Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Took A Little Pause....For Winter?!

        I took a little pause from headband making yesterday to spend the day with two of my favorite girlfriend and my hubby. :-) My girlfriend and I spent the first part of the day together, and me and hubby spent the evening together...doing a version of our 'Date Night' thing. :-]
     I know I shouldn't tell you...but I'm gonna tell you anyway! ^_^ I had chicken fried steak and sawmill gravy, grits, eggs, biscuits and blackberry jam, and a large coffee for breakfast....YUM!!!!!!!...Ooooo! flashback!! I just remembered my diary!
     I used to write in my diary every single day from when I was about 12 years old, up to about 17 or 18! And no matter what I wrote for the always ended with me writing down what was for dinner! ^_^ And 'back in the day' that included what flavor of 'Kool-Aid' we drank with it! LOL
      So, as you can see from my food list above...some things never change! LOL...Not like the weather. That's always changing!! And pretty soon it's gonna change again around winter...and ice...and snow....and snow mixed with ice! UGH! I know it will...because it's been hinting at it for a couple of weeks now.
     We've been getting what my grandmother would have called the kind of weather that 'spits at ya'! LOL ...But hey! Winter is not here yet! And since it's not...I needed to pause from headband making, to fingerless glove making...
        The above fingerless gloves were sorta my inspiration...I say 'sorta' because these are the style I like. Fingers completely out, so you can flip through your book or dial the phone,...and thumb half way out too, so your gloves won't just slip off your hand.
    But you know me.... :-) ...I needed some color!...
     I started showing you these yesterday. I hadn't started the end color yet though...
        As of this morning, I have one glove completely finished and I'm almost done with the second one...
       Are you laughing at my crazy-colored winter fingerless gloves?! :-)) If's alright. I know they're not everybody's colors. But I like 'em!! ^_^ And I'm hoping that somebody sees them in my shop and likes them too!
     They're very time consuming to make. That's why I don't have more of them in my shop. But I think I'm gonna try to make more now. They seem to be popular. I know I've sold every pair I've made...even the black and purple striped ones!...Next time around though, I'll try to make a more toned down color pair...unless I get a custom request. Come on!..Don't you want me to make a funky-colored pair for you?! ^_^
         Last night hubby and I watched 'The Help'. For me it was the second time during the day. My girlfriend and I watched it too! ^_^ Both times it was good!!...It might not have been as much about the movie as it was about spending the time with two of my favorite people though. :-) I'm gonna continue that time today...after some more pressing things are done. {Hubby has to put brakes on the car.}
     Have a good weekend everybody!!...Try to spend some of it...or all of it if you can...with your favorite people! :-)

My Favorite People

My favorite people listen well,
and talk almost as good.
They like to eat good food,
and hang out in my neighborhood.

They like a chuckle now and then,
and dance when music's played.
And give nice complements...
and no! they haven't all been paid!

Some 'favorite people' are, I'm sure,
still ones I haven't met.
But until then, my favorites are
ones owed a 'loving' debt.

They've loved me through some heartache,
and the hardest, roughest time.
They're my favorites for a reason,
and deserve this 'Debbie' rhyme.


  1. I'm glad you had such a good day yesterday. And, hey, what's wrong with watching the same movie twice in one day!!? Sounds good to me. We spent the night each on our own couch watching Househunters International and falling asleep, Hubby is still sick.
    Enjoy your weekend!!

    Oh, by the way....I love the fingerless gloves! Can't wait to see more!

    enter me

  2. Thanks so much for including my photograph here, really appreciate it - and i want that breakfast!


  3. CinLynn, Nothing! There's nothing wrong with seeing a movie twice in the same day...if you have the time and the inclination. ^_^ I had both!!...I'm so sorry to hear that your hubby is still not feeling well! :-( I hope he doesn't have that thing that's gong into the chest and hanging on for dear life! You better start hydrating and vitamin-C-ing him up!!...Lastly, I'm surprised that you like the fingerless gloves with all those colors! But I'm very glad you do. Thank you for the feedback. :-) Relax and be a good nurse to hubby this weekend.

  4. Tom, It was my pleasure to share your photograph! Thank you for allowing me to...And sorry. The breakfast id ALL GONE!! LOL

  5. Im glad your day went great yesterday.I watched the movie 4 Christmas's with Reese Witherspoon and I foget his name ha.Ive watched that about 3 times in a row its hilarious.Try and see that if you can.

    Blessings, and happy weekend! I cant wear fingerless gloves, they are cute though.My hands freeze to much I need the whole hand in something warm lol.

  6. It was Vince Vaughn In the movie with Reese Witherspoon.

  7. Becky, Sounds like you relaxed with your day too. I'm glad you enjoyed your movie, but I stay away from Christmas themed movies. I don't celebrate it. Thanks for the suggestion though...And yeah, fingerless gloves aren't for everybody. Yu do 'you'! :-) Keep your hands and your heart warm! :-)

  8. Becky, By the way...enjoy the rest of your weekend! :-)

  9. I love the gloves. Last year I went to a craft show and bought some for my DILs and they loved them too. I called them "texting" hubby laughed at me and said" "Do you realize the original use for fingerless gloves was for hunters?" Oh, be quiet..they are now officially "texting" gloves.. I loved the book "The Help" and I'm going to buy the video this week. Have a nice rest of the weekend Deb.

  10. yaya, Ha! Ha! I like the idea of calling them "texting gloves". And truthfully...that's probably why people like them too! LOL But in that respect they could be called "i-phone gloves", "cell phone gloves", "kindle gloves", etc... ^_^ But tell your hubby that he just taught me something new. I didn't realize that hunters originally used gloves like that!!...Makes sense!...So why aren't fingerless gloves marketed more toward men???!!!...Hmmmmm...! *light bulb moment!* ^_^ ...By the way, Yes! 'The Help' was so good!!!...the book I mean...I enjoyed the movie very much too, but I kept finding myself saying: "That part made me cry in the book. It's explained so perfectly!...That part made me laugh out loud in the book......" So I guess the book, in my opinion is still better. :-) Although the movie is great too! So enjoy it when you see it...Happy whatever is left of the weekend, Yaya!! :-]

  11. Your funky fingerless gloves look great!
    I had to look up what sawmill gravy was. I am sure you may have mentioned it before but I forgot :-/ It sounds like it was a really yummy breakfast :)

  12. Jo-anne, Thanks! I wasn't sure anybody but me would go for those gloves! ^_^ All that color calls for a confident wearer!...And yes, the breakfast was DE-licious!! I'll have to be laying low on the carbohydrates all week to make up for it...but it was worth every single bite! ^_^


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