Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Yeah!!..It Looks Good To Me!!

        4 bags of Dark chocolate dipped candied orange peel...LikeMarthaMadeIt! Oh yeah!!!...That looks good! :-] It's two of my favorite things...together! Oranges and chocolate I mean. I confess I never thought of eating orange peels...except for 'zesting' it into a recipe. But hey!! Anything that looks that good....must be!! ^_^
     Speaking of things that look good...
         ...This is one good-looking Love Birds Pottery votive candle holder!...It was one of the items in a new Treasury that my chocolate brown and pumpkin orange Brazilian citrine dangle necklace was featured in also!

      The Treasury was curated by Kellie-Tammy from theindigoforest. It's entitled Orange Chocolate...
     Talk about looking good!! Almost everything in it looks good to me!! :-) ...Here's a couple more of my favorites...

     Looks good, right?! :-] 

        Well, how about this treasury?!!...
        This one is looking good from Head To Toe! :-) ...Good title for it, right?! :-) ...This one was curated by Nina Reweti from HOUSEOFTEIWIATA.
     My favorite thing in this Treasury are the use of good-looking buttons!!...

       Even the vintage button on my Sage Green Flower Brooch got a showing! :-) ...
      There's a few things that haven't been looking so good this week. Like some of the things on the news:...the massive storm in northern Britain with the 165 mile an hour winds!! WOW!!! {There's details and a video at Sky News HERE.}...and another shooting at Virginia Tech!...*sigh*...( Fox News report HERE}
    And also not looking so good is the wacky week I've been having! The lady that was suppose to come and clean for me on Tuesday had to re-schedule to Wednesday. Wednesday was the day I had scheduled to watch 'The Help' with my girlfriend. So we had to re-schedule to today.
    The cleaning lady couldn't come on Wednesday either as it turned out...wackiness afoot!...but it was too late to call my 'girlfriend day' back on...Then the cleaning lady found out last night that her husband's business partner (the cleaning business that she took over when he died) was dead! They had been looking for him all week! Finally they called the police station yesterday and found out that he was found dead in his car, with the engine running, on Monday!!
    Since her husband's death, he had been helping her with a couple of cleaning jobs and they were sharing equipment...*sigh*...I felt bad for her. She's barely been making ends meet anyway! Now....?!
      And I know my troubles aren't anywhere as bad, but I am having a 'girlfriend day' in a dusty, un-vacuumed house! Don't you wanna come over?! :-] Ironic...I'm looking at a movie called 'The Help'...about maids!! LOL
    In other 'GOOD' news, I will get to spend the day with my bestest girlfriend today! :-) And I'm gonna have an evening 'At Home' 'date night' with my honey. It's a full moon too! Gonna be pretty looking at the sky tonight! :-] 
     AND...I'm still crocheting!! :-)) It's not what you think this time though!...There's no headbands on my hook. This time it's a colorful...
     ...fingerless wrist warmer!
      This is as far as I've gotten so far. It's actually gonna be black on the end...Stop scrunching up your face!! LOL I know! It's kinda..Uhhh...colorful. But I just needed to look at some color and have some fun for a minute!! ^_^
     I don't know how they're gonna turn out. The last ones I did looked like this and they're still in my shop!! ^_^ ...
      Somebody is gonna look at them and think they look GOOD!!....Hopefully it's not just me!! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!! {And don't forget to enter the Giveaway for the small red and white headband HERE.}


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  1. Very nice treasuries! Your things always look so good in them!
    So sad about your cleaning lady. I hope things work out for her.
    Sounds like a nice day for you and your friend and a nice evening with hubby. Our evening will be at home too. My hubby is fighting a cold and has to work tomorrow. Bummer!
    I love the colors in your new crochet project!!
    I can't wait to see them finished!

    By the daughter in law LOVES the gray headband, but it's big on her too. She's going to try to take a tuck in it.
    Thanks again!!


  2. Fabulous!
    Thanks so much :)
    Sounds like you had quite a week!

  3. CinLynn, Hi Cin! :-) You're so right! They're beautiful treasuries! I'm very fortunate to have been included...Just finished watching the movie...Soooo good! But not as good as the book though, in my opinion. Having chicken fried steak and a hot cup of coffee while watching it 'did' make it better though! Ha! Ha!...I'm so sorry your hubby isn't feeling well. 'Woo woo woo'. :-( You doctor him up real good and hopefully his cold will go away fast, like my hubby's did...I can't believe you like my wild-colored fingerless gloves! ^_^ I'm so glad! I can't wait to finish them so you can see them all done!...I was sorry to hear that the headband was still too large for your daughter in law!! Just tell her to sew a quick stitch, in the under-side of it, along a section of the rows. It won't be visible in the back hardly. Then it'll fit her...unless she wants me to make her a special one in her size. I just need her head measurements...Okay, back to 'lolly-gagging'! LOL And you're entered!

  4. Liz, It was my pleasure...and thank 'you' so much for stopping to leave a comment! :-)

  5. OK who stole my idea??? I was going to make chocolate dipped orange peel for Christmas - recipe courtesy of the 'River Cottage Book of Preserves' !! Great minds think alike!

  6. gill, Ha! Ha! It wasn't me!!...I guess you and LikeMarthaMadeIt are the great minds here! ^_^

  7. My hubby loves orange and chocolate..especially dark chocolate orange creams...but I bet he would enjoy the peel with chocolate too! Oh, and I like anything that's done in chocolate...except maybe, I'm sure about the bacon. I love the headband ENTER ME!

  8. yaya, Me and your hubby have something in common, huh?! ^_^ And I prefer the dark chocolate too!..But...Ummm...the orange 'peel' is still throwing me a little. I'd have to try it to see if I like it. My mind says...maybe not. The bacon idea, though, sounds like a winner! Go figure, with my mind. My mind says yes to bacon and no to orange peels...but my mind's been wrong before! ^_^ ...Thanks for the nice words about the headband...and you're entered...And have a good weekend! :-)


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