Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Happy To Report That......

           I'm happy to report that the snow and ice that we were expecting to blanket our roads on this early morning decided to be a 'No Show'!...YAY!!!!! Now we can go into our long weekend...(Monday coming will be a day off too because of the holiday)...without stressful precarious driving, and longer grocery lines than usual, on our minds! We're just gonna relax our way into...and out! ^_^
       I'm gonna crochet my brains out too!! ^_^ Actually, I've already gotten a head start on it! Here are the photos I took of my latest finished...yes, I said, yellow and gray scarf...
         My messed up camera work has the gray section looking more like a powder blue, but it's actually more of a slate gray. The photos below of the fingerless gloves I'm working on are made with the same yarn. You can see more of their real color in those photos. I took them at a different time of the day. The light was better.
      But for now...
       ...I'm hoping you can at least get a sense of how soft it is, even if you can't see the exact colors...

     And here are the fingerless gloves...Well, actually they're wrist warmers...
         I'm further along now than the photo shows. I worked on it some more this morning when I woke up. That's my morning coffee...grabbing a hook and my crocheting and doing a few rows. Ahhhhhh! So relaxing...and caffeine-free!! LOL
       I'm still debating about whether I'm gonna put the yellow and black rows around the end of the glove, and on the thumb, or if I wanna leave the rest all gray. You know me though, when in doubt...put some color on it!! ^_^
       Speaking of color, I'm also happy to report that I had another item from my Wuglyees Etsy shop chosen for another treasury!! :-) The title of the treasury is Primary Class...
         I think Melissa, of melizzzah, chose the name because of the primary colors used on some of the items she chose. I said 'I think' because I don't really know if that's true, but it seemed so to me when I looked at the colors. 
       Look at this necklace and tell me what you think?!
         Pretty 'primary', right?! :-) 

         And my primary-colored crochet scarf definitely fits that category!...

       Although...this yarn was chosen for it too O_0 ...
       Are these shades of gray and yellow on the primary color wheel?!

      I guess if the gray and yellow in my scarf qualify...then their gray and yellow qualifies too! :-]
       {This was a picture I took of the scarf the other day when I was starting it. This shot shows a more realistic look of the colors, especially the gray.}
     Lastly, I'm also happy to report that, barring any car accidents...PLEASE! NO MORE FRIDAYS LIKE LAST WEEK!!!...we will be going away on a 'Virtual Date Night' trip tonight. I might tell you where tomorrow! ^_^ Or we might extend it a day or two...Hey! We've got the time off!! ^_^ If so, I'll tell you about it later! :-) You know I'll tell you about it either way. I can't help myself!!
      As a quick reminder, don't forget to enter the 'crochet button key chain' Giveaway...check the link on the right hand sidebar for details...And have a good weekend everybody!! :-)

 Virtual trip

I really like to travel,
See the world, expand my mind.
But not getting on an airplane,
or hunting luggage I can't find!

I like a 'good ole' virtual trip.
Computer details. Music too.
Where you don't need a stinking passport,
or have to wear a stinking shoe!


  1. Can I go on your virtual trip with you? Your poem makes it sound so inviting!!
    I LOVE the new scarf!! Wish I was a scarf person! The colors are fabulous!
    Congrats on the treasury! That's a really great one. I love it!
    I blogged too this morning, believe it or not, and I met another sister on Twitter! Woo Hoo!!
    Have a great day my friend! Get some naps in too. Take one for me! :)

  2. CinLynn, I'd love for you to come!! ^_^ We could stuff you in the luggage!...Thanks for the nice words about the new scarf. Hopefully I can get some shots with Tina wearing it tomorrow and I'll be able to go ahead and list it. Maybe I'll have the gloves done by then too! :-)) Now that the snow and ice aren't coming I can have a little less pain to worry about!...How exciting about the new sister too. Who?! Who?! And no...I'm not an owl!! ^_^ Have a good day, Bead!....Zzzzzzz

  3. She's "Blazing Lily"! Her name is Mandy and she lives in Arizona. She was listening to the kingdom melodies and said "oh no, not song 134! I get choked up with that song." So I asked her if it was the same song that choked me up. And she said yes!!! Cool, huh?
    You're welcome! I'd love to be stuffed in your luggage, but I doubt you have luggage that big! LOL

  4. CinLynn, Okay!! I'll have to go and tweet her!...And I love the songs that choke me up. That one does me too! :-) Can't wait to see when all is new!!...And by the way...I have humongous luggage!!! LOL

  5. I'm a real novice crocheter but do you reckon I could manage the wristwarmer things??? Are they just a long tube in double or treble (UK) crochet??
    Have a great Christmas!
    Enter me!

  6. gill, Hello!...My pattern is only single crochets all the way through, but I increase stitches at certain points. With a simple pattern you shouldn't have any problem whatsoever!...And you're entered! Have a good weekend!

  7. like the virtual trip.. :)

  8. You know I really like the "Primary Colors" necklace and I think it is a good name,and so is your pretty crochet scarf, of course I am partial to brighter colors... Enter Me in the give away...


  9. Hi Deb! I'm a bit behind in my blog reading. I want to comment about your previous post about Christmas. I think you are a very special lady and I so respect your devotion to God. I also respect your openness about why you don't celebrate Christmas. I already understood this, but you have explained it wonderfully..thank you. When I was a child of 10, my house burned down also....but it was in Nov. My parents always shopped early for Christmas and all the gifts they had bought for 6 kids burned..I remember a slimmer gift getting that year, but like you I also remember being so happy that we were all OK. I was home alone with my 3 younger sibs and actually got them all out of the house. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I like the colors of the scarf..I laughed when you said the gray looked blue..I painted my livingroom a "grey" that turned out blue..and I'm refusing to repaint..atleast for now! Have a good weekend! Stay warm and I'm glad the snow has passed you by. Us too!

  10. DaCraftyLady, :-)) Thank you!

  11. DaCraftyLady, By the way...I really like that necklace too! Especially because it has all those pretty buttons! :-) Thanks for the nice words about my scarf too!

  12. yaya, Hello there! :-) How sweet of you to stop and take the time to leave me such a nice comment! Thank you so much! I'm glad you were able to understand it...I was also sad to read that you also got burned out at a young age!! :-( It really does make you value the important things in your life, doesn't it?!It's a good thing you were there for your siblings!! Way to go!!! :-]...Also, be happy in the gray/blue room! :-)) I'm not re-doing mine either!! ^_^ Have a good weekend, Yaya!

  13. Love the poem! I especially love the part about not having to wear shoes! Since it's summer here right now and the weather has been a bit on the humid side for the past few days I have detested wearing shoes. I love nothing more than running about in bare feet!
    I hope the weather stays kind for you and that you don't have to worry about any ice :) snow maybe but no ice, except if its for a drink :D

  14. Jo-anne, Thanks jo! ^_^ I totally get the 'no shoes' thing too! I'm a southern girl from the land of barefoot people! LOL I love being barefoot! It makes foot dancing so much fun too! (the evidentiary video of said thing is on my couples blog ^_^)...I love the you are always having the opposite season to us. But I confess...thinking about the humidity right now is not any more pleasant than thinking about the snow!! LOL Have a good weekend! :-)


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