Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Virtual' Date Night: To The Outer Banks

       (Sunset over the Currituck Sound - Wikipedia)
         If you know anything about North Carolina, in the U.S., it's usually not knowledge about it being a vacation spot, or a great place to go for a date! But maybe after I tell you the fun hubby and I had there last night you might change your mind. The only thing that might've been 'suspect'!..."interesting" was our choice of music. ^_^ I'll tell you about that in a minute!
      Hubby has family that live in North Carolina, so it's not a place unfamiliar to us. We've had some good times and great barbecues there! But interestingly we'd never ventured to the 'Outer Banks'!...And if you don't know what I'm talking about, this movie was set in the 'Outer Banks' of North Carolina...
        It's "Message In A Bottle", with Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn and Paul Newman...Have you ever seen it?!...Here's a little glimpse...     

     It's a great 'Date Night' movie...and we watched it last night while we were in North Carolina. ^_^ It was a nice back-drop to our trip...We even put a message in a bottle and tossed it in the sea! :-) The message said: 'HELP!...Word."...You'll understand why if you look at the video below. ^_^
     But, as I was saying, we had never ventured to the 'Outer Banks', which is a 200 mile long string of narrow barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, beginning in the southeastern corner of Virginia Beach on the east coast of the United States.
         The area is known for it's temperate climate...always good for me! :-) ...and for it's wide expanse of open beachfront and camping area. As a matter of fact, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore has four campgrounds...and a pretty cool lighthouse too! :-)
       Other than being our Date Night destination, this area is known for something else you've probably heard about...Orville and Wilbur Wright! The Wright brothers were credited with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane and making the first controlled human flight. That happened on December 17, 1903.
     And where did it take place?!...On the Outer Banks, at Kill Devil Hills, near the seafront town of Kitty Hawk...which is in Dare County North Carolina! They even have a monument in the area to commemorate it.
        The other thing this area is known for...which might have been good to know before we went there, but thankfully wasn't a problem, hurricanes! Wikipedia says: "The Outer Banks has unusual weather patterns due to its unique geographical location. As the islands are jutted out from the eastern seaboard into the Atlantic Gulf stream, the Outer Banks has a predisposition to be affected by hurricanes, Nor'easters (usually in the form of rain, and rarely snow or mixed precipitation), and other ocean driven storms."
       Hurricane Isabel, back in September 2003, did a number on the area. So...YIKES!...and PHEW!! We didn't get a hurricane while we were there last night!
        The treacherous seas off the coast of the Outer Banks, and the large number of shipwrecks because of it, have given these seas the nickname 'Graveyard of the Atlantic'. There's even a museum, located in Hatteras Village...You're probably not thinking about moving to this area, huh?! ^_^ Being 'shipwrecked' there overnight wasn't bad though...except for our entertainment.
      All due respect to hard-working Disc Jockeys everywhere, but........but......

    As southerners would say...."Bless his heart"...*giggling*...He was working his poor little heart out, and we were just laughing!! ^_^ Hey! "I" couldn't do what he does,...and neither could "You Go Boy!!" ^_^ ...That's what we get for crashing somebody's wedding!! LOL to get my Saturday started. I've got to finish the other wrist warmer...Yep! I finished one yesterday!...I'll show them to you tomorrow...if anybody is here!! ^_^ ...Have a good weekend everybody!! :-)

A Music Note

A little 'boogie-woogie' bouncing,
and a tapping toe or two,
and my mood is quickly lifting,
and I want to dance with you.

A little harmony and humming,
and some soul and country too,
and I'm feeling pretty chipper.
So "Let's dance!" My poem is through!


  1. The sunset in that photo looks amazing! I can see why you and hubby chose this place for date night if you get to view something like that ;)

  2. Jo-anne, It sure did Jo! I kinda like sunsets anyway...and when water is somewhere around it...even BETTER! :-)


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