Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is This What It's Suppose To Look Like?!

       I know! was a dirty trick, getting your mouth all watered up and drool-y for some chewy crunchy peanut butter cookies...when all you're gonna get is a PICTURE of peanut butter cookies!...unless you order them from this shop, I mean....Which I may end up doing!! ^_^
      I know what you're saying to yourself right now too!..."Why is she talking about buying peanut butter cookies when her hubby and her friend have been making a bakery out of her house, baking peanut butter cookies almost every day?! O_0"...Well, the answer is...I still haven't had the peanut butter cookie of my dreams.
     Hubby's cookies ended up having clumps of flour stuck to them, underneath...from flouring the cookie sheet so that they wouldn't stick...O_0...*still shaking my head from that one!*... And my girlfriend, in between our giggling, talking, listening to music and dancing yesterday decided that she would give my peanut butter cookie recipe a 'Go!'
     With our weather taking a turn for the 'rainy', and my aching joints, I was thankful that she was gonna give me something to smile about....COOKIES!...especially since I wasn't up to making them myself...Gotta love hubbies and good friends. ♥♥♥
      Unfortunately...somewhere in between her not liking the use of electric mixers, and her forgetting to put eggs in the dream cookie got lost! ^_^ ...She realized she forgot the eggs...and after being so happy that she had added walnuts too!...but when she went to take one of the cookies from the cookie sheet it crumbled all apart!!...She suggested that maybe the crumbles would be good for a topping on some other dessert or something at a later time. ^_^
     She scooped the second batch back into the bowl and added an egg and started again...but these came out kinda like biscuits instead of cookies...Oh Well, back to the peanut butter coconut chocolate chip drawing board!!...But make no mistake, these cookies will be eaten!!! ^_^
     A good cookie wasn't the only thing that was trying to get made correctly in my house yesterday, though. I went on Youtube and found a video for 'How To' do a Tunisian afghan crochet that I can make the center piece for my pink and white crochet pillow case.
   Surprisingly it wasn't difficult at all! In fact, I took to it like a duck in water!...
      It makes a very pretty pattern...but it rolls up just like knitting does...

       In fact, it looks and feels a lot like knitting...

       ...In fact, it looks and feels TOO MUCH like knitting!!...I love the way it looks, but you don't want me to tell you how long it took me to do just this little part!!...

       I just keep reminding myself how pretty my words are gonna look on top of that pretty stitch...maybe.
    I needed some inspiration to keep going, so I went on a search...on Etsy of course! :-) ...A search for things made with this Tunisian crochet afghan stitch...This is what I found...

      Not only are these crafty people talented...I now know that they're patient too!...*deep breath*...If patience is what it's gonna take...patience is what I'm gonna have!....Patience and another peanut butter crumble biscuit cookie! go with my coffee!....QUIET, YOU!!!! LOL
     Have a good day everybody...and remember!...the drawing for the Giveaway is tomorrow! :-)

 I Like A Cuppa

I find I like a 'Cuppa' soup
when it's chilly out the door;
And I like a 'Cuppa' tea
every day around four.

And I like a 'Cuppa' coffee...
not a decaf 'Cuppa'...NO!...
any time of day or night
I like my steaming 'Cuppa' Joe!


  1. Those do look delicious! Using the crumbly ones for a topping would be good!
    As far as a cuppa is concerned, I think you do need a cuppa joe with those crumbs! Yummy!
    I LOVE that new stitch!! It's awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with with that.
    Have a great day and weekend!

  2. CinLynn, ^_^ Me and my crumbly bits thank you!! And yep! They taste great with a hot cup of coffee!...And YAY! I'm glad you like the Tunisian stitch! I'm hoping to get it worked up on the pillow case this week. That's mainly what I'll be working to finish. I hate having unfinished things just laying around...Have a great weekend yourself, Bead!! :-)

  3. Deb, I really like that stitch. Thank you for
    sharing. Sorry about your cookies. Please enter
    me. Have a Great Afternoon!!!!!!!

  4. Hello! Thanks for the share...glad you like the sweater :-)
    I'm also glad you like the Tunisian stitch, I'm hooked on it!! Working on finishing a child poncho in Tunisian right now :-)
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    Carla :-)

  5. SnowflakeDreams1, Velma, I really like that stitch too!! In fact I worked on it all day today...finished it...and sewed it into the front of my pillow case already! :-) I'm sharing that tomorrow I think...Finished that...but the cookies?...Still working on them! LOL

  6. Carla Chapman, Hello! :-) It was my pleasure to share your cute sweater! You obviously have a lot of patience! I love the Tunisian stitch too, but it's slow going...sorta like knitting is for me. I'll be using this stitch, but only in small projects I'm sure. But I'm very thankful to be able to know how to do it now. :-) Have a good rest of the weekend!

  7. It is a very neat stitch isn't it? You could use the crumbs for a cheesecake base to! Or a slice YUM!

    Enter me!

  8. Alittlesprite, Oh yeah!!...A cheesecake base! That would be good!!!...Thanks for the suggestion! ^_^

  9. Your Tunisian crochet looks really good. Once you get the hang of it it's quite easy & it takes a while got finish a project. It's certainly not as fast as regular crochet that's for sure but it looks good :)
    You always amaze me with the wonderful things you find on etsy & share.
    And Yay! for nice hot cuppas! I'm thinking one would go down really well right now.

  10. Jo-anne, How right you are that it's not as fast as regular crochet. I can already tell that I'm not gonna be doing big projects with this stitch...but it's a very pretty finishing stitch! :-)...By the way, I could use another cuppa right now! ^_^


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