were too!...
        And, again, Yes! I have crocheted purses before! :-) Not thousands,...but enough! But I've always hated crocheting the linings into them...YUCK! Hate it!!...So, how cute is this idea of making the loops bigger and using them almost like a drawstring through the lining?!...
       That may be just my eyes trying to see the good in sewing a pocketbook/purse lining, though,... ^_^ ...because I can see her stitch work on the inside lining still...Impressive! But the bigger loops gave me an idea of how to make my pocketbook and purse linings a bit easier...if I ever crochet another one I mean. :-))
       But as impressive as these items of hers are, they're not the ones that surprised me...and that became my new L-O-V-E! These are!...
        They're Yarn Boxes!!...YARN BOXES!!!!....Ohhhhhh, yarn boxes, where have you been all my life?!! O_O

     Look how the yarn is kinda skewered through the middle of the skein, and then a strand is fished through the hook thingee in the front!! That is plain and simply GENIUS!!!...I can't tell you how many times I've had to retrieve my yarn from some place it's rolled off to, or how many times I've had to unroll a skein and re-roll it into a ball because it was too much trouble to keep stopping what I was crocheting to unravel the knotted up yarn in the skein...which got knotted up, by the way, from rolling all over the place while I was crocheting! LOL

           This one doesn't have the hook thingee in the front, but that would work great for me when I'm crocheting with a doubled thread, like I do when I'm making my scarves or headbands. I'd just have to buy two of them!! ^_^ Which I'm gonna have to do anyway...or three!...because look at the cute designs!!

        This one is my absolute favorite though! :-) I love the wood-carved word "YARN" across the front!
        Am I the only one that's never seen these yarn boxes before?!!! I mean...if you know what crocheting is in the first place!! ^_^
      Of course yarn is used for a whole lot of other crafts too...
        ...and I could see these yarn boxes used in a lot of different ways!...What a great invention! "Trust and believe, Mr. Yarn Box, you have not seen the last of me!!" LOL

       Okay...I'm almost through raving. ^_^ I said 'almost' because I'd also like to share with you some more L-O-V-E! :-)
          Remember the small red and white headband that Cindy, of CinLynn Boutique's Blogspot, won here on my blog a little while back in one of my Giveaways?!...Well, her granddaughter loves it!! :-) .......And I love her in it!!! :-)
      Maybe I'd better make some smaller ones for the shop, huh?!...For the smaller head people. :-)) ...Thank you so much Cindy, for sharing the photos with me, and for letting me share them here. :-]

        If you look at the little one's feet you'll see some more of Cindy's handiwork!...
       Cindy ventured into a new area...*She's an expert jewelry maker already!..."Yes you are!! LOL"*...She made the socks on a loom!! :-) I L-O-V-E them too!!...Very impressive, Cindy! I can't wait to see what's next!
     Okay...I'm almost all 'l-o-v-e-d' out now! ^_^ Except to say that I would love it if you would enter the GIVEAWAY for the Keychain that I have going right now. (see the right hand sidebar link) The drawing will be on January 1, a couple of days!!!...WOW! O_O Where is the time flying to so fast these days?!!
      Yesterday I started another soft blue scarf. :-) ...Today I've got to make some 'Virtual Date Night' plans, and I'm gonna have to go on Youtube and look up some videos on Tunisian crochet, so I can work out what I'm gonna do with the front panel of my pink and white pillow cover.
       But first I've got some studying to finish, and a couple of other things on my "To-Do" list. I'm dreading....O_O...DREADING! of them! I may tell you about that tomorrow...I'm leaving you with a poem I wrote a little while back about some other boxes I loved...and with the words: Have a good and L-O-V-E-ly day Everybody!! :-)

My Special Little Box

No, I don't have a baby
with tons of golden locks
that need a place of memory
like a special little box.

No, I don't want old watches,
or the parts to wind old clocks
to mar or scratch the insides
of my pretty little box.

No, there's no baby pictures.
No, not even baby socks,
that'll occupy the insides
of my flower covered box.

No, I can't have it damaged
by some clumsy, nosy ox.
My butterflies must be safely kept,
secure upon their box. 

Let's see, will it be chocolates?
or my diamond studded rocks?
Yeah, those would do just fine
encased in my little box!

Oooo! Special boxes rock!


  1. Those boxes ARE awesome!!! They would be so handy! I know what you mean about the yarn rolling off. I've seen that myself. Thanks for sharing!
    Also, thank you for posting the cute photos of my little darling!! She looks adorable in that headband and yes, you should make more small ones! The only suggestion I would give is to maybe make the back of it narrower. When she had it on with her coat, the collar from her coat kept pushing it up and it was up above her ears a lot. She didn't care, she still loves it!
    Nice poem. Have a great day and I hope you get everything done....even the DREADED chore you have to do.

  2. CinLynn, Thanks for the nice comment Cindy...and the nice suggestion about the back of the headbands. I thought about that at one time. I thought about scrunching it together in the back and winding a piece of yarn around it. What do you think of that?! You could do that with hers now too! I didn't do it because I wanted to leave it wide enough to cover the ears and have room for the flower. But I'll re-think it for sure...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too! :-) Have a good day, my Friend!

  3. What a great idea! I've never seen the yarn boxes before!
    I love the photo of Cindy's adorable granddaughter in her headband!

  4. Oooh those are FABULOUS! (as yet another ball of wool wanders off along the floor) Think I may have to ask for some of those for my birthday! And Cindy - your socks are great and your granddaughter looks super cute in the red headband! So altogether great and L-O-V-E it all!

  5. gill, Thank you!...I agree! Those yarn boxes are such a great idea...and, of course, the little one is adorable!! :-)

  6. Creating Trouble, They 'are' fabulous!! I agree! It's an invention that'll save balls of discombobulated yarn everywhere! LOL..Glad to see you L-O-V-E everything just like me!! :-) Thanks for the nice comment. Have a good rest of the day!

  7. Great finds! Thanks so much for including my print!

  8. Block Party Press, They are some great finds, aren't they! :-) And it was my pleasure to include your print!

  9. Deb, those boxes are awesome. Thank you for sharing them. Cindys grandaughter is so darling and I love how the headband looks on her. Please enter me. Maybe I can get caught up with reading all the blogs now that I finished my tags for a tag exchange and got them in the mail. Have a Great Evening!!!!!!!

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, I agree Velma. Those boxes are fantastic! Now I have to get to selling some scarves and stuff so I can buy me one or two of them! ^_^ ...And I agree about Cindy's granddaughter too. She's a cutie! :-] Happy Blog Reading! :-)) {You're entered too, by the way.}

  11. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring my item(s)! I appreciate it so much! I have been out of the crafting/etsy loop for a couple weeks due to holiday travel. But when I get back, I am posting links to this blog all over the place :-)

  12. Bringing Sunshine, Hi! :-) And it was my pleasure to feature your shop and your cute, cute items!!...And thanks for the linking up too! Have a good weekend! :-)

  13. You've found some great items. I love those yarn boxes. I've never seen them before but what a great idea!
    Cindy your socks look great!

  14. Jo-anne, Thanks Jo! And I LOVE those yarn boxes too! I'm gonna get me some eventually too. It's a great idea!...And Yep! to Cindy's socks too! :-)


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