Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Home Is Where The Sun Is?!'

      I borrowed one of the photos from Hollie's 'weekend weather' post (and baby makes three blog) to show you why I've had my head down and crocheting like a crazy woman the last couple of days.....RAIN!....UGH! And tonight it's gonna be rain....mixed with snow!...UGH! UGH!
      Oh Well...thanks to some good friends...rain is not the only thing I've got here now! I've got a new treasury to talk about! :-) ...
       Elizabeth, of the brand new Etsy shop 'Lilly Things', curated it! It's entitled 'Home is where the sun is?'...I love that there's a question mark at the end of the title... ^_^ ...especially since Elizabeth is from my area, and Massachusetts sun is questionable these days! ^_^
      She chose my black flip up button flower crochet hat to put in it...
        When you're looking for some homey sun, a hat is exactly what you need!! ^_^ Of course....that could just be 'my' thinking!
          ...But for sure you could use some gift or jar tags, right?!...
       I mean...with all of the extra time you're gonna have because of rain...or rain mixed with snow...UGH! can make some jam, or peach preserves, or candles,...or give as gifts to people who are dry! ^_^
      But as I said, thanks to some good friends rain is not all I have here now. See! I got a really pretty thank you card!...
          ...with sunny flowers! :-) And it came in an unexpected package from Cindy, of CinLynnBoutique!...with a gift!!...
          A beautiful...BEAUTIFUL...pair of green flower earrings!!... :-)

          When they hit the light you can see that there are other colors dancing in them too!....Well...maybe you can't see that with my photography! LOL But it wasn't for want of trying!!!...
       So, big thanks to Elizabeth and Cindy for making my rainy days more sunny...and homey! :-)
      The other thing that has been making my rainy days bearable is...of course...crocheting! :-) I've been working my poor little aching the bones! I finished crocheting another soft blue scarf like this one...
        I made it just a tad wider though...6 inches instead of 5. I still have to photograph and list it in the shop. I'll do that as soon as the rain...and rain with mixed snow UGH!...stops taking over my photography backyard! :-)
      In the meantime, I sold my salmon circle scarf! :-) ...
       It was one of my smaller scarves. I'm on the hunt for this yarn again now. I wanna make a few more for the shop in this pretty!
       But I also finished another scarf yesterday. An eight-color scarf!! :-) I didn't get to photograph the end part because the early Massachusetts darkness...UGH! Massachusetts rain, Massachusetts rain mixed with snow, and early Massachusetts darkness...UGH!!!!! ...stopped me from being able to! But this is what I did photograph....
         From end to end it's turquoise, soft blue,...
      ...a soft mint green,...
        ...and the colors you can't see that follow...a soft gold, chocolate brown, gray, white and black! :-) Hopefully I'll be able to get pictures so you can see it soon.
      Okay...that's it for the today! Now what will I do?...What will I do?! O_0 I finished all of my studying and chores for the week so that I could...without guilt...have today for a 'Girlfriend Day'...I was finally gonna watch the movie 'The Help'!!...
          ...but I had to cancel it :-( because I forgot that the lady that cleans for me was re-scheduled to come today. 
       She's been really busy with everyone wanting their houses cleaned for holiday traffic and everything, so I didn't want to give her a hard time about cleaning for me. I just re-scheduled my 'Girlfriend Day' to Friday!! :-) ..Now all I have to do is re-schedule my 'virtual' 'Date Night' trip to.......Oops! Almost let another 'cat out of the bag'! ^_^ 
    With the way my memory has been working...or NOT working...lately, I better stop flipping things around on my schedule. I'll be sitting here one day twiddling my thumbs and playing with my lips, trying to figure out what I was suppose to be doing!!! LOL But you'll give me a clue, right?!.....RIGHT?!!!! LOL
     Have a good day Everybody!! :-)
My Brain, My Brain

My brain just does
what it wants and when it wants!
Some days, all of it's positives
is what it flips and flaunts.

It triggers really fast,
and all my brain cells start to meet.
It stores all kinds of things,
and it runs long, without feet!

It fires happiness,
is organized, remembers well.
But then that "Bing!" will come
as if someone just hit a bell.

It slows and starts to ponder.
And what it ponders is not good!
Those days it might as well
be just a solid block of wood.

Can't remember what to do,
or if it already did;
Thoughts are scattered everywhere
and all my memories are hid.

Yes, my brain just does
what it wants and how it wants!
My job is staying with it,
and responding when it taunts.


  1. Bunny (Holy Xuxa)12/07/2011

    What is that stitch that you used in the salmon scarf? It is very pretty & looks very soft!

  2. Bunny, It's a combination of single and double crochet. That's all!...And thank you! I'm glad you like it! :-)

  3. Nice post, as usual! Thanks for showing off my earrings. I sure hope you'll find somewhere to wear them, or find someone to give them to if you prefer. I just knew you love flowers and the color green.

    I love that you made the blue scarf wider. For myself, I do prefer them a bit wider. I'm sure that others will too.

    I love the colorful scarf! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

    Hope you can find the yard again for the salmon one. Such a pretty color!

    Have a great day...stay warm and keep your blinds shut to that rain and snow! LOL


  4. CinLynn, Thank you Cindy! I'm glad you liked the post. I sure like my earrings!! ^_^ Flowers and green-est all together!!...Also thanks for the nice words about my newest 'babies'. Now if the rain...mixed with snow...would just cooperate!! LOL You're entered...and have a good rest of the day...after you open the shades I mean. ^_^

  5. Your scaves are looking fab :) I have heard this film is great, have the book on my bedside table but yet to read it.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delcious day!

  6. Oh such gorgeous earrings.What a nice gift.I love the color

    Well we have been having rain since yesterday.But today its going to change to a bit of snow.So thats good for this time of year,I love it for Christmas but not to much after LOL.

    Love the poem my sentiments too lol.


  7. Bee Happy, YAY! You like my colorful 'babies'!!...Thanks for letting me know...Also, yes, the book is terrific! I can't wait to see the movie!...Have a good rest of the day, Bee! :-]

  8. Becky, They're even prettier in person! Unfortunately my photography is not so hot!! LOL She has great tastes in jewelry design. And she knew how much I love green! :-) ..Sorry you're having the same weather as us, but hey! winter has to get here some time!! :-] Thanks for the poem love too! Have a good day, Becky!

  9. Deb, congrats on making yet another treasury. The new scarf looks so soothing and calm in colors. Hope you get to watch the movie The Help soon. We got it last week and we have watched it twice already. One thing I have to say is that my husband will never eat another chocolate pie. You'll understand once you watch the movie. Great poem. Thank you for sharing. Please enter me. Have a great day!!!!!

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you for the nice words about my new scarves. I was gonna make a single colored scarf, but I've made two all blue ones and I just needed some COLOR!! LOL...And we're definitely suppose to watch 'The Help' on Friday...And I remember, from the book, the whole chocolate pie incident!...*cold chocolate shiver* ^_^ You're entered too.

  11. That turquoise is such a pretty shade :) The colours remind me of water. Kind of funny really considering it's raining where you are :D
    Congrats on being included in another treasury & for your sale.

  12. Jo-anne, Hi Jo! Yes, it really is a pretty shade...the turquoise. I hadn't thought about it being the color of water, but you're right! Maybe it's subliminal, huh?! ^_^ ...Thanks for the nice comment and support for my crocheting exploits...Have a good rest of the day! :-]

  13. Thanx sharing this good notes,It's really informative for me.I like this sentence Home Is Where The Sun Is?!

  14. workshop, You are quite welcome! :-) It was my pleasure.


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