Sunday, December 18, 2011

We Were Suppose To....! But What We Actually Did Was....!

     Sometimes the trajectory of your life and plans make a big left turn from where you thought you were going. And that's what happened to us this weekend. 
     Because of hubby's car accident on Friday, what we were suppose to do yesterday...never got done! What was suppose to happen was that...
----- 1. Hubby would put brakes on our car...It's a job that he's been trying to find the time to do for weeks now! On Thursday he said: "No matter what, I'm doing it on Saturday!!"...O_O...Well, guess what?!...Saturday came and went, and the brakes STILL weren't done!
      But after the accident on Friday, he's determined...more than get those brakes done TODAY...hopefully!!...So this morning that's the plan...after breakfast I mean.
----- 2. I was suppose to start crocheting another pair of fingerless gloves...gray ones...I didn't even put a crochet hook in my hand all day!!...SHOCKING I know!! LOL
       But hubby did take some photos the other day that I haven't shown you yet...of the matching scarf I made to go with the colored fingerless gloves I finished...
          ...this is the scarf...
           It's 7 inches wide (17.8 cm). A bit wider than I usually make them...
          This is the other one I finished too...
            It's black, soft blue, and a patch of the angel hair grayish blue and pink mix...
        This one almost didn't make it to be photographed! My girlfriend loved it so much that I thought she was gonna take off with it! ^_^ ...She wouldn't do that!...But I kept my eye on it just the same! LOL...Okay, back to my list!

----- 3.  The grocery shopping was suppose to be done...but instead we just 'ordered out', or ate whatever we could scrounge together from the fridge! :-))

----- 4. My hair was suppose to be washed...but instead I'm sitting here with a semi-Rastafarian look...kind of a matted two pony tailed Afro!! ^_^  Trust DON'T wanna see it!

----- 5. All of the laundry was supposed to have been done by this morning...but instead...*sniff! sniff! Yeah, it'll make it another day.*...the washing machine will be doing double duty and singing all day today!

----- 6. We were suppose to finish our Bible study material for the week yesterday. Or at least hubby was suppose to. I have more time mid-week than he does...but again, that's got to go on today's list!

----- 7. We were suppose to call the in laws and relatives to check on everybody and to say hi!...All we can say is that we hope everybody's still breathing!! LOL If not, we hope somebody calls us and let's us know!! ^_^

----- 8. Lastly,  hubby was suppose to go by, or find someone else to go by, and cut down a tree branch that had fallen on his mom's garage. It fell on there back when we had the last storm. A particular someone was suppose to go by already and cut it down, but the person didn't show. Grrr!...And now, thanks to us relaxing the day away, ma still has a tree branch on her garage! :-( Hopefully it'll be able to be cut down before the next snowfall...I guess we better check the weather forecast!!

        We did actually get a couple of things done yesterday, besides sleep and rest I mean. ^_^ 
----- 1. We got some banking done...well...this was a must if we were gonna get our food! LOL When you don't have groceries in your house, you 'SHO BETTER' have cash!! LOL

----- 2. We did a little bit of laundry...bedclothes and linens mostly. Hey! What else would we have needed?! LOL

----- 3. We washed a few dishes...the ones we laid our 'take out food' in, and a cup or two. Maybe a stirring spoon here or there too. :-)) We didn't need many dishes because we had 'grinders' (depending on where you live you may call them 'hero sandwiches', 'hoagies', 'Po boys', 'submarine sandwich', etc...). We had cookies, donuts, and steak and cheese-burg grinders, with chips...potato chips!...and we ain't shame neither!! LOL....bloated.....high blood pressure....and just plain fat!....but not shame!! ^_^

----- 4. And last, but not least, we cuddled and cooed, and did a video of us foot dancing!! ^_^ We had to figure out some way to get some exercise after all of that eating!!...And since we couldn't move the rest of our bodies, we danced...with our feet! LOL
      If you wanna see the video, check out our couples blog post that we we did last night...HERE...Or was it early this morning?! O_O It's all a good tasting, good music sounding blur! I've wasted all this time doing this, and I've got to go and try to catch up on the things I was suppose to do this morning, that we didn't do yesterday, because it didn't get done day before yesterday......O_0 I see a long list of 'suppose to's coming for next week...*sigh*...Oh well, that's sometimes 'how the cookie crumbles'!....speaking of which! I was suppose to finish my breakfast! ^_^

A Music Note

A little 'boogie-woogie' bouncing,
and a tapping toe or two,
and my mood is quickly lifting,
and I want to dance with you.

A little harmony and humming,
and some soul and country too,
and I'm feeling pretty chipper.
So "Let's dance!" My poem is through!        


  1. AHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA "semi-Rastafarian look...kind of a matted two pony tailed Afro.."You have me cracking !!lol But I know how that is, when I wake up sometimes I looking like that.When my Beta fish Mr. Red sees me like that he flares up his gills he's probably thinking, " Man , she looks real Rough this morning, looking like she wanna FIGHT!" lol :)

  2. Lilly Things, Ha! Ha! Girl! I'm not kiddin'! I'm considering having the 'hair weed whacker' man come by!! LOL...And you had me hollering laughing about your beta fish! They are 'fighting fish', right?! ^_^

  3. lol ahhahahaha yes they are I totally forgot about that!

  4. I don't blame your girlfriend for eyeing off that scarf. It looks great!
    I'm glad that you & hubby had a restful day & I hope you manage to get all those jobs done that need doing. Sometimes there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

  5. Jo-anne, ^_^ Thank you for the nice words about my scarf, Jo! You are among the few that appreciate all that color!...And as to the jobs, I hope we can get them all done too. Still working on it as of now! :-]

  6. I want to see the hair!!
    Seriously though, you needed a do nothing day. Hopefully you got a few more things done today. If not, they'll still be there tomorrow.

    I can see why your friend wanted to run off with that scarf. It's beautiful! So is the other one. I hope it sells quickly for you.

  7. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Trust me...TRUST ME! really don't wanna see it!! LOL By the way, we did get a few more things done. Among them, the! Grocery shopping...yes! :-) Thanks for the nice words about the scarf too. Have a good day today! Do a little talking out there for me! :-]

  8. Gosh im so sorry to read that your husband had an accident but glad to hear that all is well. I hope you mananage to get through your list. Loving the new gloves those are lovely. Have a lovely christmas, dee x

  9. delia, Thank you for the words of concern about hubby. Yes, he's much better today. Now he just has to figure out what truck he's gonna be using today! Thinking about that brought the whole accident back to mind this morning. :-( Onward and upward hopefully!!...And, as to the list, we worked our way through about half of it yesterday. :-) And thanks, about the gloves!


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