Saturday, December 3, 2011

Home...Where The Heart Is...And The Bed!

        I've been all about a cliche' the last couple of days, haven't I?! ^_^ But, with my completely rested self this morning, and hubby and I not going out on our 'Date Night' excursion last night as usual, I'm sure this one is true!  There really is 'No Place Like Home'!!
          We stayed home and watched 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' on T.V. last night, the one with the Walker family whose little boy committed suicide over bullying. If you've been following me for a while you probably remember that this was the house that was built here in our local area...the one that my hubby kept going over and taking pictures of. I did a blog post including all of the photos hubby took at the time HERE.
       So, because hubby was there during the 'Reveal' when the family came home and they 'moved that bus', we spent our date night time last night watching the show episode and looking for hubby in the audience! ^_^ And he was there too!...His '15 minutes of fame'! LOL
     Well, actually his 15 minutes of fame was a while ago when he got pushed off the highway on a really icy day. A car slid into his bumper and put his work truck into a slide and he ended up in the middle median of the highway...and couldn't get out. He was in a snow bank!...The news reporters came along and wanted to know what happened, he says...he 'couldn't get away from them!' ^_^ Uh huh!
          After the show went off, we finished our dessert...Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream for me! ^_^ ...Can I just say: "YUM!!!!"...and then it was off to bed for us!...Cut to the alarm going off at 8:00 a.m.!!!!! What?!...We slept like there was no tomorrow!! If the alarm hadn't gone off who knows what kind of dream we would still be inhabiting!!! ^_^
     So we're up now...all discombobulated!! ^_^ ...I had to put my blog post up...HAD to! ^_^ ...Hubby is getting breakfast and taking pictures of my scarves and latest headbands. And then he's off to get the breaks done on the car...before the next ice storm comes!..By the way, here's the photos of the blue scarf on Tina...the one I showed you day before yesterday...
       I'm gonna be listing it in the shop today, along with my latest headband...
       I decided it was time for an all white one. :-) ...The other flowers I slipped in on you above will be going on some new headbands! :-) ...I'll be making an all red headband today...actually, maybe two, one for the shop. I got a custom request for it last night. I'll be working on those after I get some studying done this morning and after I send a package off to the Post Office. :-) I sold a pair of my bedroom slippers last night!...Note To Self: Make a new pair! :-)
      I'll share the other things I made tomorrow. Ooooo! Aren't you excited?! ^_^ it's me that's excited. :-] Anyway...lots to do today...*That's what I get for staying home on a 'date night'!! ^_^*...I better get outta here and get fueled up so I can do it!...Have a good day everybody!! :-)

Going Out With My Baby

Going out with my baby.
Or going nowhere, but it's alright.
Playing games and constant laughing.
I think it's gonna be a great 'Date Night'!

Going out with my baby.
Or staying in, and hugging tight.
Eating all the things we shouldn't.
But smiling through every single bite!

Going out with my baby.
And visiting 'virtually' every sight.
All dressed up or in our jammies,
We're having fun. You know that's right!!


  1. Anonymous12/03/2011

    What a fun way to spend the evening! That's awesome that your husband was there for the reveal - I can't imagine how excited everyone must have been :)

    Thanks a bunch for including my embroidery and have a wonderful holiday!!

  2. whatnomints, It really was fun! :-) Sometimes staying in is what it's all about!!...And it was my pleasure sharing your embroidery hoop. It's really cute! :-) Have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. Lovely evening you must of had.So nice.

    Loveeeee the all white headband with the white flower soooooo cute.


  4. Becky, It was nice. :-) Thank you. And thanks for the nice comment for the all white headband!! :-] Have a good rest of the weekend!

  5. Sounds like you had a very relaxing night. So did we...minus the Tim and Jerry's :(
    I love the look of the flower with the different colors in them. So pretty! And the white headband is cool!! And I love the scarf too! Great color!!

    Enjoy the rest of your evening!!

  6. CinLynn, I did have a relaxing night. I slept like a hammered to the head baby!! LOL...And you threw me with the 'Tim' and Jerry's. You meant 'Ben', right?! ^_^ Also, thanks for the comments on the flowers and scarf. I'm gonna be trying my best to do more listing of my items instead of just crocheting them and letting them sit here in the house. I'm getting custom requests and sales already. I guess I just have to be more 'on the ball'...Will do! But I'll have to stay balanced and organized. :-] Enjoy the reception, my friend! :-)

  7. Ha ha ha!! "Tim" and Jerry's was an old shoe store in town! What WAS I thinking? TEEHEE!! Yep, I did mean Ben and Jerry's!
    Congrats on the sale, by the way, and the custom orders! You go girl!! I hope they keep coming in for you. You deserve it!

    I will enjoy the reception. Just a small dinner. It's for family only. But we were invited because I made the jewelry. Cool!


  8. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! See how old age is?! ^_^ You can't remember anything after a while!! LOL...Thanks about the sale and the custom orders...and you're entered!...Have a good time! :-]

  9. I bet it was fun looking for hubby on tv. I'm glad you got to see him :)

  10. Jo-anne, It was tons of fun...for him! ^_^ But it made a pretty fun 'Date Night' anyway! ^_^


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